The Witch Part 2 – Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!


The Witch movie is a Korean horror film that describes the experiences of a young girl who goes through spine-chilling experiences because she possesses superpowers. The Witch, also known as The Subversion was written and directed by Park-Hoong Jung.

Ever since the success of The Witch Part 1, people have been ardently waiting for its second part with great suspense. The first part has an open ending which leaves the audience agog.

One thing is for sure the second part of The Witch has been shot, as suggested by Kim Dami who played the role of Ja-Yaoon in the first part. Her tweet also suggested the confirmed name for the second part to be The Witch Part 2: The Collision.

She also suggests that the main character might find her roots which she was unaware of in the first part. Keep reading to know more about The Witch Part 2: Release date confirmed or canceled.

The Witch Part 2: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

An Introduction To The Witch Part 1: The Subversion


The film opens where a minor girl is seen escaping from a laboratory after an accident. She is possibly a subject to experiments in the same lab that get caught in a horrible accident.

The girl wakes up in the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Goo, a farmer husband and wife. They foster the young girl and take care of her as their own child. Meanwhile, the lab owners Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi think that the girl is already dead.

The next scene shows that the girl has grown up and now has an identity. Mr. and Mrs. Goo names her Ja-Yoon and she has no memory of her past life. The farmer’s family is afflicted by poverty and in attempting to help them, Ja-Yoon goes out to earn some money.

Her foster mother has dementia, and she herself suffers from severe episodes of migraines. Ja-Yoon lands in a national singing contest during her search for money and hopes she receives some fortune through it.

During the contest, she showcases her special telekinetic talent by levitating the microphone. This act immediately grabs the attention of Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi who formerly thought Ja-Yoon must have died in the lab accident.


During the second contest, she escapes an abduction led by Dr. Baek’s men and successfully flees to her home. Meanwhile, she is again attacked by Dr. Baek’s people who keep her foster parents as hostages and ask her to surrender.

Helpless, she gives herself to the armed men to save her parents but her emotions awaken her superpowers and she releases herself from them with supreme speed and power. The situation leaves her in awe because she herself was unaware of her powers. After that, she decides to go to Dr. Baek who is another character in the movie.

Ja-Yoon has many questions for which she wants answers so she has to meet Dr. Baek. In the laboratory where she is kept captive, Ja-Yoon learns that Dr. Baek has created her and has run multiple experiments on her which is why she possesses superpowers.


She also learns that she has some killing disease which has shortened her lifespan. She is kept on medications that slow down her symptoms.

Meanwhile, she breaks out of the lab one more time and decides to get herself examined by the doctor. She learns that she needs a bone marrow transplant which compels her to meet with Dr. Baek again.

In another attempt to escape the laboratory, she kills Mr. Choi and Dr. Baeks gets killed due to an accident.

Ja-Yoon reunites with her family and attempts to cure her mother with the same medication she had received. The movie has an open ending where Dr. Baek’s twin sister makes an appearance. You will also see another weird character who seems to pose a threat to Ja-Yoon. The ending indicates the sequel, let’s find out when the second part will be released.

The Witch Part 2: The Collision


The first part of The Witch leaves people anxious and in great suspense, but this is how a successful movie works. There have been hints about the main characters in the second part and what to expect from it.

The ending of the first part also suggested that there is more to the movie. However, there hasn’t been any news about when to expect The Witch Part 2. There also have been many hints about the introduction of many new characters in the next part.

The two new characters are introduced towards the end of the first part: Dr. Baek’s twin sister and the lady covered in scars. These characters must hold great importance in the movie due to which they have made an appearance at the end of the movie. In addition to that, there also have been hints about a possible storyline of The Witch Part 2 by Kim-Dami who played Ja-Yoon.

She signals in her tweet that many questions will be answered and that Ja-Yoon will find her roots. We can only assume that the wired woman we saw at the end of The Witch part one might have some relation with Ja-Yoon but it is still unknown.

The Witch Part 2 might be the final part with a complete and final conclusion with all questions answered. However, this is still an assumption.

One thing is known that the second part has been shot but we don’t know when it will be out on the screens. The report has it that we might expect the release somewhere in mid-2024 that makes it June or July. The production team hasn’t released a trailer yet but there are many fan-based trailers on youtube.


What is The Witch part 1 about?


The Witch part 1 is about a young girl, Ja-Yoon who possesses superpowers as a result of genetic mutation. She was held in a lab where Dr. Baek ran experiments on her. After an accident, she escapes and lands on a farm where she is adopted.

Ja-Yoon has no recollection of her past, but she again falls in trouble when Dr. Baek finds out about her whereabouts after she auditions for a contest. All of this lands her again in the laboratory at the mercy of Dr. Baek. She escapes again and burns the lab.

What could be the possible story of The Witch Part 2?

While we don’t really know the real story of The Witch Part 2, according to the clues, there could be answers to many questions. Ja-Yoon might find out about her roots and identity which she has been wanting to know from the start.

Moreover, part 2 might unveil many mysteries of part one. There are also some new characters in the second part that are: Dr. Baek’s twin sister, and a lady covered in scars.

When is The Witch Part 2 coming out?

There aren’t any reports on the exact release date of The Witch: The Collision however, we do know that it will have its final release in mid-2024 which makes it somewhere in June. One thing is final that the movie has long been shot but is still in its final stages due to which it has taken so long. All these hints are given by the production team and stars of the movie on their official Twitter sites.

Is there any official trailer for the movie?


Sadly, the production team hasn’t released any trailer for the movie which has left the audience sad. The movie being open-ended has added more to the suspense and people are waiting anxiously for the trailer at least. However, it didn’t stop the audience from guessing the story and many have already made fan-based trailers which you can easily find on YouTube.

The Bottom Line

The Witch is all about a young girl Ja-Yoon who suffers in her life because of superpowers. It is her powers that make her a subject to experiments led by Dr. Baek. She also finds out that she is suffering from a fatal disease which leaves her in more affliction. Moreover, the girl has no recollection of past life and doesn’t know a thing about her parents and roots.

The second part is yet to be released, though the date is unknown and will possibly have a cathartic end. Ja-Yoon will find out about her roots and may have an end to her problems. Read the article above to know everything about the Witch Part 2 and its release date.