Why You Should Consider Moissanite Rings Over Diamond Engagement Rings

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Many people have used diamonds for engagement rings for a long time. It has been a special gift for such special occasions.  However, we continue to experience changes over time. Diamond is no longer the only option available for jewelry enthusiasts. According to MoissaniteCo, moissanite is taking over the industry with the provision of quality and affordable rings.

Today, there are great diamond alternatives. They range from gold, silver, platinum and moissanite among other gemstones. However, moissanite is a number one substitute because of the value it offers at a pocket-friendly price. This precious stone compares closely to a diamond. It will give you almost similar if not better qualities than those of diamond. The good thing is that you will have this at an affordable cost.

If you have been hearing about this gem for some time and never stopped to understand what it is, then it’s time. Most people love it because it offers the best value for money. Diamonds are quite expensive and not everybody can afford them. However, you do not have to worry because moissanite is giving you an option. Read on to find out why…

Growing Moissanite in the Lab

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The renowned French scientist, Henri Moissan discovered moissanite in 1893. This came about after he studied a meteorite in the lab. He soon discovered its composition as Silicon Carbide. This opened the gemstone industry to a new world of possibilities. Therefore, this increased its supply more than that of a diamond. Ultimately, it costs less than the same carat weight as diamond.

The making of moissanite in the lab involves subjecting the materials that form it under intense heat and pressure. Manufacturers simulate the same conditions under which these gems form naturally under the earth’s crust. As a result, manufacturers can work around the process to produce specific qualities as desired for use in different ways in the industry.

Lab-grown moissanite is perfect for making jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and engagement rings among others. This gemstone produces lightweight jewelry that you can wear all day long. Most importantly, they are easy to clean and maintain. Over the years, dealers have improved their manufacturing processes. In the end, they have produced much better gems than diamonds. Most importantly, the stone comes in various colours giving you a variety to choose your engagement ring.

The Decision to Buy Moissanite

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Jewelry lovers need not think twice about whether to buy moissanite or not. If you love diamonds, then you will like this stone for what it is. How you must differentiate them so that you do not end up paying more thinking it is diamond. When you do not know their unique composition, you can easily confuse them. That is to tell you that moissanite is much more like a diamond. However, it is good to note that it is not diamond.

Should you buy moissanite instead of a diamond? Yes, especially when you are looking for affordable solutions to your engagement rings. Look no further today because this is a proven stone that is lab-grown. Researchers have looked at its composition carefully and enhanced the production process to make a reliable stone for our use.

Here are reasons to help you decide to buy a moissanite engagement ring over a diamond alternative:

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Better hardness and longevity

When you buy a moissanite engagement ring, it will serve for as long as your relationship lasts. You will not outlive the value and durability of Moissanite. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for your engagement. This stone is hardly scratch-able. This is reason enough for you to buy it.

On Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite has a value of 9.25. This closely compares to diamond. Sometimes, it is even better due to improved manufacturing processes in the lab.  These qualities will make the stone serve you for a long time.

Good fire and brilliance

Moissanite has good fire and brilliance, which is vital for beauty and elegance. For that reason, buying an engagement ring of this gem will enhance the look on your partner’s finger. You need that sparkle and shine on such a beautiful occasion and that is why the stone is a perfect option.

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It is more affordable than a diamond

The amazing thing with moissanite is its cheap price despite its magnificence. Therefore, you do not need to spend too much money on diamond if you are working on a budget. This is so because this gem gives you sufficient qualities that will match your engagement needs.

Diamond’s price is more than twice that of its close alternatives. Therefore, you need to do your calculations right and decide the path to follow. Moissanite will give you all the qualities you are looking for at a fair price. This is so because it is lab-grown and more available than diamond.

Variety of sizes and shapes

Quality designs come with the ability to put together varying shapes and sizes of gemstones. Moissanite is easy to work with and make in the lab. Dealers cut it in smaller and make complex shapes and designs out of it. Therefore, you will get variety when you choose to pick the gem for your engagement ring.

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It is an ethical choice

People mine diamonds and this has caused conflict in communities. Therefore, putting on a diamond might have come at the expense of losing lives or destabilizing societies. We all do not want to be associated with that. However, moissanite is lab-grown and is devoid of any form of violence. For that reason, you can expect an abundance supply without conflict. If you are not going to choose the stone for any reason, then do so on ethical grounds.

Diamonds are great but moissanite is giving them a run for their cost. Instead of buying expensive diamond products, people are now going for the more affordable Moissanite. The stone will meet all your needs and still take care of your pocket. It is hard enough and durable for lasting products. Therefore, this gemstone is a perfect alternative to a diamond.