10 Mistakes Every Beginner Makes in the WOW Arena

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The World of Warcraft arena takes you into an enchanting universe of power play and excitement. As a mighty hero of the land, you set on a mission to defend the world of Azeroth against all threats. You delve into perilous dungeons with avatars and get immersed in battles against towering monsters. The game is designed to be all-engrossing and exciting for the players with ever-evolving newer versions that justify the reason for its huge fan base.

As interesting as it sounds, playing WoW is not for the weak souls and requires a sound strategy to level up. As WoW players, we all have made mistakes, of which some of them have been blunders. The game can be challenging for beginners, but below, we present ten such mistakes and avoid them to get you on a great start.

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  • Keyboard Action

For most of us, who are used to using the WASD, arrow keys on the keyboard,or the realistic keyboard turning of PVE, it is clear to other WOW players that you are a new player. But, the fast-paced battle gaming of PVP in World of Warcraft required much more agile and fast gameplay.

To make an efficient attack, you need to multitask using your mouse and keyboard to reduce reaction time. The faster you move, the quicker you can adjust your characters, attack enemies behind your back, or make defensive moves instantly.

  • Clicking

Nothing suggests your naiveness in the game more than your clicking action. As newbies, you may hit the mouse to click spells. What you don’t know is that it reduces your reaction time and makes you slow to respond as compared to the keys.

What you can do is map all your spells to your MMO mouse or keyboard. It will accelerate your avatar heal and increase your DPS as you can rotate better now.

  • Carelessness with Mechanics

Mechanics are the way the World of Warcraft simulates virtual world conditions, such as consciousness, combat, movement, damage, healing, and magic. They are the rules by which your avatar interacts with others and the game’s response in return.

For example, not moving to get damage per second or DPS slows down the game, and there are even chances of your avatar dying in the game or the healer losing all his mana. So, getting out of the fire line is more desirable.

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  • Being part of a Cesspool Guild

All new players must have been bombarded with blind invites from guilds. You might have accepted most of them for the perks that come along. Unfortunately, these guilds are large and cold, with no guild community present.

Also, there are very few players to level with, so that you can’t even be a part of a good raid team. The experience can be dull and only focus on the guild bank. You need to join a smaller guild with a budding social community of like-minded players to avoid this.

  • Raids only through LFR

For the raid lovers who newly join the game, the Raid Finder or LFR is the easiest way to find and join a random raid with co-players. Since it offers the lowest difficulty level for any raid, it is easy to use and popular, especially for those players who are not regular raiders or don’t join peer groups.

LFR is void of all mechanics and doesn’t succeed in teaching new players the details of raiding. Instead, you can try playing in Normal mode, which offers a better training arena with higher difficulty levels.

  • Joining Trade Chat

The Trade Chat is a trading channel you must have come across in capital and sanctuary cities, at the Pandaria faction HQs or the Shrines. It seems tempting to trade items or gold there or join for a small chat. However, you may find a lot of joking around, trolls, insults, or players sharing wrong information to manipulate you.

As a new player, it would be in your best interests to avoid this trade chat. You can join other chats to stay on the safer side of the game.

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  • Ending Up in the Wrong Realm

For new players joining WOW, realm selection is crucial as it includes their guild formation, trading, events, and communications. Your realm can be PVP, PVE, RP, Test, or an RPPVP realm. Your choice of the realm will depend on what you want from experience. If you do not choose your realm correctly, you may feel exhausted with the experience when it will not meet their expectations.

It is always wise to think twice and then choose a specific realm before you begin your expedition.

  • Race & Class Choice

Similar to the realm, new players may also find choosing race and class tricky in the game. The Race will determine the character species in Azeroth, while the class determines what combat field your avatar will be an expert at.

Sometimes, while choosing a particular race, you may not be able to pick the desired class. So, choose your preferences carefully after considering different Hero classes, specializations, roles, and lore.

  • Taking Time to Earn Gold

In WOW, you can earn money in gold, silver, or bronze coins. If you are starting out new, it may take you a while to earn your first gold. At this stage, many players may resort to other tactics to earn gold which may fail miserably.

Therefore, you need to time yourself carefully to get the best out of your time leveling up. This can be possible towards the endgame when you can earn maximum gold.

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  • Spending Gold lavishly

While you may take a long time to earn some gold through quests or rewards, losing gold on shopping items that appear tempting but may not have immediate utility is very easy. Try to spend your earned gold on durable, valuable items and offer some skills that can be used later in the game.

Summing Up

We all make mistakes, which is acceptable as long as we learn the lesson and do not repeat it. The same applies to WOW. Learn about Shadowland WOW lore characters and get to know about the mighty jailer, Zovaal, at WoW Boost. Even if you are a beginner, just follow the rules, know your options, and proceed confidently to enjoy all the WOW fun!