Top Technologies for Secure IT Management


IT security is a huge concern for companies today. This is because they are constantly under attack by hackers and malware. It’s the responsibility of the IT departments to keep their systems safe and secure so that their company can do what they want to do. This is where technologies for secure IT management come into play. The leading technologies you will need to have a secure IT environment for both your employees and customers/clients are:



It helps in reducing the risk of data breaches and security threats. Virtualization is an important way of protecting your data and reducing the risk of security threats. It is a process that allows multiple users to share the same computing resources. This helps to improve productivity, saves on hardware costs, and minimizes downtime. With the growing popularity of cloud technology, it is now possible to host virtual machines on a remote server.

Every virtual machine has its own operating system installed on it. That is, there is typically no difference between one virtual machine and another, except for the software they are running. You need to install an operating system such as Microsoft Windows Server or CentOS Linux to use your computer as a server. You will still have access to your old computer once it is set up as a server, and you can still use it for other tasks.

It is also essential to remember that virtualization allows you to use your computer and an existing operating system simultaneously. A virtual machine is an operating system that runs within a software program on top of the host operating system; both the guest and host will share CPU processing power; the guest and host can see the same disk images, networks, and peripheral devices.

LED security system


These systems usually use motion detectors and light sensors to detect movement or light in a particular area. Using this technology, security guards can be alerted about any threats without constantly contacting them. There are many benefits of these systems, mainly used to protect buildings or other places with a high-profile status. Here are some benefits of the LED security system:

· Works 24/7 – these systems don’t need to be plugged into an outlet, which leaves security guards with no downtime. They can just let their system do its work without worrying about maintaining it. It also helps them save on energy costs.

· Can be set up in a wide variety of locations– these systems can be installed in lobbies, parking lots, or even homes.

·They are easy to install and do not require extensive wiring.

· Can be set up in various ways– these systems can be set up to alert security guards when there is an emergency, or they can use them to notify the police.

· Can detect motion and sound – the camera can detect objects that are in motion and those that make noise. There are also options for infrared cameras, which will detect heat from humans, animals, or cars.

· Can alert security guards when there is an emergency – these cameras are susceptible and will detect movement on the property.

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has been a trend for about a decade and is the next big thing for businesses regarding secure IT management. It helps in providing a cost-effective way to manage the infrastructure and keep the business running smoothly. Cloud solutions are easy to implement and manage, removing all IT teams’ headaches. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of cloud solutions.

· Balanced Cost-Efficiency: Cloud computing allows businesses to add, scale, and configure services as required more easily. It also helps to provide a greater level of redundancy, ultimately providing more cost-efficiency.

· Flexibility: With cloud solutions, businesses can quickly scale and grow their infrastructure. They can also address particular needs or change their business models as needed.

Security Monitoring Tools


Security monitoring tools help manage security risks and threats by continuously monitoring the activities of an enterprise network. So, enterprises can be proactively defended against cyber-attacks, intrusions, and other security risks.

Anomaly Detection Tools


Anomaly detection tools help in detecting and actionable security anomalies and providing cloud-based detection and prevention of cyber threats by providing continuous monitoring of an organization’s network, translating security events into readable event data, and alerting the appropriate stakeholders when an anomaly is detected. Threat-centric anomaly detection software can detect anomalies and alert on anomalous behavior.

For example, the software can identify a malicious file dropped onto a server without context or cross-referencing FTP access with when it should occur. Advanced Anomaly Detection Software helps in detecting and actionable security anomalies. They can detect anomalies and alert on abnormal behavior in near real-time while maintaining high accuracy and low false positives. This software provides many types of anomaly detection, such as malware detection, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, network mapping, and more.

Network Security


Cyber security is becoming a greater and greater concern for businesses and governments across the globe. These tools are designed to prevent unauthorized access and detect security breaches. They also protect sensitive information on laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)


This is one of the leading technologies that help secure an IT environment. It helps in controlling access to devices, data, and apps on corporate networks. MDM can also be used as a business continuity tool in case of loss or theft of any device on the network. The most crucial factor to consider when choosing an MDM solution is how it will integrate with other company’s existing technology such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, etc.

The type of integration will depend on your company’s needs and preferences.

There are many devices that need to be securely managed on a corporate network. MDM solutions also include a number of features that can help protect and audit data, enforce company policies, monitor mobile bandwidth usage and more.

Endpoint Security (e.g. antivirus, anti-malware)


With the help of endpoint security, organizations can protect their employees and customers/clients from data loss and malware. Choosing the right endpoint security tool for your organization is essential to get the best protection against cyber threats. Endpoint security tools play an important role in keeping all your devices safe when you’re working or browsing online. It is a key component of any cybersecurity strategy and should be treated as such.

Identity and Access Management


Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a technology set that provides authentication, authorization, and access control for IT resources. The IAM technologies are not just for corporate environments. They are also used by government agencies, healthcare providers, schools, and nonprofits to protect their IT environments from cyber threats. IAM solutions can be deployed in-house or through a managed service provider to meet the needs of organizations looking to create a secure environment with strong authentication, authorization, and access control.

Identity and Access Management is critical to every organization’s security strategy. All employees must have a secure identity before accessing any systems or data in an organization’s network. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information without compromising the integrity of the network.

What are the benefits of implementing identity and access management? Identity and access management systems help organizations minimize risks, improve security posture, and reduce costs by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information without compromising the integrity of their networks.

If you are looking to implement these technologies it would be wise to find a partner to help. Hiring a managed IT firm is a great option and if you want a great example of one you need look no further than MyTek.