7 Reasons to Use a Bike to Explore New Cities 

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Travelling to a new city can be confusing sometimes, and so is settling in one. Everything around you is unfamiliar: the people, the surroundings, the shops, the roads, you name it. It’s important to familiarise yourself with these surroundings. What better way to do that than travelling around on a bike?

Using a bike is a much faster way to know the city you’re now living in or one you may be about to visit. You’ll learn about all the routes, tourist spots, coffee shops, and everything else to make that place your own. Here are seven reasons why you should use a bike to explore new cities.

1. It’s Much Easier to Travel

Imagine going to unfamiliar territory and trying to figure out bus and/or train routes to get from one point of the city to another. It can often get confusing! So what should you do to avoid falling into this confusion? Travel by bike!

You have to change routes and walk long distances to get to your destinations using public transport, leaving you less opportunity to save time and get more things done. With a bike, such as an electric bike, you can move about at your own pace, which will make things more convenient for you.

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2. You’ll Enjoy a Flexible Trip

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Picture this. You want to visit a local farmer’s market with a companion in a new city. Going there by car would be quite inconvenient as you may not be aware of the best routes and the most convenient parking sports.

With bikes, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry about those things as much. You won’t have to be stuck in traffic for too long and designated bike parking spots are more readily available than car parking spots.

You can even stop at many places along the way and experience random things that catch your interest.

3. You’ll Save Up On Traveling Costs

Whether you travel by public transport or a car, you’ll have to spend a lot on them. If you travel by car, you’ll need to buy fuel and parking costs among other things. If you choose public transportation, on the other hand, you have to pay the ticket fares.

Even if you travel by taxi or other transportation services, they’ll charge you pretty high. Sure, you can relax and travel in those. However, these services don’t just take up a lot of your valuable time, but also compromise your budget. They’re more like liabilities, not investments.

Bikes are investments, since the only time you’ll be spending on them is when you buy them. And down the line, you might need to spend for maintenance and customization. If you end up biking frequently, you might even end up saving a lot of money in terms of healthcare as well.

4. It’s an Exercise for the Body and Mind

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Life can get hectic if you’re trying to settle into the new city, socialise to make new friends, and take care of your personal space, so much so that you may not find much time to take care of your physical and mental health. However, one thing can help you: bikes!

If you use bikes to explore the new city, you don’t have to go out of your way to exercise. You can gain the benefits of exercise while exploring and enjoying yourself.

5. You’ll Save a Lot of Time

You can’t take your car anywhere and everywhere, especially through narrow alleyways and many other areas where cars may be prohibited. Bikes can help you avoid these issues.

Since they’re two-wheelers, you can take short routes to your destinations, allowing you to save a significant amount of time in between. You can then use the time you saved to see and do more things.

6. You’ll Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Even if you find cars to be more convenient than bikes but have you thought about the pollution that you’ll cause?

The more distance you travel with a car, the more fuel you’ll burn, leaving behind a greater carbon footprint. Electric and hybrid cars may help in such cases, but they still contribute to environmental pollution in some ways.

Most bicycles, on the other hand, don’t cause pollution, thus being the best mode of swift and eco-friendly traveling.

7. You Can Get Adventurous

Imagine this: meeting new people in a new city, visiting the parks and markets, exploring hidden places, cafes, and restaurants, and going to museums and art galleries at your own freedom. Don’t they all sound exciting?

With a bike, you can get as adventurous as you like. You can be flexible and explore around and don’t need to worry about missing out on interesting things due to public transport and parking space constraints.

Maybe there are hidden natural gems that many people don’t talk about or visit that much. With a bicycle, you can explore these places freely and get closer to nature.

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Some people may prefer staying in one city for their entire life. However, getting out with your bike and exploring new cities is a fun activity. It gets even better when you do it with friends or family.

If you choose bikes over all means of transportation, you can make the most out of your adventures in these new places, not least because you have the added luxury of discovering hidden gems!