Best Innovative Outdoor Patio Ideas

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When it comes to outdoor design, today, innovation meets tradition. The beautiful clash is represented in sustainable outdoor solutions with the romantic reminiscent of flower arrangements and beautiful, sophisticated furniture that reminds us of the past.

The romantic patios are gently lit by delicate outdoor lighting that takes the breath away. To create your backdoor paradise, you first need to have a picture in your mind of what you want to turn your backyard into, and then you can call professionals like Showcase Renovations who can help you realize this dream. To learn more about their projects and innovative outdoor solutions, you can click here.

If you want to gather some ideas on creating an innovative yet traditional backyard garden, you can continue reading this article.


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The first thing we will look at is the patio or pathway in your garden. The “patio” itself is by no means an innovation; such architectural elements were still present in the ancient Roman era.

In today’s world, a courtyard for a summer residence is an indispensable attribute in the Mediterranean and Latin America, where the sun shines all year round.

Recently, residents in suburban areas have also begun to pay close attention to this element of architecture. In appearance, the courtyard or patio sometimes looks like a terrace, so some people think it’s the same thing. But there are still differences between the two.


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The terrace is always above the ground. It is an integral part of the home and setting next to or overlooking a beautiful modern courtyard or beautifully designed patios. The terrace can be just a platform, connecting to a cozy patio and it can suit for relaxation.

The popularity of terraces today comes from the development of landscape design. In addition, in the hot summer days, such a cozy place to rest is what we need. Beautiful patios are a great alternative to the living room on hot summer nights. In the warmer months, guests could find it much more pleasant to spend time outside in the fresh air, surrounded by flowers and nature.

If you want a large terrace connected to a patio, you can also have a large round table, comfortable chairs, and a canopy. Many people prefer to create an all-in-one area and include a barbeque, a fireplace, and even a pool.

The design of your backyard is up to you. However, it’s best to create it by taking into consideration the space you have and your capabilities. Such places look best when surrounded by flower beds, small fountains or other water features, bushes, and trees.

Patio Shape

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If you wrap your garden around the house perimeter, you will ensure the expansion of the area of ​​the house. The advantage of the corner patio with a “P” shape or a “G” shape, is obvious. That way, you would also protect your home on several sides.

Such an architectural element can be done by professional contractors like Showcase Renovations. With this type of patio, residents would have the opportunity to enter the living room or other room directly from the patio. For example, working in the office, the owner can take a short break and go out for some fresh air to enjoy privacy and nature.

Luxurious Patio with Fireplace or a Pool

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A patio with a pool in the country is also a great option. A small artificial pond fits perfectly next to the patio area, which, in combination with the lush greenery of the rural landscape, will create the ideal place for resting.

For residents to enjoy the shade and sunbathe, you need to install a retractable canopy that can be pulled out automatically or manually quickly or removed. Such a canopy will suit as protection in the rain or direct sunlight.

A sophisticated fireplace, where residents and guests can join together in the evenings, will suit as a place for cozy gathering. People used to like walking around the flowerbeds in the past. But now, most prefer to create a cozy fireplace and bring out their wild nature. Enjoy talks and music in the open space, next to an outdoor fireplace. It creates a mysterious, warm and cozy atmosphere in the courtyard.

Custom patio solutions for small houses

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Some smaller compact houses have an even smaller outdoor area. In a situation like this, it would be suitable to have a smaller patio that can also be multi-functional and allow decoration with a facade or vertical and wall planters. An excellent solution is a balcony patio if the area is large enough for equipping such a place for relaxation.

The patio is a complex solution if you have a small site and the house roof is flat and large, extending over the yard. However, you can get creative and design a place for relaxation, sunbathing, and even planting outdoor plants. The arrangement of such an area requires prior consultation with the builders.

To Summarize…

The patio is suitable for all types of houses. It doesn’t matter if you have a smaller yard or a large backyard area. A patio with a barbecue is especially suitable for a place with a large outdoor area.

You can choose suitable outdoor furniture and water features for each landscape design to make your outdoor garden and patio even more attractive.

For smaller spaces, you can get creative and utilize the entire area to create a small yet cozy and luxurious space for your private relaxation outside.