4 Top Tips for Improving the Guest Experience at Your Boutique Hotel 

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Offering an unforgettable experience for guests staying in your boutique hotel is something every passionate hotelier strives for. Luckily there are numerous ways of improving the guest experience for anyone visiting your establishment.

Whether you’re accommodating business travellers or holidaymakers, guests have high expectations when booking a stay at a boutique hotel. They look forward to quality and style while having their needs graciously met! From premium hotel furniture to excellent meals, a hotelier can go above and beyond these expectations to make their guests’ stay an amazing experience.

4 Top Tips for Improving the Guest Experience at Your Boutique Hotel

1. Use Premium-Quality Hotel Furniture

Source: cvent.com

Your hotel furnishing can make or break your guest’s experience within hours of booking into your accommodation! Not only does top-quality furniture increase the aesthetics of your hotel, but it guarantees ultimate comfort for the guest who expects only the best from a boutique venue.

Designers of hotel furniture take into consideration both the specifications of your property’s style as well as the comfort of guests and staff. Custom-design furniture can carry the running theme of your hotel throughout the building while ensuring ultimate luxury for your visitors.

Working with furniture specialists in the hotel industry gives you the reassurance that all furnishings are a good fit for guest rooms, dining areas and lounges. You have more flexibility when choosing designs, colours and fabrics, all features that make the difference between mediocre and superior hotel furniture.

2. Offer Comfortable and Functional Workspaces

When welcoming business travellers to your hotel, offering them comfortable and functional workspaces will get your accommodation rave reviews!

Trying to get work done during a hotel stay can be challenging if there’s limited space to do so. Providing business people with a working space separate from their guest room allows them to concentrate on what needs to be done without feeling cramped. A quiet space with desks, comfortable seating and a WiFi connection all benefit the workflow they hope for.

Other features such as additional power outlets, a self-serve coffee bar and desk lamps go a long way to improving the business traveller’s working environment in your hotel. Offering this facility opens up your target market too, increasing patronage to your accommodation.

3. Provide In-House Gym Facilities

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While some guests prefer to take a break from their workout, others like to stick to their exercise routine. Providing in-house gym facilities with top-quality workout facilities gives your guests the option of continuing their exercise routine when away from home.

Some high-end hotels offer in-room workout equipment for guests to exercise in private. These could include a stationary bike or treadmill. Always make sure they’re kept in good nick with regular maintenance for the safety of your guests.

Another option is to provide yoga, aerobics or Pilates classes in a room designated for exercising. Or, provide a list of personal trainers in the area for the guest to call up for an intensive workout in their room or the in-house gym.

4. Have an Outdoor Dining Area

Taking a meal outdoors in beautiful surroundings is not only relaxing but adds to a gastronomic experience. Outdoor dining areas can be on a patio facing the gardens or, if the building style allows, on the rooftop. Indulging in an evening meal while sitting under the stars has an allure all its own!

Poolside cocktail bars, breakfast on the patio or picnic lunches on the lawns are all ways you can offer amazing dining experiences. Not only will guests be impressed but they’re less likely to eat out at other restaurants.

When planning an outdoor dining space for your hotel consider the following:

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  • The surroundings: Offering a view of the beautiful gardens or sprucing up the patio with lush pot plants go a long way to enhancing an outdoor dining experience. Avoid views that look straight onto a neighbouring property, unattractive buildings or other unsightly objects.
  • Weather: Installing features such as outdoor blinds will protect your guests, should the weather turn nasty while they eat outside. Blinds also reduce the glare from the sun and protect your hotel furniture.
  • Accessibility: Placing an outdoor dining spot too far away from the kitchen will become a nightmare for the servers. Also, facilities such as restrooms should be easily accessible for guests taking meals outdoors.

Offering the alfresco experience could be the very experience that keeps your guests coming back year after year. However, make sure it’s comfortable, clean and aesthetically appealing to avoid killing the moment!

Final Thoughts

Creating magical holidays, romantic honeymoons and comfortable business stays is something every hotelier should want to do if they want a successful business and reputation in the industry. It could mean hunting down premium hotel furniture for sale or adding additional amenities such as workout equipment or functional workspaces. Whatever it is, there’s always scope for wowing your guests!