Top 5 TV Adaptations of the Best Webtoon Series to Look Out for in 2024


The world of Korean dramas is set to be enriched in 2024 with a slew of adaptations from popular webtoons. These adaptations are not just a testament to the creativity of webtoon artists but also highlight the growing synergy between digital comics and television. Here’s a look at five of these anticipated adaptations.

1. Art of Girls: A Glimpse into Women’s Lives in Korea

“Art of Girls,” based on Min SeYoung’s webtoon, is a poignant portrayal of the everyday challenges faced by women in Korea. This web drama aims to depict these uncomfortable moments with a blend of realism and sensitivity. While the production details are still under wraps, the adaptation promises to be a thought-provoking watch, offering insights into the female experience in contemporary Korean society. Similar shows can be found at 무료웹툰.

2. Dead Man’s Letter: A Tale of Mystery and Intrigue


GAR2’s “Dead Man’s Letter” is a mystery drama that revolves around a complex plot of murder and insurance fraud. The story follows Ju HaNa and her childhood friend Do WooRi, whose plan to flee the country after obtaining insurance money goes wrong. Set to air on KBS, this adaptation is eagerly awaited for its suspenseful storyline and the depth of its characters.

3. Something About Us: Exploring Love and Friendship

Lee YeonJi’s “Something About Us” is a relatable webtoon that delves into the themes of love and friendship among people in their twenties. Though its production was announced in 2018, the drama adaptation has been slow to progress. Fans of the webtoon are hopeful that this adaptation will capture the essence of navigating relationships in young adulthood.

4. The Remarried Empress: A Royal Romance

AlPaTaReuTeu and SoomPool’s “The Remarried Empress” is a romantic drama set against the backdrop of a royal court. The story of Empress Nabie, who decides to divorce her emperor husband and seek a new life, is a tale of empowerment and love. With its production in collaboration with Studio N, this drama is anticipated for its grandeur and narrative depth.

5. A Bitch and a Punk: High School Romance Revisited

SangHa’s “A Bitch and a Punk” is a light-hearted yet poignant take on high school romance and the journey of personal growth. The story, which revolves around a boy and a girl confronting their past and present emotions, is set to bring a fresh perspective to the high school drama genre. Announced in 2019, the drama’s casting and production details are eagerly awaited.

The Rising Trend of Webtoon Adaptations


The trend of adapting webtoons into TV dramas is not new, but it has gained significant momentum in recent years. These adaptations are a win-win; they offer fresh content for TV audiences while giving webtoons a broader platform. The success of these adaptations often hinges on how well the essence of the webtoon is translated onto the screen, maintaining the original’s charm while adding the depth and dynamics of a TV drama.

What to Expect in 2024

As we look forward to these adaptations in 2024, it’s exciting to consider how they will reshape the landscape of Korean dramas. Each of these adaptations brings a unique story and perspective, promising a diverse range of entertainment. From the introspective and societal narratives in “Art of Girls” to the romantic and fantastical elements in “The Remarried Empress,” these dramas are set to cater to a wide array of audiences.