At What Age Can You Put A Pearl Necklace On A Child?

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Wearing jewelry enhances a woman’s beauty even more. Beautiful and embellishing pearl adornments like bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and many more add charm and elegance to a girl’s appearance. It sounds like the perfect gift idea for a baby girl or a little princess.

Many people are concerned about their baby’s health regarding a pearl necklace. Folks often wonder what would be the right age for their princess to adorn herself with that elegant little pearl necklace. Safety must not take a backseat when choosing an ornament for little babies.

Pearl is non-toxic, which makes it perfectly safe for babies, kids, and teens. They are so charming and offer an enchanting look to the girl wearing them. One can find here some pearl necklaces for babies. This article reviews the correct age for wearing a pearl necklace and the various occasions it can be the ideal gift for a beautiful, kind little princess.

When Can A Child Wear A Pearl Necklace?

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Every parent wants their baby to look cute and try their best to make their kid stand out from others. While some may do so by putting on luxurious and trendy robes for their babies, some like to add innocent and charming pearl necklaces to their baby girl.

Enthusiastic parents love adorning their baby girl with everything that will make her look like a princess from a remote enchanted kingdom. But the couple may wonder if it is the right age to put a pearl necklace on a baby. The answer to this is an absolute yes.

Apparently, there is no right or wrong age to wear pearl necklaces and admire one’s appearance in the mirror. Parents can choose to put these necklaces on their babies whenever they wish.

The only precaution to be taken is that the baby doesn’t sleep wearing these as it might choke on the baby’s throat. Nevertheless, one is free to put on these delighting neck pieces right from birth.

How Safe Are Pearls?

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One need not worry about the baby’s health wearing this ornament as pearls are naturally formed and entirely safe for use. They do not deteriorate the skin like other metals.

Unlike other precious gems and stones, pearls are obtained from living sea creatures called oysters. When foreign debris enters the oyster’s body, it covers the particle with a mineral substance called the nacre to protect itself. This covered foreign debris is nothing but the pearl that humans adore and love wearing.

As pearls are created through this natural biological process, they are safe to use in necklaces or bracelets for adults and babies.

Can A Newborn Baby Wear A Pearl Necklace?

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Pearl necklaces are harmless for anyone who wears them. Hence, a newborn baby can also put them on.

A baby girl is adorned with pearl jewelry during her Christening and Baptism in houses that embrace Christianity. These are holy and precious moments in the little one’s life as well as that of her parents and family.

The parents devote their child to God on this day and want their daughter to look beautiful and innocent like an angel. These adornments complete her angelic look.

When To Gift A Pearl Necklace?

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Generally, there is no right or wrong time to gift a precious present to one’s loved ones. The feelings and love associated with the present matter more than the time or type of gift.

However, there are times when one may realize that a pearl necklace might be the perfect gift for a girl. Following are the occasions when one can surprise that little princess with a beautiful piece of jewelry:

Birth Of A Girl

The birth of a girl brings joy and hope to the family. Be it a daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, or goddaughter, these necklaces are a remarkable gift for the little angel who will wear them and grow with the same bubbliness as the precious little pearls on the neckpiece.


People belonging to the Christian faith consider Christening as gifting their child to God. A pearl necklace can be the best gift from a godparent to their goddaughter on this auspicious occasion.

It symbolizes the beginning of the girl’s life in Christianhood and marks her innocence, purity, and faith in God and society.

First Birthday

Parents of a newly born know the struggles of parenthood during the first year. It is the most challenging yet the most rewarding milestone for a parent and a child. Nothing can make parents happier than to see their child grow a year old in front of their eyes.

It is the perfect occasion to gift these lustrous neckpieces to the child. It reminds the parents and the baby that they have come this far and have many years to go together.

Holy Communion

Catholic children receive their first Holy Communion around seven or eight years old. It is a significant ritual in Christianity. It marks the first day they receive the Eucharist.

Gifting a pearl necklace on this memorable day will help her grow into a strong, independent, loving, and caring woman. She will remember this gift when she is old enough and will understand the ritual’s true meaning and the present.

Some Tips To Take Care Of A Pearl Necklace

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Given below are some tips to follow when a child is using a pearl necklace:

  • The baby shouldn’t wear jewelry while sleeping or bathing.
  • The necklaces should not be in contact with water for too long.
  • The strings of the pearl necklace must be replaced twice every year.

The Bottom Line

Pearls are tiny marble beads gathered from sea oysters. They are naturally formed and can be safely used to make kid-friendly jewelry. A pearl necklace is very enchanting and offers a magical look to the adorable beauty wearing it. There is no age bar for wearing these beautiful necklaces. One can put them on a child at any age with certain precautions.