Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3 – Everything You Need To Know!


The Christmas Chronicles was so much loved by the audience that there had to be a second part to it. And now, we should expect the third part because it is that good. The franchise chronicles the adventures of Kate and Teddy who sneaks into the sleigh of a Santa Claus named Saint Nick, resulting in malfunctioning the sleigh and the scattering of presents, they now have to help Santa find and deliver all the presents.

Successful in their first task, their adventures continue in the second part and they possibly will carry on with them in the third part. This Netflix series was a huge success and we cannot wait for the third installment. Will there be Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3? If yes, when will it be out on the screen? Keep reading to know everything about it in the next section.

Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3: Everything You Need To Know!

Christmas Chronicles are heart-warming American film that was distributed by Netflix. It was first released on screens in 2018 and has impressed a large audience. The film was directed by Clay Katis and starred Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, and Juda Lewis as lead characters. The film has a comedy touch and is all about bringing out the Christmas spirit.

A Brief Summary The Christmas Chronicles 1


The movie starts off with a scene where two kids Teddy and his younger sister Kate watching through their old Christmas footage where they used to celebrate Christmas with their father now dead.

On Christmas eve, their mother had to leave the house for some work so Teddy is forced to look after his sister. After their father’s death in saving people from fire, Teddy has lost his Christmas spirit and is involved in criminal activities.

While stealing a car, Kate records his activity and threatens him that she will show the video to their mother. Meanwhile, she sees a weird arm approaching from a fireplace. Kate’s Christmas spirits are high and she is convinced that the arm belongs to none other but Santa Claus.

She convinces his brother to find Santa Claus only then will she destroy the video of Teddy stealing the car. Teddy agrees unhappily and they set up hidden cameras in the house.

To her awe, she sees Santa Clause leaving her house in the middle of the night. Kate immediately wakes Teddy up and they both follow Santa Claus to his Sleigh where they hide.


Santa and his reindeers receive a great shock upon seeing them which causes Santa to lose control of the Sleigh. The sleigh collapses, Santa loses his hat, loses a bag of presents, and lands in Chicago Illinois. There is where their adventure starts.

From getting caught by the police to getting attacked by thugs, to looking for the lost bags of presents everywhere, there are many adventures they have to go through. They finally succeed in relocating the present bag, Santa Claus is released from the lockup and gets a spare hat with the help of an elf.

The three of them unite, Teddy rides the Sleigh and Santa quickly distributes the presents across the world. This brings a surge in Christmas spirit and the kids are safely transported to their house along with the presents.

The Christmas Chronicles part 2


Released in 2020, directed and produced by Chris, Columbus is a sequel to its first part with some new characters to be seen. It stars Kurt Russell as Santa Clause and Darby Camp as Kate. There are also some new characters you will see in this part such as Claire’s boyfriend and his son and many others.

So the story starts off with the unhappy and cynical Kate Pierce who is settled in Mexico with her mother, Claire’s boyfriend, his son Jack, and Teddy. The spirit of Christmas is too low in Mexico and Kate wants to fly back home where it actually feels like Christmas. Kate catches an early shuttle so that she can fly back home. Jack sneaks into the shuttle with her and to their misery, the plane is controlled by a villainous elf named Belsnickle.

It is when their adventure starts when they land on the North Pole instead of Boston. It is here where they reunite with Santa Claus and his wife. They are rescued and taken to the Santa Claus village where they are fed and taken care of. Belsnickle is attempting to destroy Santa Claus’s village along with his friend and they must do all to prevent them.


Kate learns the story of Belsnikle and how he turned into a mischievous elf and how he transformed into a human as a result of a curse. Belsnickel causes great chaos in the village by injuring a reindeer named Dasher.

Adding to his mischiefs, he brings about insanity in the village elves by giving them a potion. After that, he steals the Bethlehem Star which gets destroyed when Santa tries to rescue it. All of this causes a power outage in the village and great chaos among elves which they must control at any cost.

In order to undo everything, Jack goes out to seek a cure for the elves’ madness, while kate and Santa go to meet the elf that has created the star. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus is taking care of the Dasher who gets injured by the Belsnikle instigations.

All of them are successful but their troubles don’t end here. To their utter misery, Belsnikle steals the star once again from Santa Clause and Kate when they are on their way back to the village from turkey.

Belsnikle has evil intentions from the star of Bethlehem, not only that, but he also transports Kate and Santa to the 1990s in Boston. Desperate to go back to the future, Kate is trying to figure out how to travel to the future.

She also meets her late dad Doug Pierce from 1990 at the airport who helps her escape the detention room. They manage to travel back to the future just in time to cease Belsnikle from evil doings and get hold of the star.

Towards the end, Dasher is recovered and gets in touch with Santa to help defeat Belsnikle, Jack succeeds in giving all the elves an antidote that brings back their sanity. Kate recovers the star and places it on top of the Christmas tree to fix the power issue.

In the end, Belsnikle apologizes when he receives his first Christmas present and harmonizes with them. He comes back to his former form, everything gets settled, Kate gets on good terms with Bob and they celebrate Christmas with high spirits.

Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3


It seems as if there is no end to the adventures of Santa Clause and Kate. With some events the part two, there is a great likelihood that we’ll have Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3. There are many questions the viewer could have while watching part 2.

For instance, Kate and Jack’s growing fondness as a brother and sister, the new possible family relationship between Claire and Bob, and the appearance of Doug Pierce when Kate time travels to 1990. All these clues might be hinting toward Netflix’s Christmas chronicles part 3.

Another hint we received from an interview of the producer of the Christmas chronicles part 3 was that he pointed towards the possibility of Christmas chronicles part 3. Moreover, Mrs. Claus wishes to have human children in the village which indicates there could be real children roaming around the village in Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 3.


The third installment might focus more on Mr. and Mrs. Claus since they are the people whose identity is still unknown. The green lights for the third part have been shown but when will it happen, we still don’t know.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any trailer for the third part and we don’t know if it’s coming out soon. However, there might be the possibility of the trailer coming out in 2024 but the exact date is still unknown. People have been guessing a lot about the possible storyline of the third installment.

Everyone comes to the same conclusions about the story and origin of Mr. and Mrs. Claus coming out. Belsnikle may have a part in their story too but who knows. Till then we have our fingers crossed like everyone else.


What are The Christmas chronicles about?

The Christmas Chronicles is about the adventures of Kate Pierce, Teddy Pierce, Jack, and Santa Claus. It shows how every time they fall into trouble, they unite and resolve all the issues as teamwork. Moreover, the movie is about how low the Christmas spirit is in the beginning and how everyone manages to escalate the spirit of Christmas in all the parts.

Is Netflix’s Christmas chronicles 3 coming out anytime soon?

This isn’t decided yet as to when will the third part come out on screens, however, one thing is for sure it will be out for the viewers sometime in 2024. Hints have already been given in the second part of the movie and by the producers. So we can assume a good story in the third part that will mostly revolve around the life and origin of Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

What can be the possible storyline of Christmas chronicles 3?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official trailer for the movie as of now but we have our own guesses. There are some glimpses in the movie that indicate the story can be about Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s life and origin. She also showed a wish to have real children in the village which may hide a story. We will only know when the third part is really out.

Final Thoughts

When the Christmas spirit is low, Santa Claus tries to elevate it by doing everything possible and he succeeds. Not to forget how many troubles, challenges, and adventures he has to pass along with Kate, Teddy, and Jack to raise the spirit of Christmas.

The second part seems to be a breather for people when they finally see everyone singing Christmas songs. However, we don’t know how many more adventures await them. Read the article above to know everything about part 3.