Shooter Season 4: Cast, Plot, Trailers, Spoilers & Updates!


Based on Stephen Hunter’s famous novel ‘Point of Impact‘ and its 2006 movie adaptation ‘Shooter’, USA Network got us this blockbuster series in 2016. Shooter revolves around a retired US Sniper (named Bob Lee Swagger and played by Ryan Philippe) and how he is trapped in the pursuit of killing the president. We have had 3 seasons from USA Network till now which have ended with a nail-biting cliffhanger. The audience is waiting to hear what happens next!

Now, will we have a season 4? What will be the plot? What happens to Bob Lee Swagger?! Read along to find out!


The Shooter is an American drama series that started in 2016. It was run by USA Network and produced by Ryan Philippe himself.

In the first season, we see how Swagger was tricked and framed for the murder of the president. Being one of the top snipers, he was put on a mission to stop a public assassination of the country’s president. However, he ends up being framed for it by the very people who appointed him in the first place. Swagger makes a run to avoid these false charges and starts an unending series of thrilling events which captivated the audience throughout season 1.

Later he decides to leave the spotlight along with his family and move to Texas. He finally decides to lead a quiet life and the second season begins. Everything goes great until Swagger is invited to Germany to honor one of his old military buddies. A tragic massacre at this commemoration leads to another tornado of criminal activities, and Swagger sets on a mission to find the one responsible.

Season 3 focuses on a whole different chapter where Swagger is on a quest to find out who killed his father. It turns out to be another sniper and this 1 on 1 war just hooks the audience to an already interesting plot.

What Happens To The Cast?

If we have another season, we will surely see the same cast on air again. The Swagger family along with Ryan Philippe stays the same as they are. We obviously will not see Red and Nadine in the next season as they have already died but they may have appearances in flashbacks. Some say that the cast from season 1 might starr for a cameo in season 4 again too but nothing has been confirmed yet.

As excited as we are to know about the plot of season 4, there is no way to know what it might hold for us. Season 3 ended with an unexpected twist which makes it even more complicated to anticipate what the plot for season 4 could be.

Will There Be A Season 4?


As saddening as it is for the fans, it has become clear that there will not be a fourth season full stop to this blockbuster series. The shooter came up with the three seasons in just 3 years. Since the finale that aired in 2018, we have seen no developments till now. Looking at its track record of three seasons, it is safe to predict that if they had another season in stock for us, it would already have been out!

Even if they had planned on a late release, there would at least be a trailer out for season 4 by now. It has been three years since the series ended and we have had no intimidation from any of the makers till now.

The only hope for the fans to receive a fourth season of Shooter is that another network shops the series and takes it forward. However, the chances of that are also very low as the resource material has been exhausted. All there was to the story of Swagger in the books of Hunter or the movie, has already been showcased in the series. So there is not much to take forward in the first place.

There are rumors that Netflix might adopt the series for further releases but there have been no declarations regarding the same. It’s been said that depleting evaluation reports are the reason for the decline of this series.

Review Updates

Season 1 of shooters saw a 79% audience score on rotten tomatoes. The rating went up to 80% in season 2 and dropped back to 75% for season 3. All in all, IMDb has also given a 7.5/10 rating. We can agree that the series has yielded consistent results and the attention of the audience. It had caught on to the fans since its very first episode. The series beat the USA Network top hit ‘Suits’ while Shooter ran its first season. The ratings and viewership went much higher than Suits which encouraged the network to renew this series for another season.

However, even though the ratings went up, the viewership went down in millions season after season. As for the last season, the viewership was around 740,000 which was a whole 47% drop from the previous season’s viewership. This could be the reason for the cancellation of this series too. Even though it had a limited viewership, it surely collected a fan base loyal to the series. Fans are now disappointed as they realize season 3 was probably the end of Shooter.

Final Words


Well, all good things must come to an end! Season 3 Episode 13 of Shooter is by far the last episode of the entire series and it’s time the fans accept it. Unless another network or a producer is willing to take up the series, we can call Shooter officially canceled for now.

Fans have loved Shooter right from the moment the trailer dropped. This mysterious and suspenseful series had a good grab on the audience for the three seasons that it lasted. It was so eventful and invigorating that it left the audience wanting more. Sadly, the series has ended with just three seasons leaving us all to nothing but adore Ryan Philippe and keep re-watching Shooter!