How Long Can A Skilled Worker Visa Be Extended For In The UK?


Are you confused about the extension of your visa in the UK? If yes, you have come to the right place. Many people don’t know how long a skilled worker’s visa can be extended once it expires. It is always better to gain knowledge before you make any decision. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about a visa extension.

The entire task of settling down into another country is a challenging one because of a lot of reasons. As you know, visas play a crucial role when you are in a different nation. You are only allowed to live there until your visa is updated. Once it expires, you have to re-apply for the same. If you are a skilled worker in the UK, you must know some rules and regulations. You have to follow them, no matter what. Otherwise, you have to deal with some problems and issues.

The re-application for a visa is not as complex as some people believe. But you must prepare all the documents for the UK skilled worker visa application. If you have a job in the UK, you need some proof and evidence that you work in a company. Apart from that, you will also need other necessary documents for the process. There are some eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill before extending the visa. We will discuss everything in this article. So, keep reading it till the end.

How Long Can You Stay In The UK As A Skilled Worker?


Working in a different nation requires a visa. Well, every country has different rules and regulations regarding the same. Therefore, you need to have some knowledge before you decide on a country to live in. In the UK, you will get many benefits from having a job. There are better job opportunities than in any other country. So, overall it is an excellent decision to stay in this country. But many people don’t know how long they can stay if they are skilled workers.

A visa has an expiry date. But most skilled workers get five years with it. After five years, you can apply for an extension according to the eligibility requirements. You need to read everything a bit earlier to understand the procedure.

The best thing is that you can also apply to become a country resident after five years. However, you have to fulfill all the requirements included in the process. Nowadays, you can also take some help from professionals. It is better to communicate with them to understand and prepare everything needed.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Visa?

As we mentioned earlier, there is an eligibility criterion for every skilled worker from a different country working in the US. You have to prove yourself a skilled worker. Here are some requirements for the same.

  • An approved UK employer: The most significant thing is that the Home Office should approve your employer. Otherwise, you won’t be considered a skilled worker.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship: Another requirement for a skilled worker is the Certificate of Sponsorship. The UK employer will provide this certificate to the employee. It includes all the information about your job role in the company. You must show it to the higher authorities when applying for the visa.
  • Eligible occupations: UK has a list of eligible specializations considered skilled ones. So, whatever job you are doing must be included in the list of qualified professionals.
  • Minimum salary: There is a specific amount of wages that you need to have to become a skilled worker in the UK. You can’t apply for a visa if you are paid less than the actual amount. Every job has a specific minimum salary.

You can apply for another type of visa if you are not an eligible skilled worker.

What To Do If You Want An Extension Of Visa In The UK?


Skilled workers can extend the same until they are eligible for it. Once it expires, you have to complete a new application process. It includes some necessary documents and eligibility requirements. Everything should be in place to get the extension. Also, note that if you have a family, you must apply for every member separately.

The period of a visa is five years. After that period, you can also consider becoming a permanent resident if you fall in the category of eligible individuals.

However, everyone’s entry period is different according to the purpose of their stay. So, you need first to find it out and then make any decisions for an extension. You will get a lot of time to re-think. That is why you need to make use of that time.

How To Know That You Are Eligible For An Extension?

You can consider applying for an extension if you fulfill the following requirements.

  • Same job: If you haven’t changed it, you can quickly begin the application process. It is because, based on it, you were allowed to live in the UK.
  • Same occupation code: The occupation code should also be the same for an extension visa.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship from the same employer: The employer who gave you the certificate must be the same.

How Can You Apply For An Extension Online?


Online services are more convenient and faster. You can easily apply for the same by following some basic steps. Online services are present for everyone to use and complete the process. You can easily find the website. You have to complete the application form, including all the documents. The higher authorities will review your application and other documents. Once everything is checked, you will get a call from them.

The extension will take at least six weeks. But it also depends on your application. If it has some mistakes, the process will be delayed. Therefore, you must be extra careful when filling out the form and submitting the documents.

Final Thoughts

The extension of a visa is not a complicated procedure. But you have to take care of everything when you are doing this thing. We hope this article helped you understand the same.