Are There Plans For 365 Days 2 on Netflix in 2024?


365 days was acknowledged all over the world and swiftly became popular on Netflix in 2020 when half of the world was facing lockdown.

The long-awaited sequel finally has the release date and trailer. It is set to release in April 2024. After the kidnapping of Laura in the first part, the suspense story continues the relationship between Laura and Massimo. While the first part shows Laura falling in love with Massimo after her kidnapping, viewers will get to see the jealousy, love triangle and betrayal in the sequel. This part is much deeper and tells a lot more about relationships and love.

The story has disappointed many viewers, criticized precisely for depicting sexual violence and criminal appearances.

The movie has enthralled the critics, and 365 days got engaged in controversy with audiences. Compared with the massive success of the franchise of 50 shades, 365 days has disappointed many, but somehow it managed to come into the limelight among a significant audience. A big thanks to the controversies that the movie received; another sequel of the movie is about to come on Netflix.

The movie will continue the storyline of Massimo and Laura after the ending of the first one, and it seems the tone of another sequel will be similar to the first one. Before enjoying the second part of this movie, this is what you must know about its cast, story, release date, etc.

When Is The Second Part Of 365 Days Getting Released?

While the date of another sequel is not fixed yet, the date was finalized in June 2020, when everyone could see the premiere on Netflix. Not only this, the star cast of the movie disclosed the news of its release. Blanka Lipska, the writer, also gave some glimpses of what the movie is about.

As all the sequels of the movie are under the original banner of Netflix, the dynamic is altered slightly.

If reports are to be believed, the shooting of the second part had to commence in August 2020 but got delayed because of the massive pandemic wave.

Its manufacturing initially started in Poland before its relocation to Italy. After that, many more claims circulated on the internet stating the production will start in June in Poland.

Previously, it was decided by the producers that the movie will release in theaters first before the launch on Netflix, but Netflix eliminated the intermediary. Therefore, viewers can enjoy the sequel in 2024, which will be a worldwide premiere.

Hold your seats tight as the second part is about to launch on your screens. The production in summer 2024 later got moved to fall 2024, and this time they decided to end it. The sequels of the movie might commence in Italy and Poland. The filming of sequels was started in August 2020 in Sicily but got delayed as the Covid started.

All of this signifies that the shooting of these parts will conclude, and then the audience can enjoy the movie. Again, it was set to release in February but got delayed as the country faced Covid-19.

As many questions are still not solved, another installment will be released soon. If you have not seen it yet, enjoy the first part. The other two are on the way. The production parts will see two main leads in the center, the same as the first part. The theater release is still not clear.

Who All Are Part Of 365 Days 2?


Nothing is much revealed about the entire cast, and it is still unknown. Though, many characters will be the same as those seen in the first one. Laura and Massimo continue their part in the second sequel, whereas Otar Saralidze and Magdalena Lamparaska as Domenico and Olga respectively. Another cast member is Nacho, the new entry in 365 days.

Blanka Lipska was the co-writer in the first one and will write in the second. Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Biaows, who directed the first one, will also direct the second part.

What To Know About The Story?

The audience will get a clear picture of the ending. The trailer shows that Laura isn’t dead yet, and her pregnancy isn’t referenced overtly.

The ending of the second part cannot be predicted, but the wedding will take the place of both the leads, so no doubt the story and romance will revolve around both of them, just like the first one. However, Nacho, the new character, can be a threat to their story, but it is still unknown.

A lot can be known from the trailer itself, as it reveals almost everything. Both the leads will get married, which is a center of attraction, and the tension in sexual desires and Massimo’s criminal life. After the sequel’s release, many questions will be answered as nothing was cleared in the ending of the first one.

What To Expect From The Second Part?

The movie’s new characters and sensual moments add absurdity to the entire story. The leads in the movie will continue their role, and the supporting characters will keep on revolving in the movie.

Massimo knows Laura is pregnant in the sequel. Marcelo Nachos enters the movie as if they are going to marry and live happily ever after. Laura will be kidnapped again, and she will fall for the kidnapper as she is obsessed with them. Everything cannot be revealed; the audience will have to wait for the mystery till its release.

Blanka is the writer, while Tomasz Kandes and Barbara Bialowas are the directors like the first one.

How Many 365 Days Parts Are There?


Currently, only the first part is available on Netflix. However, the audience can enjoy the two more. The two leads were seen in the movie, and they will continue their respective roles in the second and third.

Observe and enjoy the latest changes!