6 Reasons Why Cricket is the Most Popular Sport in India

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In different parts of the world, you will find that folks are favoring certain disciplines. Naturally, we all know that football holds the first position when we are talking about popularity. You can easily check that fact by taking a look at the viewership rate. Millions, sometimes billions, people watch certain matches.

At the same time, many people want to take the advantage of their knowledge about the sport. That’s why many are eager to place a wager on matches through sites like dafabet casino, which you can learn more about if you click here. But that doesn’t mean that football is the only sports people are eager to place a bet on.

For example, cricket is, by far, the most widespread discipline in India and the South Asia region. Indians usually say that this sport is something that can unite the whole nation like no other thing. Today, we want to explore some reasons why cricket is beloved in this country. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Low Physical Requirements

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When compared to some other disciplines, you will certainly see that being a cricket player doesn’t require someone to be strong and of great fitness. We are talking about a discipline that relies mainly on technical skills. To become a professional, you need a lot of practice, especially in this aspect.

There are numerous examples of players who weren’t no in great shape, in terms of strength, but they were masters of this discipline. Sure, saying that being in a proper physical shape is not needed is a mistake. But the overall conclusion is that technical skills are much more significant.

2. Success

It needs to be said that success in a certain discipline is always a trigger for it becoming popular. There are numerous examples of this occurring. For instance, India is known as a cricket powerhouse, which won numerous tournaments, both global and continental. World Cup was won two times.

Of course, athletes and managerial staff who were a part of the teams who won it are considered national heroes. Besides that, teams are regularly successful on the continental and global levels as well. Not to mention that many of the most competent players come from this country.

So, younger generations are often inspired by these successes and the popularity of these players. As a result, they want to become just like them in the future. Naturally, this is not the case only with India and cricket, but it is a good example of how popular this discipline is in this country.

3. Simplicity

The next aspect we want to shine a light upon is that this is quite a simple discipline. Just think about that, you do not need two teams and a lot of players to enjoy it. Instead, you can do it with two players having one ball and a bat. When you compare it to a discipline like a hockey, it is certainly a simplistic one.

But that doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite positive. People who want to enjoy it can do it without investing too much effort into the procedure. You can find numerous images of children playing cricket in the street in practically every city, which is always a pleasant sight.

Not to mention that the rules of this discipline are rather easy to understand, which means you will not need to invest some time into learning them. Sure, if you come from a region where this one is not prevalent, you will need to do so. In the case of India, investing time into it is simply not needed.

4. Exceptional Infrastructure

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Since this is the prevalent discipline, then it is safe to say that it has much better infrastructure than any other within the country. Sure, India has invested a lot of money into building up their football infrastructure, and they signed some prominent players over the years, but cricket remained the most developed one.

In all the states, you will find stadiums that can be compared to the most modern ones in the world. They are vast, have a lot of seats, and their architecture is overall exceptional. It is one of the crucial signs that this discipline is considered a matter of national importance.

5. Big Business

As we’ve already said, cricket is followed by practically all Indians. Well, it’s their national sport, after all. Therefore, nobody should be surprised by the fact that this results in it being a large industry, which generates billions of US dollars every year. We are talking about all the key elements of the industry.

For starters, broadcasting is the most valuable one. Think about it, millions of Indians are interested in watching practically all matches during the season. Besides that, the digital component of broadcasting has also become a major component. You can find streams on numerous websites out there.

With this in mind, it is logical to see that it attracts a large number of sponsorships from all over the globe. Plus, the biggest stars in the league can easily be compared with some basketball and football stars, both in terms of popularity and their wealth. They are not just sports stars, they are celebrities.

6. Legendary Players

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Last but not least, we want to discuss some legendary players that come from India. The most prominent name in the history of the sport is Sachin Tendulkar. He has the nickname “God of Cricket”. Also, there are other household names like Rahul Dravid and Sunil Gavaskar.

Practically every Indian has his favorite player, and many young players see them as role models they want to shape their future careers upon. Not to mention that comparing these legends and their careers is one of the favorite topics locals have when they spend some time with their friends.

In Conclusion

We are talking about a number one sport in India, that’s without a doubt. Here, you can find some reasons why this is the case.