Top Casino Sayings


With regard to gambling and casinos, there are many idioms and sayings that have managed to become a fixed part of colloquial language. Some of them have existed for so long that it is almost impossible to find out where the origin of these popular sayings lies. In any case, fundamental life concepts and truths can be read from many of them. So without further ado, explore the most popular casino on and gambling sayings and quotes!

#1: Play Your Trumps (Properly)

This idiom actually means pretty much what you think it means! Because no matter whether in the game or in life, playing your trumps usually results in a positive situation. The tide is turning in your favor!

To put it very simply, it also means that you make the best of your opportunities, for example, or manage to negotiate a situation correctly so that the best possible result is achieved in the end. An example of this would be an awkward situation at work that turns so much for the better that, for example, you don’t get fired but get a raise.

#2: Wild Card

The term wildcard comes from poker. In the card game, it describes an expansion of a deck of cards, often with a joker, for example. This can then “transform” into another, suitable card and can serve as the missing building block for a certain constellation. The term also exists in computer science, where the wildcard designates a placeholder.

The wild card also exists in the sports world. For example, in tennis, wildcards are awarded – that means something like getting a bye. This allows a tennis player, for example, to play in a tournament that he actually didn’t qualify for (e.g. as a former number one).

There is a similar meaning for the private sector – giving someone a wildcard means giving them a free pass, so to speak. This can be used in a relationship, for example, when all the rules are broken for a night.

#3: Have an Ace Up Your Sleeve


This saying is similar to our #1 on this list of gambling phrases. Having an ace up your sleeve is always a good thing! It means as much as having something up your sleeve despite adverse circumstances and thereby winning or at least turning the situation around for the better. The term often goes hand in hand with surprising or baffling your opponent or teammate.

It’s not certain if the term originally came from poker or blackjack. But it has definitely established itself in everyday language as well as in the casino world. By the way, in English it says “to have an ace up one’s sleeve” – should you want to visit international casinos again soon.

#4: House of Cards

The house of cards describes an unstable structure that can be destroyed, “knocked over” in the blink of an eye. Often this idiom is associated with a specific plan, dream or organization that is failing or proving unrealistic. Some sources claim that this idiom was first used as early as the 1640s.

The idiom is still very popular today and there is even a hit TV series with the same name. It’s about political drama, and you can already imagine what that’s going to be like! An example of the house of cards idiom would be: All his high-flying dreams came crashing down like a house of cards.

#5: Raise the Stakes


This idiom is very easy to understand, especially in-game. By the way, she comes from poker! However, when it comes to the use of language in everyday life, this is another matter. Raising the stakes can mean that something is becoming more dangerous or important, but it is also an expression of “raising one’s level of commitment”.

Colloquially, one also says, “add one more” or “put it on again”. In any case, this idiom always entails a raise – whether it’s to gain more with it or to lose. Here’s another example: I wanted to up the ante and hold my breath longer than anyone before me.

#6: Defy Someone

To stand up to someone means to face someone resolutely or to offer resistance. The spell originally comes from the French card game Pharo. There it describes a move in which you don’t let yourself be paid out immediately after winning a card, with the hope of trebling it if you win again.

#7: Poker Face

A lot of people probably know the poker face! As the name suggests, this term comes from poker and means that you hide your feelings and emotions. The completely neutral facial expression should help in the game not to give other players any indication of how good or bad cards you have.

#8: Set Game


In everyday language, a set-up is usually a collusion. Originally, however, de-carding meant looking at the cards when they were shuffled and thus cheating in the game.

 #9: “Play (your) cards right”

This phrase is very popular among British players and it indicates the importance of taking advantage of a situation by getting the best possible advantage to increase your chances of getting a good result.

 #10: “Put your money where your mouth is”

This phrase indicates that the player supported his views by placing a bet on them. This term is often used in poker tournaments to express the player’s great confidence in his opinions which led him to place that particular bet.


We hope you learned something from our casino sayings guide. When you use these phrases accurately, you will be able to get the most out of your gaming experience. In addition, you will get a deeper insight and unique sense of the community and people around you who speak the same language as you. Are you now really in the mood for a round of non GamStop casino? Then apply your newly acquired knowledge and play a round at non GamStop casinos – hopefully with a lot of aces up your sleeve!