Where To Get the Best Prices of Reiss in New Zealand

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Reiss is a famous British fashion brand with a diverse product offering that covers both men’s and women’s clothing. Reiss is primarily known for its elegance and fusion with intellectuality. Wearing a Reiss brand imbues a sense of worth and importance, and it explains why the product enjoys far-reaching global acclaim, including the remotest location, New Zealand.

New Zealanders seem to have developed a profound admiration for Reiss dresses; many stores sell the brand. Many stores in New Zealand sell Reiss dresses, but it has become increasingly challenging to find the ones with the best quality, selling at reasonable prices.

Indeed, many stores sell Reiss in New Zealand, but here are the best places to get a Reiss dress at the best prices possible in New Zealand.

About Reiss

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Reiss is a fashion firm founded in the United Kingdom that specializes in clothing for men, women, and children. Despite its humble origins, the firm has become well-known for selling a broad selection of items, including coats and shoes, and for continuing the brand into the present by preserving the same product quality and production processes.

With celebrities and royalty, including the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wearing Reiss, and a big 400k Instagram following, the company has become a household name.

Reiss has previously received the RIBA Award, the BCO Award, the Civic Trust Award, and was voted the British Style Awards’ Fashion Retailer of the Year.

If you’ve never heard of this brand before, this Reiss review will help you find some lesser-known details about its history, as well as examine certain bestsellers, corporate policies, and frequently asked questions to help you decide whether to purchase in these contemporary fashion items.

Is Reiss Worth Spending Your Money On?

There is little denying that Reiss is a well-established clothing brand. The issue is whether their pricing are based on quality or legacy. I believe it is safe to state both. Reviews of Reiss items are overwhelmingly excellent for both men and women, and their fashions are contemporary and diverse.

It is true that Reiss prices are greater than those of certain bargain-priced entry-level apparel. Investing in the Reiss brand, however, emphasizes quality before quantity due to the brand’s worth and reputation.

Thanks to their heritage and refusal to compromise product quality, Reiss is still in business due to their beautiful materials and ethical production methods. There is nothing not to like about this product, so go ahead and try it.

A Summary of Reiss Clothing

A Summary of Reiss Clothing
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David Reiss founded the Reiss clothing brand in 1971, first specializing on menswear before transitioning to womenswear 30 years later. In their fifty years in business, Reiss has produced numerous and varied collections, claiming that their contemporary tailored clothing is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Over 15 countries, including China, Turkey, India, and Vietnam, are responsible for the production of Reiss’s clothing. They publicly advocate for ethical workplace standards, encouraging diversity and equal opportunity procedures for everyone who goes through their doors.

With a vast online catalog and a number of storefronts in the United Kingdom, Reiss can be found virtually anywhere, even in New Zealand, so let’s check out some of the best places to buy Reiss in New Zealand.

Top 5 Stores to Get a Reiss Dress for The Best Price in New Zealand


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NZSALE store is one of the largest online fashion stores in New Zealand, offering various products, from cosmetics to clothing, homeware, handbags, etc. And, of course, this includes Reiss clothing.

They offer one of the most competitive prices for Reiss dresses and, most importantly, real-time delivery, which gives them an edge over other online stores in New Zealand. At NZSALE, you can find a Reiss dress for as low as $25.

2. Reiss Store

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Where else can you get the ideal price for a Reiss dress if not in the company’s store? Here, you’ll find an impressive collection of Reiss dresses/apparel that you’ll ever dream of.

There are belts, shirts, trousers, and all sorts in the Reiss store, New Zealand. Coupled with their physical presence, you can also shop online; Reiss’s website is aesthetically pleasing, making shopping easier.

3. The Iconic Store

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The Iconic is another trusted store to get the best Reiss dresses and affordable prices. Interestingly, the store started in Australia but has extended to New Zealand. The Iconic enjoys a vast range and collection of Reiss dresses for men and women.

There are belts, hats, dresses, and shirts that fit into the diverse taste of your preference. Fortunately, The Iconic store is located in geographically contiguous locations in New Zealand, particularly in Auckland.

4. Next Direct

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Next Direct lists elegant Reiss dresses in their collection. They have both men’s and women’s apparel. So secured, getting a Reiss from this store is safe, and prices are relatively affordable. Notable Reiss dresses come for as low as $50.

Next Direct enjoys a prominent virtual presence, using a simplified interface that simplifies shopping. Fortunately, too, Next Direct offers free deliveries as you can get ordered products from anywhere for free.

5. Etsy

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Etsy is originally an American enterprise based in New York, but they have an online marketplace with a logistics presence in New Zealand. Etsy has a broad collection of items and products from stellar brands like Reiss.

On Etsy, you can find popular Reiss clothes for both men and women. Etsy offers deliveries in Australia with a simple user interface to efficiently shop for products/items. Additionally, prices on Etsy are not overblown, making you get Reiss products at their ideal prices.


Reiss produces some of the best clothing apparel out there. They are particularly fond of their fusion of history and modernity into a product. The case is no different in New Zealand. Despite the country’s farthest location, it still enjoys the constant supply of Reiss products.

Some of these products are sold in popular stores like Reiss, NZSALE, and others. However, with countless retailers, prices are inevitably different. But to get excellent prices of quality Reiss products, the trusted stores mentioned above come in handy for you.