Sons of The Forest (The Forest 2) – Release Date Confirmation!


“The Forest” is a horror place where you land alone in an eerie forest or you can land with your friends. As much of a horror simulation game it is, people are extremely obsessed with them.

People are ardently waiting for its sequel, “Sons of The Forest” which is as sinister as its first part if not less. You can literally feel the trees, whispering, and the earth breathing. The release of the Sons of The Forest (The Forest 2) is confirmed, but when it will be released to the public is still unknown. Keep reading to know more about it.

Sons of The Forest (The Forest 2): Release Date & Confirmation!

A Brief Introduction To The Forest


Think of yourself trapped in a sinister and all-dark forest where even the winds whisper a threat to you. Yes, this is exactly what kind of atmosphere The Forest has to offer. The game is developed and published by the famous publishers called Endnight games. Directed by Ben Falcone, Designed by Anna Terekhova, programmed by Guillaume Kehren, and composed by Gabe Castro.

The game has two modes: single-player and multiple players. The story of this game revolves around the main protagonist Eric LeBlanc, who is a grief-stricken father in search of his lost son in the eerie forest.

Timmy, Eric’s son, has fallen between the cracks after a plane crash. Eric has to find his son who gets kidnapped by a painted man in this God-forsaken forest. He must vigilantly follow the clues that his son has left behind while facing otherworldly creatures to unite with his beloved son.

The game is set in the heavy forest of Peninsula where there are deep caves, inhabited by creatures like cannibals. That isn’t all, you will also face other spooky creatures like mutants and other woodland creatures who are in no way your friends.


The player is supposed to control Eric LeBlanc, you need to be a survivor towards the end to be the winner. For survival, you are supposed to build a shelter in a hiding place and build defending tools that will come in handy to kill the monsters lingering outside.

The game is a strategic one, you cannot kill everyone right away, and some of the creatures aren’t hostile to you even though they might look like it. You have to be very careful while defending yourself because any miscalculation can cause a whole army of creatures to turn hostile to you. The mutants might scare you but not attack you, therefore you need to learn through the course of the game how and from whom to defend yourself.

The best thing is that you are given a survival guide book which consists of tricks and tips to survive throughout the course of the game. The book mentions how to build a shelter, what necessary tools are needed, and in what place you should anchor your shelter. Once you have selected the place, you can go out and gather all the necessities to build shelter and survive in that.

The Forest doesn’t only have cannibals and mutants, you will also see other weird creatures like people, especially with physical deformities and extra limbs. Once you gather tools and other resources, it is gets saved in the inventory therefore you can always get your hands on them.

Moreover, with every achievement unlocked, you must write in the guidebook so that every adventure is jotted. You also have a crafting system in the game where you can craft things on the basis of your knowledge using different tools.

Sons Of The Forest (The Forest 2)


The Forest’s end is extreme, Eric finds out that his son was kidnapped by a psychotic researcher known as Dr. Matthew Cross. Cross has lost his sanity after his daughter’s death and is attempting to revive her through a special artifact using Timmy as a sacrifice.

He successfully kills Timmy and revives Megan. Meanwhile, Eric finds his dead son, kills, Cross out of anguish, and then kills Megan because she has developed dangerous mutations.

After that, Eric tries to put Megan in an artifact to revive Timmy from the dead, all in vain. He needs a living person’s sacrifice to bring his son back from the dead. Eric manages to find living people from a plane and revive his son. Eric records everything in his diary, and they are successfully rescued back home and are called to a talk show to share their experience.

Meanwhile, Timmy suddenly experiences psychotic jitters which indicates a mutation. One thing is evident Timmy has mutated to some extent as a result of revival from the dead. He is seen to be investigating on an unknown island known as “site 2” which clearly points towards the sequel Sons of the forest (The forest 2). Eric is again seen playing in the forest of Peninsula surviving the creatures. We’ll only know what he is up to in the sons of forest (The Forest 2).

Confirmed Release Date Of The Forest 2


This is evident that The Forest 2 will come because there is an official trailer to that and hints in the first part. The confirmed release date is yet to be known, however, we do know what the month and year will be. From one of the tweets by the official page of the Endnight games, we come to know that it is going to be released in October 2024.

Fans are more than happy, and curious about the final release of the game and cannot wait to play the game. However, they don’t know what kind of challenges await.

The official trailer of the sons of the forest (The Forest 2) was released in December 2024 which has brought a stir in the fans. The game will only be released for PCs which means you cannot play it on other gaming mediums. In the trailer, you will also see new things like modern buildings and civilization. This link below will show you the official trailer of the sons of the forest (the forest 2).


What is Sons of The Forest (The Forest 2) about?

The forest 2 is a simulation video game that is a sequel to The forest part one. This video game is developed by Endnight Games, and the story revolves around a character named Eric Leblanc. Eric lands in the forest of Penninsula in the search of his lost son Timmy. Eric has to face demonic entities in the forest and he must survive all the challenges in order to reunite with his son.

What kind of creatures do you face in The forest part one and part two?

The forest is filled with eerie and dark creatures that look somewhat otherworldly. You will face demonic creatures such as cannibals, physically deformed babies, humans with many limbs, and animals that devour human flesh.

You must learn to fight with them and protect yourself from them. There can be some creatures who wouldn’t want to fight back therefore you need to learn the game tactics. Moreover, you need to build a shelter in the hiding so that you can protect yourself at all costs.

How do you manage hunger and thirst in the game?

You need to hunt, collect fruits, and hunt animals for consumption. You can go out and collect food during the daytime because doing that at night time would be insanity.

As for replenishing thirst, you must collect water from natural reservoirs because not all water resources of water are drinkable in the game. It might cause a disastrous effect on your health because many water reservoirs contain poison.

Are the sons of the forest (The Forest 2) coming out anytime soon?

Yes, the Endnight games that has developed the forest have officially announced on their Twitter that part two is expected to come out in October 2024. The exact date isn’t confirmed yet but one thing is evident the game will be released this year. They have launched the official trailer of the second part already which you can watch through the link mentioned in the above section.

The Bottom Line

When the love of his child lands Eric LeBlanc in the forest unknown to the human world, he must fight for his survival to find his lost son. Eric must survive the deadly forest and its demonic inhabitants in the search for his son. When he finally finds Timmy, he doesn’t know what else is waiting for him.

Something is still left unfinished which lands Eric in the same deadly forest again even after he is rescued. You have to wait for the second part known as sons of the forest (The Forest 2) to know why Eric is back in the forest. Read the article above to know about its release date and what the second part possibly has in store for you.