3 Common Problems With Phone Cases And How To Avoid Them! 

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We almost get the advice that we should use a phone case on our cell phones so that they stay protected even if they fall by mistake. No denying the fact that they are great, especially because they protect our cell phones. Though this is the only reason that they are good for, and some are after adding style to their cell phone, because of which they use a cell phone case.

Additionally, we use cell phone covers to keep our mobile phones away from dirt, scratches, yellow patches, etc. Though after using the phone case for some time, you will notice scratches, cracks, yellowness on your phone. No matter what quality case you are using, if you don’t clean it regularly, you will face such issues.

That said, you need to take your phone cover off your cell phone and clean it to avoid dust buildup. A neat and clean phone case will portray a good impression, and will also ensure that your mobile phone doesn’t get scratches, yellowness or any other issues that impact its overall look. Visit this website to buy some affordable and cool mobile phone cases.

Hence, we recommend paying close attention to your phone case to make sure that you don’t face any issues with its use, and your phone stays protected as well.

  • Phone Case Turning Yellow and Dirty

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This is one of the most common problems people face, especially if they are using a white or light coloured phone case. Turning dirty and yellow is one of the extreme problems that almost everyone faces with the everyday use of phone cases. Also, it cannot be restored to its original form, if it gets dirty once, no matter how hard you try.

Firstly, because of the poor quality material used in phone cases, the case tends to turn yellow and dirty. Also, it doesn’t take for the phone case a long time to start yellowing and gets faded away as well. Secondly, if your phone case gets in direct contact with the sun or light, there are high chances that it will turn yellow in no time. This happens due to the oxidation of the material.

Also, the bacteria and sweat from your hands get accumulated on the phone cover causing them to get dirty and turn yellow. Also, too many fingerprints on the phone cover are not sanitary, hence, you should be vigilant about giving your phone to everyone.

  • Developing Scratches

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Besides getting yellow and dirty, scratches are another major and common problem that you will face with the case of your phone. That said, not only do our cell phones develop scratches, but it’s cases too. We encounter a lot of bumpers and other similar incidents in our daily lives and this is something inevitable. Such incidents develop scratches in mobile cases as well, and we cannot do anything about it. That said, no matter how well you keep your cell phone, getting scratched with daily use is normal.

If someone asks you, how often do you use your cell phone? Your answer will be uncountable time, i.e frequently. While using it is normal to keep your phone here and there, and this is how it develops scratches. Except for such situations, when we keep our mobile along with some other stuff in our pockets, such as keys, phone cases tend to get scratches.

If you stay a bit vigilant about keeping your mobile phone here and there, and also with other stuff in your pocket, getting a few scratches is normal.

  • Colour Changing and Getting Faded

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A few of us are fond of cell phone covers that have attractive prints and funky colours. However, you should know that such covers get dirty easily and the colour fades away as well. Beautiful designs and attractive colours depict the personality and their charm as well to the public. Silicon cases are much in trend these days, and also the designs and colour combinations available in such cases are not available in other choices.

Though, even silicon cases will face the same colour fading and changing issues again. Also,o the patterns will get vague and disappear after some time. It may also suffer wear and tear. Also, if the phone case is made from poor quality material, it will be of no use after meeting sweat and water.

How To Avoid Such Problems?

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Based on your needs and demands, you should be aware of the type of phone case you want to buy, to make the most of it. When it comes to choosing a material, there are several choices available, that include silicone, carbon fibre, plastic, metal, wood, etc. Decide and know which material will be the best choice and will help in protecting your phone better.

For instance, a plastic case can either be hard or soft and can also be available in several different shapes and sizes as well. The same goes for other materials as well, they are available in different shapes and sizes to choose from. Silicone is much in demand these days. It is a soft material and is used worldwide to produce phone cases.

Silicone helps make some terrific phone cases, and they don’t develop scratches easily. Though, one of the drawbacks of silicone cases is that the material is sticky, and can easily attract dirt and dust. Also, it is difficult to clean cases made from silicone. Considering metal covers, they are useful in protecting cell phones from scratches and falls.

When you want to decide about a phone case, deciding the best one for you is difficult. That said, you should be sure about all your needs and then choose a phone cover based on them. No denying the fact that phone covers help protect your phone, and the damage to your phone, if it falls, is quite less as compared to the one that has no cover.


You must have bought so many different kinds of cases for your phone and you are aware that different covers serve the same purpose. Though quality matters, which means if you invest in a high-quality phone cover, it will keep your phone safe.