Step By Step Guide to Planning Your Perfect Curacao Vacation


Planning out a vacation is always fun and exciting. You are making big decisions regarding your next holiday where you will get a chance to relax, rewind, and enjoy some quality time with the people you love.

All of the problems of your everyday life including your responsibilities and chores will vanish for about a week or two. You are left with your sunny beaches, cocktails, refreshing water, peace and quiet. Before you can do all that however and in order for it not to be just daydreaming, you have to know how to properly plan a vacation.

The destination is the most important part of course, and in this article, we talk about amazing Curacao. If tropical destinations are your forte, you will have a time of your life in this Caribbean island country.

Curacao has seen an astronomical rise in popularity in recent years and established itself as a prime destination for anyone looking to experience everything this part of the world has to offer. Keep reading to get familiar with it and more importantly, to learn about the best step by step guide to planning the perfect getaway there. To find out more about Curacao and planning trips there, make sure to click here.

About Curacao


The first step is knowing a thing or two about the place you will travel to. It is always important to educate yourself on as many aspects of a place you are visiting as possible. You should know that Curacao is one of three Dutch Islands located in the south Caribbean Sea. This area if great year round so there is not really a bad time to visit it.

The turquoise water ensures that you will always enjoy your stay, while plenty of sunshine guarantees long days filled with summertime activities. Curacao is a part of the so-called ABC islands together with Aruba and Bonaire. The three countries are also often referred to as the Dutch Caribbean due to their history of being colonies.

Curacao is actually a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands still. The total area of the island is 444 square kilometers and its population is 155,000. The capital city and the place you should definitely visit is Willemstad. It is rich in Dutch colonial architecture, there is all sorts of accommodation there as well as amazing bars and restaurants, and fun activities for the whole family.

The official currency is the Netherlands Antillean guilder, but the US dollar is widely available. Curacao is a young nation as it only gained a country status in 2010. Before that, it was a part of the Curacao and Dependencies colony between 1815 and 1954. From 1954 until 2010, it belonged to the Netherlands Antilles. Until 2010, its name was Island Territory of Curacao. It is actually comprised of two islands, the larger that it is named after and the smaller called Little Curacao (Klein Curacao).



The first step when planning your perfect holiday on this magnificent island is to book the right accommodation. Luckily, there is no shortage of places to stay in this former colony. Choosing where you will be staying depends on the party you are traveling with. Is it just you and your partner?

Do you have kids, or is it a trip with friends? Whatever the answer is, know that the place offers luxury, comfort, safety, and tranquility. From huge beach resorts to regular hotels, you can find it all. Bungalows and villas are also available, as well as more affordable accommodation like motels or apartments for rent. The best hotels include Papagayo, Baoase, Avila, and Renaissance.



Planning out every meal before you get there is not really possible. However, you can check in advance where you would like to try the domestic cuisine. For example, if you are staying in Willemstad, you can check the reviews of restaurants, bars, and cafes online and plan where you want to go.

Finding out the best routes from your accommodation to the best wine and dine locations will save you a lot of valuable time there. This is even more important if you have kids, particularly if they are picky with their food.

Never underestimate the state of being hungry in a foreign place and not knowing where to eat. Zest, Baoase, Nultwintig, Wine Cellar, and Gouverneur de Rouville are the most popular restaurants on the island.



Just like you have to make sure your accommodation is ready when you arrive, you also need to plan your activities well before you arrive. Some itineraries and packages come equipped with activities both inside and outside of resorts you stay in, but you have to check anyway.

Curacao offers so many different activities, from regular summer hits like snorkeling and diving to more dangerous and adrenaline-heavy things away from the beaches like hiking, climbing, and riding. Swimming with the dolphins is amazing, but you have to book it in advance Mapping everything out and filling out your schedule is crucial for a fun and engaging vacation.



Last but certainly not the least are the places you should see and experience. Sightseeing is basically education yourself on other places, cultures, and traditions. Curacao is rich in history. It offers an amazing blend of cultures, languages, cuisines, and traditions that have become something more after mixing for centuries.

As a young country, they are proud of their roots and actively trying to establish their identity in the new world. In terms of beaches, visit Kenepa Grande, Cas Abao, Porto Marie, and Klein Curacao. The Queen Emma Bridge is a floating landmark worth your time. Check out Hato Caves the Chistoffel Park, and the many museums like the Het Curaçaosch Museum or the Maritiem Museum.

No Caribbean island is complete without a fort, so make your way to Fort Beekenburg or Fort Amsterdam. Animal lovers should consider visiting the Ostrich Farm or the Curacao Seaquarium. For something a little different, how about a trip to the Aloe Vera Plantation?