9 Amazing Facts to Know About Lithuania Before Visiting

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Many people know less about Lithuania, but they plan to visit there without any prior information. Learning some interesting facts about this country before you step in with your family or friends is necessary. Everything regarding the language, culture, traditions, etc., is quite interesting for every tourist.

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Common Language is English

Many people do not know that Lithuanian is the oldest language that the local people of this country speak. But English is still a common language. After getting 30, individuals speak English with fluency. If you are traveling to this country and know English, there will be no language barriers.

You can easily communicate and ask for the things you need there. But it will be good if you learn some of the words in the Lithuanian language to get connected with everyone living in the city. There is one more common language here, i.e., Russian.

Potato is the Main Vegetable

If we talk about the national dish of this country, it is cepelinai. The potato is the main ingredient to make this dish. The meat is stuffed in the potato that tastes awesome to the local people. When you visit that place, you must try the national dish.

Vodka available in Lithuania is also made with potatoes, giving a unique aroma and taste. You will observe that the use of potatoes to create dishes is quite common, and hence, you must try them.

Wait While Crossing the Road

You need to follow a rule when you explore the country. Whenever you cross the road, make sure to wait for a while and look for the signal. If you cross the road randomly, the cars will not slow down or stop for you.

There is no scope for jaywalking, and hence, you have to cross the road carefully. Many tourists do not know about this rule, and they may suffer problems later. The government of the country is quite specific about its regulations.

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Best Place to Relax is Cafes

You can get cafes at every corner of Lithuania. These are the perfect hangout places in the city. You can visit any café you like with your friends and family. You can grab a mug of refreshing coffee and have it with a piece of brownie.

One can spend a whole day in these cafes and try different delicious foods. If your day is busy while exploring the entire city, you can take a break and rest at any café you like.

Safe Place for Kids

If you are scared of taking your kids to a public place, you must not worry about Lithuania. You will find children everywhere. It can be parks, restaurants, public transport, etc. It is ultimately a safe place for kids, and you can take them to any location without any fear.

You can see many kids traveling alone without their parents or guardian. It is a safe country, and hence, anyone can go to any place safely.

Access to Squat Toilets

Shockingly, you can find squat toilets in various locations in this country. It is pretty uncommon, and you may not observe such a thing in other countries. If you are going to these toilets, do not forget to take toilet paper.

There is no facility for toilet paper, and hence, everyone has to carry it along with them. You never know when you have to go to squat toilets. Therefore, carry toilet paper whenever you travel to Lithuania.

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Avoid Whistling

Whistling is not allowed in Lithuania. Local people consider it wrong, and hence, they never do such a thing. As per the country’s beliefs, people think that it is rude and can call negative spirits or ghosts. When you visit that place, you will not see anyone whistling. You can also observe the notice board where it is mentioned not to whistle in some locations.

Oldest Oak Tree

There is the oldest oak tree in Lithuania. It is one of the oldest trees in Europe, and you will not get such a thing to explore in other countries. Whenever you visit the country, you must see the oldest oak tree. No one in the city cares about the tree. Instead, every year, many tourists visit the place to look at that tree.

Unique Nation Scent

There is a unique scent of this nation that you can feel when you enter the country. The scent involves the fragrance of musk, ginger, various flowers, sandalwood, and raspberry. When you try different food, you will get the essence of the following ingredients.

You will feel refreshed while walking through the streets of Lithuania. You need to be aware of the scent before visiting the place with your loved ones.

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Final Thoughts

There are some fantastic facts about Lithuania country, and you must know them before you visit it. When you know everything about the place, it is pretty easy to explore and enjoy your trip in a better way. Undoubtedly, there are many locations that you can visit to get a unique experience. But make sure that you gather all the information about it.

You must do all your homework and prepare a list of things you will do in this country. You can also ask many people who have already visited this country. They can help you know the rules and provide all the necessary information.

Make sure that you consider all the mentioned facts and make a proper plan to visit the country. Without planning, you will not enjoy your trip as per your expectations. Get experience from others and plan your country visit with proper planning.