5 Small But Smart Changes That Can Boost Your Business This Summer 

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Of course we know, it’s vital for any business owner to stay vigilant throughout the year. But does a certain season require a bit more effort? We think so.

Especially in hot cities like Sydney and Melbourne, summer calls for a rethink. Does your building need outdoor blinds Melbourne companies often invest in? Or does the business need a new take on marketing to the surfer crowd in Bondi? Here are some excellent pointers that work on Australians—and the tourists heading our way.

Why Do Seasons Matter for Business?

Firstly, let’s clarify why it’s important to stay cognisant of which season it is.

Take a quick look at your sales figures and chances are—in most industries—that there are fluctuations that can be related to the time of year. Compare it to other years and you’ll see similar trends. This means your planning in terms of budgets, sales forecasts and marketing must compensate for these changes throughout the year.

Each season also has special features. For example, in Australia, summer goes hand in hand with the festive season, so making this part of your planning is essential. There may also be big events that relate to summer of winter time, and incorporating that into your marketing plans can benefit the brand awareness. Why? Because your message will stay relevant to what people are interested in.

Furthermore, as you move into a new season, your target audience’s needs may change. From what they wear, to what they need to maintain around the house, it all changes. Even their diets may change! In some way, it’s bound to affect how your establishment can meet their needs. So, make sure you’re aware of their specific pain points that relate to a certain season. Then use it to create marketing messages that cut through the noise.

Now, what should you consider for the summertime?

Note: don’t forget to check the bonus tip at the end!

Tips to Consider This Summer

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1. Make Your Premises Summer Friendly

It’s time to upgrade your premises. In the hot climate of Australia, do everything you can to create comfortable interior spaces where people can escape the heat. Whether it’s for a business meeting or to have your eatery’s clients feel comfortable, this will be a welcome respite that will make an impact and get your brand noticed.

For this goal, consider solutions such as an upgraded HVAC system or adding some outdoor blinds on the exterior of the building.

Also consider what people enjoy doing during the Australian summer. Yes! They want to be able to enjoy the outdoors! But that doesn’t mean everyone wants to get a tan throughout the day!

Creating outdoor areas where one can see outside but not be too overwhelmed by the sun’s rays can help you attract more clientele to a restaurant. It’s also a good idea to create an employee-friendly work environment. Perhaps a rooftop lunch area? This makes outdoor privacy blinds a smart installation for almost any company.

And a bonus feature here is that on colder days, blinds will protect you from wind and rain! So, it’s an investment for all 12 months of the year.

2. Special Offers that Tap into the Community’s Attitude

As mentioned above, most Australians want to get out and enjoy the warmth of summer. They may have a more upbeat outlook on life compared to winter. Businesses can showcase this same positive attitude by using the right tone in their marketing material.

This works because consumers feel comfortable choosing vendors—from restaurants to service providers—that they identify with. So, if your message is all about having fun in the sun or simply the joy of summertime, they’ll think they will enjoy working with you, tasting your food or even buying your products.

3. Be Where the People are

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This may be the season you’ll need to get involved in the local community, or your competitors will grab at your market share. Still on the topic of people enjoying being out and about, your audience may be more likely to visit markets and events. So, make sure your advertising is up to date to target people where they’re likely to visit.

How? While digital marketing is always important, perhaps a banner at a local fair or hosting a picnic in a local park may be just what your brand needs to get noticed.

4. Consider the Tourists

During summer you’re likely to have a few more tourists around too, no matter where in Australia you are. From large cities like Melbourne to tiny towns, businesses should cater for these individuals and market to their unique needs.

5. Start Promoting for Fall and Winter

It’s not all about summer though. Do set aside some time to plan long term. And during summer it’s time to make plans for winter. What will the pain points be in 6 months’ time? How can you help your clients then?

Last Tip: What are Others Doing?

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Chances are, other entities in your area are also using summer as a time to reach out. Perhaps the small business network in your area has a summer get together? Make sure you don’t miss out on networking opportunities or visiting other companies’ summer events where your target audience may be waiting.