How to Buy The Right Lingerie for Your Body Type


Lingerie is a great piece of innerwear clothing that has the power to make you feel confident and good in your skin. Lingerie that suits your body type can do just that – it can make you feel powerful, happy and bold.

There is a wide variety of lingerie present in the market today including some great collections of high quality lingerie on this website. But before you can start looking for lingerie to buy, it is a great choice to know what lingerie suits your body type the best.

This will not only enhance your lingerie buying experience but will also make you more confident in the piece that you pick for yourself. Below is a simple guide that can help you in figuring out what type of lingerie fits your body shape the best:

Lingerie for Pear-Shaped Body Type


A pear-shaped body type is one in which the person’s hips are wider than their upper body. For such a body shape, women usually prefer to choose lingerie that visually enhances their breast size and/or visually reduces their hip size.

The type of lingerie which can help in achieving these goals are:

  • Padded and push-up bras that help in providing more volume to the breasts and make them look proportionate to the hips.
  • Medium or high cut panties that cover most of the hip area. Briefs and boy-shorts can also be used to achieve a proportionate look and enhance the curves.
  • Suspenders and garter belts can also help in defining one’s waist.
  • Corsets and bodysuits can be a great choice for a pear-shaped body type as they give a very clean and sleek look and help in balancing one’s figure.

Lingerie for Rectangle-Shaped Body Type


A rectangle-shaped body type is one in which the width of a person’s shoulders, waist, and hips are almost the same. As it is a straight body shape, lingerie that enhances one’s waist and hips are preferred.

The types of lingerie that best suit a rectangle-shaped body are:

  • Camisoles and rompers can help in defining the waist shape.
  • Corsets that give the waist a snatched look while also balancing out the body proportions to give a curvy look.
  • Suspenders, garter belts and a teddy can also help in defining one’s waist.
  • Using push-up bras can help in defining one’s breasts and add a little bit of curve.
  • Pairing up crop-tops with boy-shorts can give a very playful and neat look to a person with a rectangle-shaped body type.

Lingerie for Hourglass-Shaped Body Type


An hourglass-shaped body type is one in which a person’s hips and bust are of almost equal size and the person has a smaller waist in comparison to their other measurements.

A person with such a body type has a very proportionate body, thus lingerie which defines the natural shape of the body suits such a person well.

Some examples of lingerie that best suit an hourglass-shaped body type are:

  • Balconette bras and bras with plunge necklines help define one’s natural cleavage and give a clean look.
  • High-waisted bottoms and briefs to define one’s natural hip curves.
  • Thongs and c-cut panties can help the natural figure shine.
  • Matching sets can bring together the whole look and suit the best on such a body type.
  • Corsets, bodysuits and suspender belts can make a small waist look more snatched and enhance the look of an hourglass body.
  • Teddy lingerie – Women with the hourglass figure can easily show off their sexiness with teddy lingerie that you can get at

Lingerie for Athletic Body Type


An athletic body type is one in which a person’s body is muscular and tones but not particularly curvy. A person with such a body type has shoulders and hips of a similar width but not a very tiny waist.

The types of lingerie that best suit an athletic body type are:

  • A bustier or a push-up bra that enhances cleavage suits this body type well.
  • To give a fuller illusion, one should try experimenting with lingerie that has frills.
  • Thongs and Brazilian cuts are a great way to show off the toned body of an athletic body type.
  • One could try a chemise, that is a short dress that hangs from the shoulder, for comfort. It suits athletic body types, especially on those with longer legs.

Lingerie for Strawberry-Shaped Body Type


A strawberry-shaped body type is one in which a person’s bust measurement is wider than their hips and waist. People with such a body type prefer clothing that makes their upper body look narrower while also enhancing their hips and waist to give them a proportionate look.

Some examples of lingerie that best suit a strawberry-shaped body type are:

  • A bra that provides full support to one’s bust or a balconette which provides coverage without adding extra padding.
  • Brazilian cuts and high-waisted knickers can give someone with a strawberry-shaped body more support.
  • A teddy with a racerback neckline or a baby doll which is fitted at the bust and looser at the bottom can help achieve a more balanced look.
  • A matching set with ruffled bottoms that visually enhance the volume of the waist and hips can also suit such a body type.
  • Thongs can help provide more width to the waist making it look more proportionate to the bust size.

Lingerie for Diamond-Shaped Body Type


A diamond-shaped body type is one in which the person’s waist is of a larger size as compared to the bust and hips which are of almost the same size.

People with such a body type prefer lingerie that enhances their bust and hips and makes their waist look smaller.

The type of lingerie which can help in achieving these goals are:

  • Plunge bras that can help in enhancing the cleavage, taking attention away from the waist.
  • High-waisted briefs to give good coverage and shape to the waist and hip.


The above-mentioned body types and given lingerie recommendations are just guides and thus should not be taken as a strict rule.

First and foremost, it is important to buy lingerie that you feel comfortable in and the above recommendations are just to help you get started with it.