Schooled Third Season – Confirmed Or Canceled 


Who doesn’t want to reminisce about the good old school days? We can’t deny that Schooled is a series that took us all back to our classroom mischiefs, crazy teachers, and fun old life. Schooled is an American sitcom that ran on the channel ABC network for more than a year through a span of 2 seasons.

So what happened? Why are we still waiting for season 3? Read along to find out!

About ‘Schooled’

Schooled is a spin-off series for The Goldbergs. Revolving around Lainey Lewis (played by AJ Michalka) from the series ‘The Goldbergs’, Schooled focused on her life ahead and her aspirations along with a hilarious cast like Tim Meadows, Bryan Callen, and Brett Dier supporting her.

The show was created by Marc Firek and Adam F. Goldberg. The show was first piloted in 2018 after which ABC decided to adopt it as an entire series of 13 episodes. The premier debuted in 2019 on the ABC network and slowly grew in the audience. Its witty dialogues and the humorous plot had many hooked to the show.

According to rotten tomatoes, the series had an average rating of 5.92/10. A lot of criticism also came in its way as the overall aura of the series remained similar to that of the Goldbergs. It faced challenges in creating a separate identity than just being a ‘Goldberg spinoff’. Either way, the spinoff has made some loyal fans along the way.

After it premiered in January 2019, people were all after knowing this story from a different angle. This encouraged the ABC network to pick up the series for another season. The series was renewed the same year and the second season launched in September 2019.

With a few characters entering in and some complexities between Barry and Lainey, the second season was a cliffhanger till the last episode.

The Last Episode Catastrophe!

The 21st episode was essentially going to be a crucial one as it was going to be covering the breakup of Barry and Lainey. However, when this episode was in production, the pandemic hit in 2020 and the filming had to be stopped at episode 20. Thankfully, due to Troy Gentile’s busy schedule, they had the 22nd episode filmed already.

So playing some little tricks, the 22nd episode was released as the 21st, also being the season finale, and the break-up and important highlights from the original episode 21 were covered in voiceovers from the actors.

Cast Back-story


AJ Michalka who plays Lainey Lewis is the same character made popular by the series the Goldbergs. She comes back to her alma mater and takes up a temporary job as a music teacher. She aspires to become a recording craftsman and the story is all about how being a music teacher changes her life.

Barry Goldberg played by Troy Gentile is a character that is emotionally vulnerable and heads over heels into rapping. This character is also a part of the Goldberg series and acts as Lainey’s love interest even in Schooled.

Other than these two lead characters, we have a few other main characters like Charlie Brown a.k.a. CB who is an English Teacher in the same school as Lainey. The character is played by Brett Dier. The school principal John is played by Tim Meadows while we see Bryan Callen in the role of Coach Rick Mellor.

Will We Have a Third Season?

The series which brought 2 seasons to us in less than a year has now gone completely out of the picture. The fans are worried about whether we will ever have another season and we’re here to answer you!

Unfortunately, no. The show will not have a third season. It has formally stopped the production and the news has been out from ABC as well as Adam F. Goldberg, one of the makers of Schooled. They have made public announcements and tweets about the production being halted once and for all. They thanked the channel and the entire team and declared the end of Schooled.

Although there are a few sites that are still placing their bets on having a third season somewhere in 2024 and have predicted a schedule based on the release dates of the last two seasons, it is a fact that we will not have another episode for our favorite series. The cast, makers, and the entire team has also moved on with different projects and no one has yet discussed a change of plans after the formal statement of cancellation.

Explanation Behind Cancelation


Although we don’t have a clear insight into what exactly went wrong, it is clear that there will no longer be the third season of Schooled for us to look up to. Considering the three different-minded show-runners that were behind the making of Schooled along with the two actual makers who also had to be involved, we can guess that this was a classic case of too many hands spoiling the broth.

It should also be noted that the series wasn’t doing well even at the very beginning. The second season saw some developments. It received a good viewership of over 3.15 million and 4.5/5 stars on rotten tomatoes but the results were still financially a loss. This might be the reason that ABC network has decided to put a period on this series.

Bottom Line

The series has seen a lot of ups and downs. From absolutely no interest from the fans at the beginning to raking in 3.15 million views by the end of it, it has certainly improved a lot.

After Goldbergs ran for 9 seasons and a total of 127 episodes, fans expected a lot more from this spin-off. However, due to some technical issues and an entire pandemic in between the production, it was natural for the viewership and profits to fall drastically.

For now, let’s make peace by re-watching the Goldbergs and running a Schooled marathon!