6 Fashionable Ways to Mix and Match Jewelry

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Jewelry is something that is loved by everyone. If you want to give your outfit an amazing look, then adding accessories like neck chains would be the best option. A jewelry lover knows how to perfectly style and use those gems with different clothes.

Mix and matching can be confusing for some people. So here we are with the best fashionable tips that can help you mix and match jewelry for your special occasions:

  • Start by Selecting a Key Piece:

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Begin by choosing the key or central piece of jewelry that you need to wear for a specific event or with a particular outfit. Utilize this as your beginning point for adding more accessories. You have two choices here: a more unobtrusive piece that will mix in with different pieces you’ll coordinate it with, or a really striking assertion gems piece that will stand out from the rest pieces once you are done. It is essential for you to pick your key piece first and then add the other jewelry pieces that complement the central piece.

  • Layering the Jewelry:

If you are planning to layer your jewelry, it’s ideal to pick one part of the body to pay attention to. For instance, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are ideally suited for layering. In the event that your central point is a statement neck chain, take a stab at layering different pieces of jewelry with it. Pick various lengths, shapes, or tones that will coordinate best with your outfit as well as your face.

Assuming you’re intending to layer rings, you can wear a variety of stacking rings having different colors. To go full scale, ponder blending and matching different gemstones, textures, colors, and sizes. If we talk about bracelets, you can wear a mix of comparable pieces like a bunch of bangles with different tones. Furthermore, you can pick one piece that stands out and wear it with an assortment of subtle designs in the form of wristbands.

  • Mixing Metals:

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Another great tip is to mix different metals. The most common metals that are used for making jewelries are bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Earlier mixing metals was not in fashion but these days, it is trending everywhere. It can help you create interesting looks. However, you have to mix the metals evenly so that they do not look awkward together. Experiment wearing different metals together and see what works best for you.

  • Be Diverse:

The rule for mix and matching jewelry is to wear various styles and designs together. You can match metals with stones or dabs for a more popular and remarkable look. In spite of the fact that blending and matching can be scary from the get go, you’ll get familiar with it once you begin playing around. There are vast potential outcomes and the choices are endless. So keep on experimenting and create your own stylish look.

  • Do Not Forget to Add Colors:

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While working with metal-based adornments, becoming involved with yellow and white golds is simple. If you have any desire to create a unique look, consider adding wonderful colors to your gems. For instance, don’t fear applying a hint of color to your silver and gold wristbands or bracelets. There are many jewelry pieces that are made with colored stones and they look awesome and not so overwhelming.

Mixing and matching becomes very boring especially when a person is used to wearing the same color over and over again. If you want to look different than usual, then break this monotony of yours and start adding colors to your jewelry. Check out nova-collection.com to get some fine jewelry pieces for your special occasion.

  • Thick and Thin:

Whenever you want to create a minimalist look, thin jewelry pieces become your best friends. It is because they do not overpower your outfit. On the contrary, the thick and chunky jewelry pieces become the eye-catchers when worn on some special occasion. If you want to keep it subtle but also want to gain some attention, then we suggest you mix and match the thin and thick jewelry items.

Top reasons to pair jewelry with your outfit

  • Essential Accessory for Special Events:

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Adornments are very valuable especially for women and its significance in their lives isn’t difficult to comprehend given the way that it has been worn by people for quite a long time. Its popularity has only increased with time as many new designs and styles can be seen in the market each day. If you are heading to a special event, for example, weddings, birthday celebrations, and anniversary parties, you must wear a piece of statement jewelry to enhance your look. Otherwise, you will feel underdressed for the occasion.

  • Helpful in Upgrading Your Whole Wardrobe and Style:

Jewelry is perhaps the simplest method for upgrading your closet particularly if you like to stick to basic clothing. It’s an extraordinary method to add style to your simple outfits. There are many adornments available in the market at different costs. If you have a low budget, you can consider adding artificial jewelry in your wardrobe but if money is not an issue for you, consider getting classy silver or gold jewelry pieces to wear on special events.

  • Boost Self-confidence:

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Adornments are great to boost self-confidence if worn in the right way. It enhances your features and showcases your personality. All women want to look beautiful and feel confident, therefore, adding accessories like jewelry can be helpful. Adornments play a very major role in a woman’s life.


There are many ways in which you can create a unique and fashionable look. One such way includes mixing and matching different adornments. It is not that easy but once you start playing around, you will get to know what works best for you. Check out the tips above to get some idea on how you can mix and match jewelry to pair with your outfit.