Cars 4 – Confirmed Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2024


Cars movie has gathered a huge fandom ever since it was released and Walt Disney Pictures has made a huge budget out of it. After the success of cars 3, people are now eagerly waiting for cars 4. If you too are waiting impatiently to know about cars 4, its confirmed release date, trailer, be glued to this article to know everything.

Cars 4: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2024

A Short History Of Cars Movie


Cars series is an anthropomorphic animated film, produced by Pixar animation studios and premiered in 2006 in America. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by John Lasseter.

The movie features a bunch of cars in an animated world with the human trait of talking and interacting with each other. It falls under the category of comedy genre and has gained a lot of popularity among kids and adults.

Cars 2 was released in 2011 with many new characters whereas Cars 3 was released in 2017. Cars has won multiple awards, the list of which is mentioned below.

Cars 1

  • Annie Award For Best Animated Features
  • Golden Globe Award For Best Animated Feature Film

Cars 2

  • Cars 2 was nominated for 19 awards out of which it won ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards.

Cars 3

  • In 2014 Cars 3 was nominated for 24 awards out of which the movie won German Film- and Media Review (Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung).

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A Brief Plot Of The Series

Cars 1

The first film starts off featuring the prime character Lighting McQueen voiced by Owen Wilson. McQueen is seen rushing on his way to a race where he finds himself off track and lands in an unknown town.

Sadly, he couldn’t find his way out and is trapped in the town. He must provide his services to the people of the town in order to escape. After living some time in that town he forms an emotional connection with its people and learns a lot of new things on his return. The first car film was made under a budget of $120 million and grossed $462 million which was a huge success.

Cars 2


In Cars 2 which was released on May 23, 2017, there happens to be a grand racing event called Grand Prix race. While Lighting McQueen is out on adventures along with his friend Mater who is voiced by Lary the Cable Guy.

They decide to participate in the Grand Prix Race which is happening overseas. The road to the championship is an adventure of its own. On their way, Mater finds himself on an international espionage mission which is a whole new adventure for him.

Mater is carrying out two tasks that are: assisting Lightning McQueen to be the fasted racing car in the world while carrying out our secret spying mission at the same time.

Mater’s secret mission lands him in different countries where he comes across friends and foes, international racers, and whatnot. Cars 2 gained huge popularity because fans find it too thrilling and it profited over $560 million which was again another huge success.

Cars 3


After the repeated victories of Lighting McQueen, and him being the seven-time piston cup champion, he finally has to face a new generation of high-tech cars. Jackson Storm, the main antagonist of McQueen is introduced in Cars 3 which is a new generation car and is fully equipped with high technologies.

Jackson Storm has already taken over the racing world by using his supreme technologies. He is a great challenge for Lighting McQueen. McQueen receives a bad accident during a race with the Storm and spends a great time in recovery.

After his recovery, he meets Cruz Ramirez under the guidance of whom he has to receive training. McQueen faces a lot of struggles in adapting to the new methods and techniques of racing and he is forced to retire, but as adamant as he is, he refuses to retire.

Instead, he challenges the Sterling that he can surely win the race and if he doesn’t he will settle for retirement. Due o a scuffle between McQueen and Cruz Ramirez, they decide to part ways.

McQueen is left with no trainer but Mater shows him Smokey who is also a trainer, Smokey teaches new ways of racing to McQueen and tells him how to be fast. McQueen makes good use of all the tricks he has learned and performed really well in the race.

Here is where he reunites with Cruz who replaces him and tries some of the tricks McQueen has taught her. In this way, Storm is left behind and Cruz stands tall with a victory in hand. Sadly, Cars 3 faced a huge ticket and gross drop because fans couldn’t find this movie as comic and adventurous as others.

Cars 4

While we don’t really know what will be the actual storyline but looking at the ending of cars 3 we can assume something. After Lighting McQueen going through a rough patch while racing with Storm McQueen decides to hand the race over to Cruz.

Cruz is fully trained by McQueez so she decides to make use of all the skills she has learned. After that, she wins the race and gains popularity. It seems Cruz Ramirez will take the lead role in the fourth part where McQueen will become her trainer. We might also see other new characters in the movie but this is again just an assumption.

Rumors About Cars 4, Confirmed Release Date Trailer, And Everything


There have been hints about the cars 4 releasing anytime soon and nobody knows when will it actually be out. Rumors have it that we might see cars 4 releasing anytime in 2024 but we cannot say for sure. We only heard from the cast members and production team showing their deep interest in another series.

However, Pixar hasn’t said a word about it. The first hint was from the producers of cars who pointed out that cars 3 isn’t the last part, which means there still has another part to come. There were also rumors about a female lead character in cars 4 that were hinted at by the production team.

We can only assume one thing from this hint: Cruz Ramirez is the one racing in the next movie while McQueen will be training her the old and new tricks. Not only that we might also see some new characters that might be a challenge for the new racer Cruz Ramirez. We have made the argument on these hints, however, we still don’t know when will cars 4 be released as of 2024.

One thing is for certain part 4 of this movie is possible, only that the franchise is a hold because fans only want a good, thrilling and adventurous story. Here is an unofficial trailer of the fourth part of the cars movie that might cool down your eagerness.


What is the cars series about?

Cars movie is an animated film that features a world of cars possessing human attributes such as talking to each other and interacting with each other. The movie was animated by the famous Pixar animation studios and was released by Walt Disney Pictures.

The lead character is Lightning McQueen who is a racer car and is famous for winning multiple championships. The whole movie revolves around racing competitions, adventures, struggles to win the competition and different adventures.

Do we expect Cars 4 anytime soon?

While it is still ambiguous if we will have cars 4 anytime soon, there always have been many rumors about it coming out in 2024. After the release of cars 3, the movie suffered a profit and ticket loss after which the producers had to build a strong story.

However, the first hints about cars 4 were given by the producers who showed interest in the fourth part. Moreover, there have been hints about a female lead character in the fourth part which shows the possibility of Cruz Remirez becoming the next racer in the movie.

Why does cars 3 movie face profit drop?

People have been in unrest and were unhappy with the ending of cars 3 when Lighting McQueen faced an accident and his race was completed by Cruz Ramirez.

People thought the movie lacked a storyline, comedy, and adventure above all. This response by people caused people to buy fewer tickets and the movie faced a huge gross drop.

The Bottom Line

Cars movie is considered one of the most famous blockbuster animated movies by Pixar. Pixar has made tons of other famous movies like Finding Dory and Toy Story. The story of this movie revolves around a world of cars talking and interacting with each other.

There are many adventures, competitions, championships, and much more. There have been only 3 cars movies up till now, and fans are eagerly waiting for cars 4. Whether the producers will release the fourth part of the movie or not and what date it will be released, is still unknown. Read the article above to know more about it.