Bloom Into You Season 2 Release Date – Renewed Or Canceled?


Bloom into You is an intriguing love story of two high school best friends. It is a worth-watching anime series. After receiving immense praise for season 1, the second season of the series is on the waiting lists of anime lovers.

The romantic anime series is directed by Makoto Katō. The first season of the series aired in October 2018 in Japan with positive critics. Earlier, the anime was published in magazines. People can watch the first season on Netflix to get a recap of the series.

The series includes various voice artists like Luci Christian, Amber Lee Connors, Brittney Karbowski, Tia Ballard, and Marissa Lenti, among many others. Grooving to many speculations and after the first season’s success, viewers expect the second season.

However, the team has not yet announced the release date or dropped hints on the production inception. With a distinctive storyline, viewers can expect that the sequel of the series will be on air earliest by the Summer of 2024. The COVID-19 also had a drastic impact on the delay of the release date of season 2.

Cast And Characters In Bloom Into You Season 1 And 2

The following characters and cast were seen in volume 1 of the anime series. It is expected that the same cast will also be seen in the upcoming season.

  • Yuu Koito, voiced by Tia Ballard, is a high school student. (Yūki Takada in Japanese)
  • Touko Nanami, voiced by Luci Christian, is the second lead in the series. She is also a high school student. (Minako Kotobuki in Japanese)
  • Sayaka Saeki is voiced by Shanae’a Moore, who is shown as Nanami’s friend from the start of the series. (Ai Kayano in Japanese)
  • Seiji Maki’s character is voiced by Clint Bickham. This character is a member of the student council of the high school. (Taichi Ichikawa in Japanese)
  • Other students – Koyomi Kanou voiced by Brittney Karbowski, Suguru Doujima voiced by Greg Cote, and Akari Hyuuga voiced by Amber Lee Connors.
  • Riko Hakozaki voiced by Patricia Duran (Mai Nakahara in Japanese)
  • Rio Koito is voiced by Marissa Lenti. (Mikako Komatsu in Japanese)

Bloom Into You Season 1 Plot


The first season showed a great and unexpected storyline. It moved the audience with its soft romanticism and storytelling. The story revolves around the main protagonist Yuu Koito who enters high school and meets new people. Her parents own a bookshop.

In the initial episodes, the makers show her lifestyle and how she goes through the teen challenges and experiences. It gives an in-depth overview of different angles of a young college girl, such as friendship, college, etc. However, the main highlight of these facets was love. From hereon, the narrator gets the audience to the love angle of Koito.

Diving deep into Yuu’s life, viewers put themselves in her shoes by getting realistic vibes from her life. She is shown as a jolly and cheerful girl who always finds happiness and love. Like a normal person, she dreamt of her lover or an ideal person for her. She fantasizes about her lover getting in love with her in a filmy and dramatic style.

Unaware of high school life, she enters the phase with interest in discovering new things and dimensions of life. Shoujo manga acted as an instigator in her life to imagine more fascinating things and dream of a fairy tale.

The narrator describes how she perceived love and imagined it as a heart-arming nature. She had unrealistic imaginations and expectations. However, when the chance of experiencing and engaging in love came, things turned upside-down.

A classmate confessed his feelings and love for her. It didn’t go the way she thought. She was living in a world full of imagination. When her classmate confessed to her, she was left shocked and numb. She did not have any feelings of warmth or dreamy love.

Reality struck her hard. She realized that imagining and fantasizing about love is completely different from experiencing it in reality. She could comprehend the real meaning of love, but getting into it in real-life hits differently.

She has her best friend, Touko Nanami, with whom her friendship grows gradually. The latter is under-confident and unsure of what love is. She is not open about her feelings about love. Apart from being her best friend, Nanami was the president of the student council.

In the turn of events, Koito discusses love and romanticism with Touko. In the process, he gets attracted to Nanami. In return, Touko also confesses her feelings for Yuu. The narrator draws the beautiful journey of both friends as the friendship grows stronger. Through this journey, Touko strengthens her confidence. The story ends on a happy note when they get engaged and graduate together.

What To Expect In Season 2


The audience can expect a deeper love story of Yuu and Nanami in the second season. They can predict their future plans. Apart from this, there might be an ugly turn of events where they break up or find a better person for themselves. In a nutshell, the narrator will show how their future lives will take a turn, either positively or negatively.

Apart from the two main leads, there can be various other characters playing a crucial role. There are high chances of introducing new faces to the cast to strengthen the storyline. Another reason for bringing new faces is the growing expectations and hype for the upcoming season.

Wrapping Up

Fans of the Yuri love series should not worry about the official announcement of the next season as the ending of season 1 promised a high chance of a sequel. Moreover, the response is also a pushing factor for the directors to put up another excellent season with an intense and emotional storyline.

Due to repeated delays, viewers can expect something new and bigger coming on their way. It can be interesting to see if there is another love angle on the list or the same love story experiencing future challenges.