How Far in Advance Do You Need to Book a Cruise?


We all work hard and have the right to party and relax, right?! Well, depending on your preferences there are several things you can do to unwind and one of the most popular ones lately has been cruises and cruise ships.

What has been all the hype lately are the cruises and different cruise ships that offer a lot of things. All of these cruise ships are equipped with all you can need for the best possible vacation ever. It is a city in one place where you have anything from sports activities, pools, saunas, restaurants, cinemas and a lot more. All of that has been made better by making it float. You are on the open sea and the addition to everything you have on a cruise boat you get to experience open seas and places you are visiting along the way.

Depending on the cruise you will visit one to two or several ports along the way.


As far as the accommodation is considered they are all top notch and will most likely be the same if not better than the ones in good hotels. Food is exquisite and you get a variety of it, as well as everything else. The only thing to do now is book a cruise and you can do it at cruisebooking but right after you read the rest of the article. Enjoy!

When it comes to booking a cruise there are some things you need to know. First of there are several ways to book one and those are travel agents, online bookings and via the cruise line. All of these are good enough and no matter which one you choose here how far in advance you will need to book it.

Depending on the cruise and the popularity of the line, cruise ship and similar you may need to book your cruise in advance and we don’t mean a month or two but rather six months to a year.

This may be a bit ridiculous but cruises are not like your regular vacation where you got a place in mind, go for a hotel you like and if it is not available you will book another.

Unfortunately, this is not the case here. If you got a destination in mind then you probably are stuck with one or two cruise lines and there are always ones that are a lot better than others. Those more familiar cruises with the most praised companies and cruise ships have a list of waiting sometimes and you might need to weigh up to a year to go aboard.


When you decide you want to go on a cruise you need to do a couple of things. First is to research the route and the cruise plan. If you like it and if that is what you are looking for then the next thing is to check out the cruise company and the cruise ship. If that is up to your standards and if you see what you like the next thing is to try and book it.

As we already mentioned some cruise ships are more sought out than others and they have a long waiting list. You might want to book your cruise a year in advance if you want your spot on the best of the best. There are issues with this of course, especially if you are a family trying to relax and enjoy themselves together. If you are a business that is looking to take your team out for an end of year cruise on Sydney harbour, the it’s a good idea to book your cruise months in advance as stock becomes tight towards the busy period.

For singles or couples without children and additional worries booking a cruise six months to a year in advance is not usually a problem. This is also a benefit where you can get better deals for the cruise meaning lower prices or even a bigger bang for your buck. There are some cruises offering discounts for some of their first bookings, and others after filling out the remaining places, but you also need to pay attention to what you get for the price you pay. You sometimes may pay a bit more but get a cruise that is all included and with this you get the most for the money you pay.

Now, what about those that are on a tight timeline and that are family people? What about their bookings? With this group of people, you have problems where they don’t know or can’t plan far ahead and this creates problems. They usually book cruises 3 to six months ahead which can end up being a bit more costly for them but this is the problem they need to face. People with children also usually can’t and shouldn’t book too far ahead because with children you never know what to expect, from sickness to illness and other issues.

Yes, all of these cruises have hospitals and doctors and physicians which is why we always advise that people with little children get some sort of insurance for the trip and prepare for the possibility that they will have to visit the onboard doctors.


All in all, the booking of the cruise is totally up to you and your time and financial situation.

Those that are frequent cruise ships probably know by now that booking far in advance will bring you some benefits from more things included in the price to lower the price of the cruise overall. Those that can’t plan that far ahead will have to pay more for the same things and those willing to risk waiting for the last few places just before the cruise departs may get the best deals of them all. As we already mentioned it highly depends on your situation and your planning skills.

If you have a good agent that can book you a cruise that is both good and cheap then go ahead, if you have the luck and manage to hunt down a good deal online for yourself and your family, make sure you don’t miss it. all you have to do is plan your time and know where and how long you want to go. The last thing you need to do is enjoy yourself and relax.