How Do You Know if a Taxi Driver is Scamming You?

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No matter what country you visit, you will always find a taxi. Taxis and cabs are one the most preferred means of public transportation all over the world. They are not only quick and easy to access, but also provide the users and passengers a sense of safety and security.

Booking a taxi has become very simple and easy, given the advancements in technology. Now almost every major cab company has a web-based service system and applications, which allow the users and passengers to book and hail a cab from anywhere and at any point in time. Click here for further information and to hail a cab.

With the widespread popularity of taxis and cabs, it has become quite easy for the drivers to scam the passengers by charging them additional and extra money, or by making them pay for the trips they never agreed to ride on.

Passengers, too, are becoming increasingly dependent on taxis and thereby, become an easy target of such scamming drivers. To avoid such a situation and to save money, stated below is a list of things that would help you know whether the driver is taking you to your destination with utmost honesty, or if he is scamming you.

1. Taking the longer route

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This is the age-old means for drivers to scam their passengers. They take the longer route when the fair is to be calculated manually. The longer you travel, the higher is the amount you would end up paying.

If you are present at your native place or a place you are familiar with, you can always tell if your taxi driver is using the longer route. But if you are visiting some places which are new to you, it can become a bit difficult. Therefore, it is advised to the passengers, whether or not traveling to known places, to always check for the shortest route online.

The technology has gone through so much development and has made it a simple task to check some important data before hailing a taxi, such as the distance to the destination, the shortest route, and the estimated fare.

2. Broken meter

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Every person who travels via taxi might have, at least once, heard about the taximeter which is not working or is broken for some reason. It becomes easier for drivers to scam passengers with this trick. The meter could be working and they might be lying, or the meter could have been tampered with by the drivers themselves, in order to take advantage of the situation.

Passengers, before hailing a taxi, should always check in with the driver about the proper working conditions of the machinery involved, including the fare and distance meter, and the credit card machine, just in case you are short of cash.

But in conditions when the meter is indeed broken or missing completely (some countries do not have a metered taxi system), you can always check the price before getting into the cab. Check-in with the internet and offer the driver a suitable amount.

3. The No Change game

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Many times the drivers, in order to have a tip or extort money out of the passengers, use this dirty trick, where they claim that they do not have change on them. This could leave you paying more than the actual cost of the ride, along with a hefty tip.

The difference between the fair amount and the shortest banknote would be considered as a tip by the drivers, as they do not have the required cash to return.

To avoid being in such a situation, you should carry small denomination notes and coins, which could be used and added up to pay for the ride. Additionally, you can always choose to pay through your bank card, or via your bank app. But if you are in some new country, it is always preferred to have a few low denomination notes with you.

4. Recommendations from the Driver

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This is a common fact, irrespective of which country you are in, that the taxi drivers are friends to all small businesses across the town. They know everyone and almost every place and it is a part of their jobs. Sometimes, when it is visible to the drivers that their passengers are new to town, they end up luring them by giving them suggestions, which could be about anything.

It can be a newly opened deli at the corner of the market or a bar that serves during noon. All these suggestions made by the drivers are completely bogus and passengers should be alert of the fact that they might be being scammed.

The taxi drivers have a fair share of their commissions for bringing new customers into these businesses. To save yourself from such a situation, you can pretend to know the town, or simply choose to ignore all the suggestions being made to you.

5. Missing luggage

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It is no surprise that you might end up losing a bag in transit. But sometimes, the taxi drivers are dirty and dishonest enough to steal something from your luggage. They might end up using your products and stuff obtained from the luggage bag, or simply sell them off at cheaper rates, thereby increasing their income.

Every time you hail a cab with luggage, ensure that everything is properly packed and sealed, and count the number of the bags you would be carrying before and after the ride. This would reduce the chances of you being scammed with this dirty little trick.


Taxis and cabs remain one of the most popular ways of public transportation all over the world. They are easy to access and are readily available. Most of the drivers are hardworking and honest.

But a few times, some of them are dishonest enough to cheat their passengers and customers. Taxi users need to be wary of the same to avoid being cheated by their respective drivers.