4 Reasons Why Mens’ Jewellery Is Increasingly Popular

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The fact of the matter is that jewellery for men has never been unpopular. For centuries men have been adorning themselves with symbols of wealth and power. Precious metals and gem stones have been woven into sartorial history to indicate the position of men in certain positions in society, the royal courts, and the church.

For example, for centuries bishops in the church have worn a ring on the fourth finger of their right hand. The ring was a sign of the union between the man and his church, as well as a symbol of authority and jurisdiction.

These days the church has less influence over the use of jewellery as it used to. The availability and accessibility of different designs is such that there is an entry point for everyone – the decision to wear designer pieces, such as bracelets, necklaces and rings is now much universal. This popularity can be down to a number of different areas.

Expression of personality

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The variety of different designs, using a plethora of different materials, means that your jewellery choice can evoke the individual personality. Pieces do not have to be made up of expensive metals and rare and precious stones – even the simplest strips of leather and symbols of nature can be put together to create a beautiful piece of jewellery that is unique to that one person.

It is this combination of symbolism and individualism that makes jewellery such a powerful addition to someone’s self expression. There are no rules that govern what you should do, and that feeds into individual creativity which uses the wealth of resources available.

Demonstration of wealth and prestige

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth. While it is clear that personal income is not directly linked to the ability to adorn yourself with pieces of jewellery, there is still that innate instinct to associate precious metals with some level of power and influence. A man who wears gold designer bracelets will have a much deeper ingrained sense of self confidence over and above the man who has simply strapped on a cheaper leather one picked up at the local tourist market.

There’s a reason why those associated with the rapping world, for example – whether as genuine performers or simply those who listen to the music – like to cover themselves with gold. It demonstrates to those around them that they have made it, that they have wealth and power, that they have worked hard and come far in life.

Affiliation to different trends

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Different styles and designs can symbolize affiliation to different groups in society. In the same way that gold ‘bling’ is evocative of the rapping community, surfers will wear more bohemian pieces. In the business world, designer watches and single signet rings are indicative of that success that is achieved by working your way up the corporate ladder – small, discrete, but of the highest quality.

The type of jewellery a man chooses says as much about his lifestyle choice as the cut of his hair and the style of his suit. There’s an innate sense of tribalism that seeks recognition and acceptance while still demonstrating individualism.

Evoking a sense of self worth and confidence

Ultimately, putting on a piece of jewellery is like putting on a suit of armour, or a uniform. It can provide the individual with an enhanced sense of self confidence that will help him power through any situation, even if deep down he is unsure and nervous. This is a ritual that we all do, mostly unknowingly and unwittingly, as we prepare in the morning for the day ahead.