How to Make Your Everyday Wear Elegant

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Even though we all want to wear outfits that represent our personality and unique style preferences, there’s one thing that everyone wants – elegance. It doesn’t matter if you wear more casual clothing or are into sports, elegance is the essence of clothing fashion.

We can all agree that we live in unprecedented times. And unique times call for unique fashion. So this year, it is time to show yourself to the world, even if it means participating in the latest fashion trend: “revenge clothing.” At Revir, you can find unique pieces that will complement your chic and unique designer clothing pieces that scream “Elegance.”

If you want to find out more about the elegant chic fashion trends that will overwhelm the catwalks in 2024, keep reading this article.

Sleeveless Sweater or Vest

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This trend started to appear on the catwalks in 2024 but continues in full force today. The most popular patterns consist of different textures, knitted elements, or complementary details instead of smooth and one-color textiles. The cut is slightly bigger to catch the eyes.

Some ladies prefer to wear this kind of top, while it is still warm in the fall or right when the first warm rays of sun appear in spring. You could wear such sweaters without sleeves underneath (bare skin), without any shirt under them, and in combination with baggy jeans. When the weather is cooler, you can boldly combine them with a chic dress, a shirt, or a polo blouse.

These sweaters are very suitable for the transition to colder winter weather. You can also wear them with a shirt and keep you warm.

These vests, popular in the past two years as part of women’s clothing, were traditionally part of men’s formal wear, worn under a jacket.

Shirt or T-shirt and Jeans

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The combination of a plain shirt on loose jeans and T-shirts with interesting prints is also a great option, and we all know that it is timeless. The same goes for a short skirt with sneakers, knee-high socks, and a short cardigan. Do you need inspiration? Play your favorite episode of “Friends” and get ideas from Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe’s outfits.

Even low-waist jeans from the early 2000s are making a comeback, and similar models have been seen on the catwalks.

Gloss and Sequins

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The more, the better! There is something special about sequins. They invariably manage to create a festive atmosphere that lifts the mood. This year, sequins will be present not only on cut-out evening dresses. You will see them also on pants, polo shirts, sweaters, coats, etc. Even famous designers have abandoned minimalism and opted for more cheerful models with a single message: “Let’s shine because the future looks bright.”

And this fashionable appeal is not at all surprising. Due to the constant lockdowns over the last two years, many people miss going out. For this reason, a phenomenon has emerged in fashion circles – the so-called “revenge dressing.” People take out of their wardrobes the most spectacular and extravagant outfits (including those strewn with sequins, beads, and all sorts of other metallic glitters) and wear them wherever they want: even in places that generally require a more modest and sophisticated or casual vision, such as cafes, supermarkets, banks, public transport, etc.

Sporty Chic

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Against the background of the spreading pandemic, a ski vacation in a remote mountain hut, where there is no chance to run into crowds of tourists, seems much more tempting. It is not surprising that many of the fashion houses have been inspired by the ski teams when creating their new collections.

Many designers opted for collars and accessories with fluffy fur, apricot boots, voluminous jackets, overalls, ski goggles, patterned sweaters with winter motifs, etc. So, feel free to wear anything like this, making you look as if you going to a cozy hut in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Big Bags

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Over the last few years, the size of bags has been progressively shrinking. There are even very miniature purses, in which you can not fit anything more than lipstick and an ID card. This year, practicality takes over, so bigger and more comfortable bags are becoming more common. Your purse can complement your signature look, so be bold and go with the big accessory.

According to experts, the size of bags should not exceed 25 cm. However, if you put them on your shoulder or let them hang down by your side, it will also look chic. It is best to go for a backpack/rucksack with wide straps that are widely distributed along the entire length of the bag.

The use of metallic elements in fashion has long been popular among famous designers and their fans because they allow you to create complex looks that are simultaneously easy and festive yet at the same time conservative even classic. However, these elements should be used with caution because too much extravagance can spoil even the most stylish outfit! You will see metallic items everywhere this season – from shirts to hats and pants.

If the weather allows, then by all means go for shorts! They can be found in different lengths – five centimeters above the knee and higher, but it’s better to avoid them because they are likely to attract unwanted attention. We recommend wearing them with tights or socks. If you choose long pants, then it is best to wear leather!

To Sum It Up

People are saying “no more to minimalism.” Clothes follow the psychological state of people. Now, there is a trend of “revenge dressing,” since people want to dress up and wear their favorite clothes anywhere, even the supermarket. Designers follow this need of the masses and provide clothes that suit the times. So it doesn’t matter if you are going out to a sophisticated event or just somewhere casual you can spice up your style with sequins. Wear your jeans with a vest or sleeveless sweater. Now is the time to be bold and express your true self.