How to Save Money When Building a New Pool – 2024 Guide

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Everyone has thought about having a pool in their yard and enjoying every single moment there, especially in the hotter days where you can cool off quickly. If you have children, they will love spending their time in your yard and having friends over. This is highly beneficial since all the pools are being closed because of the situation we are in.

Having a pool for your house is an asset that will additionally spike the value of your place. So, you can think of it as an investment. Your finances will not be wasted, and you are setting everything up for a good time.

However, this can be a very costly process. There are many places where you can overspend, and have your budget hurt. For that purpose, we have made this article where we will show you how to save money during your pool building project.

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Consider the size

The most important thing when considering having a pool is determining its size. Since you are doing this for your yard, you don’t need a large one made with Olympic standards. There are many options, and the dimensions are best to be considered compared to the space that you have. You don’t want to take all the space and have no place for any other activity.

The prices are parallel with the dimensions of the pool. That is why you should be getting the option that is just right for you, not smaller or bigger.

The mistake that many people do is going for the biggest option since you are only doing this project once. However, you should understand the expenses that come with the size, like pumps, heaters, etc.

Get the best location

The placement location is an important thing that usually determines the price. If the terrain is full of stones, the firm will need to spend more time when digging, which makes the process costlier.

Since the digging process can be only done once, you should plan everything upfront. Some people are getting a professional to plan their place, but you can do this on your own since you know your property the best.

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Choose the material

Besides the size, this is the other factor that determines how much would your pool cost. Depending on your budget, you should consider all the options, and get the one that suits your situation nicely.

In case you have large funds, the concrete option should be the best since it is the most durable. However, these pools are being the most expensive, and there are additional maintenance costs in the future. If you are having a tight budget, you should choose the vinyl option.

Another thing that you should consider is getting a prefab option, and placing it inside the hole nicely. They can be made exactly how you want, and the fiberglass material is great for private pools like yours.

All of these options come at different prices, so the selection should be done depending on your situation and budget. Every option has its good and bad things, so make sure you explore all of them before proceeding to order one.

Make sure you are doing this in the colder months

Another way to save your finances is doing this project in the colder months. That is where the firms are not having much work, and they have lower prices.

Make sure that you start with the negotiations in autumn, so you can select the firm that you want by winter. That way, you will have your pool built, and be ready for the time when the weather gets hot.

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Talk with many firms

Since many companies specialize in this, make sure you talk to at least a couple of them. That way, you can understand exactly what the can offer which will ultimately help you pick the options most suitable for your situation.

You’ll need to pick the right shape, size, color and more, and as you can see at NexusPools, there are companies that offer all of that.

Don’t rush with the appliances

Preserving your finances should be your priority when you are doing such a costly project. You have already spent a lot, and you don’t need additional equipment at the moment.

If you have arranged the building to be done during the colder months, you will not need a heater or pump at the moment. Having a couple of months to collect a sum will feel nice. Also, you will be able to understand what you need the most, avoiding unnecessary things.

Besides the heaters, there are additional extras that many people rush for. Those are the slides and stairs. You don’t need them at the moment, so you can consider them during the swimming season since their price does not change.

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Take care of the surrounding area later

Having the whole yard and patio done at the same time can cause financial problems because of the amount spent at the same time. It is always better to separate the expenses and have time to recover between them.

If you are getting the pool installed during the autumn or winter, you will have a couple of months to gain some funds and do the area that surrounds the pool. That way, you can have the whole project done in the summer so you can enjoy it.

You don’t need the covers right away

Although the covers are not as expensive as the whole project, they still add up. For that purpose, don’t get them right away since you don’t need them. Instead, wait until you need them which is usually at the end of the hot season.

Make sure you are getting the best quality option

Lastly, the best way to save money in the future is to make sure you have gotten the best quality option possible. Although it might be a little bit more expensive now, you are preventing yourself from unwanted expenses.

In addition, you will keep on having a stress-free time, and enjoy yourself in your new pool. The money you have managed to save can be used in further upgrades and improving the look of your pool and yard combined.