9 Hidden Gems And Tourist Attractions You Must Visit In The Baltic States

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Who doesn’t love traveling, having fun, enjoying the scenic beauty of places? If you are planning to visit the Baltic states next, then make sure to get ready for the most exciting and fulfilling experience because tourist attractions here aren’t just tourist attractions. 

They offer much more than that and you need to be a prolific beauty-lover in order to bask in the glory of all the prominent and must-visit tourist attractions, here, in the Baltic states.

We have thus brought forth this article that sums up all the amazing tourist destinations located in the Baltic states that are a must-visit place for people thinking about visiting the area.

Let’s dive in!

Must Visit Places In The 3 Baltic States

All the three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia have unique histories which makes all these three nations exciting to visit. The architectural diversity, the old towns, the beautiful beaches, and whatnot. Baltic states have a bunch of interesting places to visit that can make you fall in love with the place. If you are a travel addict and want to explore the Baltic states with your own car, do visit traveladdicts.lt. The club is a tour operator and delivers memorable experiences to people who are thinking of going across the Baltic states.

1. Riga

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This capital city of Latvia is described as the most incredible place in the Baltic states. The city’s beauty is enhanced by a large number of museums and concert halls that represent the cultural aesthetics of the region. 

The city is described as the cultural centre of the Baltic states. The old architectural buildings, the towns, render a classic vibe to the city. On the other side, there are pubs, nightclubs, bars that beautifully contrast the old-aged beauty of the city.

2. Gauja National Park

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Established in 1973, the Gauja National Park covers an area of about 90,000 hectares. The beauty it withholds is so intense that a day isn’t enough to behold the whole of it. It has a large variety of landforms, springs, scenic views, and really large biodiversity. It is definitely a must-visit place in the Baltic states.

3. Liepaja

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This is a port city and is situated on the western coast of Latvia. If you love beaches, then this city is the perfect place for you. It is popular for its long Liepaja beach. What comes as another surprise is totally meant for music lovers. 

The beachside is backed by a concert stage which definitely is the icing on the cake. The other popular attractions are the bathhouse, the Ghost tree, and the monument Livi.

4. Rundale Palace

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The palace’s construction started in 1736 and was completed in 1768. It was primarily built for the Duke of Courland. Built-in the Baroque architectural style, this palace counts as the most exquisite tourist attraction in the Baltic states. Do not miss this outstanding monument if the Baltic states are your next destination as a tourist.

5. Cesis

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This town is located in the northeastern region of Latvia. What makes it a popular spot for tourists is its medieval Cesis castle.  The castle was built in the thirteenth century and has undergone a number of construction or renovation activities since then. 

The castle is beautified with extremely gorgeous paintings, dungeons, and towers. All its spots have a deep meaning ingrained in them and a history lover who appreciates art must visit this castle to fulfill his desire for historical beauty.

6. Tallinn

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Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and a popular tourist attraction too. It lies on the southern Gulf of Finland. If you are willing to dig into the cultures of the Baltic state, this city is a must-visit for you. Known as the cultural hub of Estonia, it has beautifully preserved its old towns, cafes, shops, homes, and towers from the fifteenth century. 

The city is small but safe for tourists. It welcomes its visitors in the warmest manner through its fascinating blend of old stress, spires, and beauty. Do not forget to include this beautiful city in your visiting list if you are visiting the Baltic states next.

7. Tartu

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This city in eastern Estonia is known for the University of Tartu, the town hall square, and the kissing student’s fountain. The city is described as the real Estonia and is a must-visit for its adorable beauty. 

To get a good grasp of its beauty, its culture, its environment, make sure to stay in this city for at least 2 days. The city is also a manufacturing hub and is known for its factories that produce agricultural machinery, footwear, foodstuff, and other goods.

8. Narva

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This municipality in Estonia is located in its extreme east at the Russian border. This is the third-largest city in Estonia. The most prolific landmarks of the city include a castle and a fifteen-century Pikk Hermann tower. The beauty is further enhanced by a waterfall, a Swedish mansion of the seventeenth century, a Baroque Town Hall, and whatnot.

9. Klaipeda

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This is a port city located in Lithuania and its beauty is enhanced by the eighteenth-century wooden-framed buildings built in the German style. Include this in your list of a must-visit while traveling to Lithuania. Visit all the wonderful places here and give yourself time to embrace its beauty.


Having summed up all the worth visiting places in all the three Baltic states, make sure to give sufficient time to yourself for embracing the beauty captured and preserved in all the cities here. Spend at least 2 days in each city, interact with the people, enjoy their cuisine, understand their culture, and shop a lot. There is a lot that you can do in the Baltic states and understanding its beauty is one of those things.

Make sure to visit these places if your next trip is to the Baltic states and gain the experience of a lifetime. Go with your family or go solo. Picture what you saw, what you learned, what you ate, and share your experiences with your people, or maybe the world.

Happy visiting.