2024 Best Hair Transplant Clinics In The World And The Results

Img source: istockphoto.com

Since the rise of hair transplant practices, hair loss is not the incurable problem it once was. Starting to get more and more common, hair transplant solutions have become normalized.

Many new transplant clinics have been opening to keep up with the growing demand all around the globe. Although this increases accessibility, researching has become more difficult. In this article, we will list the best hair transplant clinics worldwide and before-after results for each.

  1. Hair of Istanbul – Hair Transplant Turkey

It is one of the best hair transplant clinics in the world. Based in Turkey, this clinic has operated on thousands of patients since its establishment in 2013. Receiving guests from 50 different countries, Hair of Istanbul leads the hair transplant game. Doctors within HOI have years of experience with Follicular Unit Extraction.  HOI prides themselves on ensuring perfect results for people of all ethnicities. They also perform any and all surgeries with close attention to detail.

HairofIstanbul values customer satisfaction above all. Offering accommodation and translation services, the clinic eases foreign patients. For incoming patients, HOI staff greets guests at the airport and transports them to the hotel with a private shuttle. On the day of the surgery, staff picks the guests up from the airport and delivers them to the clinic. The friendly medical team welcomes guests and the surgery preparations begin.

It also has an active social media presence. On their Instagram and Youtube pages they share useful information, tips and tricks. These include the operation process, guests’ experiences and more about Hair of Istanbul.

Hair of Istanbul Before and After

The patient shown in the picture had a receding hairline he wanted to fill. Compared to other curly hair types, the curl pattern continues into the root with Afro hair. This makes it challenging to both harvest and transplant the grafts. Despite this difficulty, Hair of Istanbul successfully completes the operation.

  1. Eugenix Hair Sciences – Hair Transplant India

Founded in 2010, Eugenix Hair Sciences is a hair transplant clinic in India. The trusted clinic has grown and spread to the world in the past 12 years. Eugenix now has consultation centers in major cities around the globe such as New York, LA, London and Sydney.

It specializes in a method called Direct Hair Transplant. This is a modified version of Follicular Unit Extraction. Besides hair operations, they offer services in eyebrow, mustache and beard transplant.

  1.   Wolfeld Hair – Hair Transplant U.S.

Dr Michael Wolfeld opened the Wolfeld Hair Transplant Clinic in New York City in 2014. As a board certified surgeon in both plastic surgery and hair restoration, Dr. Wolfeld takes a special interest in the field. Using state of the art technology, he transforms clients’ appearances. With the help of a robotic equipment named ARTAS iX, FUE transplant adapts to the 21st century.

This patient was experiencing hair loss in many areas. These areas include the temples and along the sides of the crown. Using the ARTAS iX system, Dr Wolfeld applied the Follicular Unit Extraction method. Afterwards, he placed the transplant grafts into the receding and balding receiving areas.

  1. OT.CO Clinic – Hair Transplant Poland

Dr. Piotr Turkowski, an experienced specialist, founded OT.CO Hair Transplant Clinic over ten years ago. His tried and true methods guarantee natural results and very little invasion of the scalp. He carries out FUE surgeries with a hybrid punching device, leaving only very small scars. His unique and sensitive approach to hair transplant brings OT.CO clinic to the world’s best hair transplant clinics.

The gentleman pictured had major balding spots at the top of his head. Covering more than half of the scalp, this particular hair loss case was very visible and noticeable. Dr. Piotr Turkowski, using 3000 grafts with the FUE method was able to cover the balding areas.

  1. Harley Street Hair Clinic – Hair Transplant U.K

Harley Street Hair Clinic is a very prestigious, high-end hair transplant center. Located in the heart of London, the clinic attracts wealthy patients from Europe and the world.

The clinic has made a name for themselves as the preferred location of stars and celebrities. For example, the famed transformation of Wayne Rooney owes its success to this clinic.

  1. HairSmith Clinic – Hair Transplant Thailand

The HairSmith transplant clinic started business in 2017 by Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn. Dr. Tossaborvorn is an ABRHS certified doctor that has been practicing hair transplant operations.

In addition to filling balding spots, transplant can also help define a new hairline. In the before picture, it’s noticeable that the hairline is further back than normal. This causes the forehead to look large, especially in comparison to the rest of the features. Transplanting grafts along the hairline achieves a fuller scalp and a smaller forehead.

  1. Phaeyde Hair Transplantation Clinic – Hungary

The Phaeyde clinic located in Hungary provides transplant services to its patients. Among hair transplant, they also offer other hair treatments as well. The clinic offers free consultations to interested guests. This process also takes place online, by taking pictures of your hair and sending it in via email. Two main methods of hair transplant are used here; FUE and SHE.

With this case, all that’s needed is to cover the front half of the crown of the head. Using 3800 grafts and FUE, Phaeyde Hair Clinic has transformed him. The new hairline gave him a stronger facial appearance.

  1. Vinci Hair Clinic – Hair Transplant Brazil

As one of the most popular clinics in the world, Brazil based Vinci Hair Transplant Clinic offers a variety of operations. They offer Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) along with the FUE method. Besides transplant services, Vinci Hair Clinic also offers mesotherapy, SMP and PRP treatments.

The patient pictured had a serious receding hairline. Almost up to the centerline, hair had completely stopped growing. Vinci Hair Clinic treated him using the Follicular Unit Extraction method. Harvesting and transplanting 2900 grafts, they were able to fill the bald area.

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