What do You do After a Big Gambling Loss?

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Gambling is a very unpredictable game. The probabilities are very uncertain that you may win a million in one turn and lose double in the very next. Also, it is very addictive. That is what makes it difficult for gamblers to cope with the loss, even it is very small. But there are clever gamblers who play wisely.

Not that they don’t lose. It’s just that they know how to manage and turn the loss into profit. That’s for another discussion. To reach such a level of sanity, you need to first master the art of coping with gambling losses.

What do you usually do after a big gambling loss? Cry rivers may be or go all in again right after the loss. Both of them are not the things you should be doing. Instead, continue reading this article to learn how to cope with the gambling loss and play again with renewed vigour.

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Assess your budget

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The first thing you should be doing after losing the big amount is assessing your budget. Recall your bet amount. How much have you lost? How much have you had? How much do you have now? This leaves you with an answer to all your questions.

How speedily and obsessively you have gone into the game will come clear in front of your eyes. If you are still left with some money, wait. Don’t run to gamble again. Save it for the next few steps. Analyze your losses, establish your goals, and pave a strategic path to success.

Let the loss sink in

Before taking any emotional step, accept that luck has chosen to not favour you this time. Let that loss and pain sink. Acceptance is the first step to success. Don’t act in pain and vengeance. Emotional steps may take you in the wrong way. Hence, take some time to heal from the loss to take a mindful path.

Evaluate your game plan

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Once you have come to terms with your loss, go back to your game. Recall what has happened. How have you lost? Do you remember your moves? Which exact moves lead you to lose? This can help you evaluate your loss and avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

If possible make a mental note of all your game blunders and tell yourself that you will not repeat the same mistakes again. Things like this surely do help.

Take calculated steps

Do not start your second innings already. It’s too quick to go in again. There are a few more things you need to understand to succeed. You may trip along your way to fast success. It is time to practice restraint, patience, and chalk out a strategy for your next big win.

Look at your budget. Don’t go in with all that you have. Set an amount beside for risks and losses. Analyze how many games should you have to play. Understand your odds. Observe your opponent’s game strategies with a small number of bettings before you go huge.

Establish your goals

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Before going big, it is essential to define your goals. What do you want to earn? Would you settle for just the amount you have lost or do you want more? However, do not be greedy. Don’t let the power and obsession of gambling get over your mind.

Always remember your goals and stick to them. Also, set the frequency of gaming a day in your goal list to not go overboard and repeat the same mistake again.

In any case, do not forget what your goals are. Do not overspend and don’t touch the money you have set aside, that’s for damage control.

Don’t go with all in again

A mistake has been committed again. All this process goes to waste if you don’t understand and learn from your hard lessons. Hence, never ever go with all your money. At any cost, you should be having a set amount aside for damage control and risk.

Gamblers usually raise their bars after one win or a couple of others. Take calculated risks. It is okay to raise your bars but at what cost. Do them at your own risk and take all strategic steps.

Save money

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Have you already set an amount aside? If not, that should be your top priority. If there is something you have learnt from your previous loss, that should be risk aversion and damage control.

Also, set an amount aside from your each profit. Do not rebet everything that you have been profiting in each turn. That’s not clever at all. That is just how you lose all that you have won.


Gambling is a good way to earn some extra bucks, only if you are good at it. Player discretion is advised. You may gain everything and lose everything in a single game. That’s how uncertain the game is.

You need to possess some additional traits, even if you are a good gambler. Emotional intelligence and situational restraint are just a couple of them. The above-mentioned tips are a few to help you endure the painful heavy loss. It all depends on you, how you take the loss.

You should be mindful of what you are putting into the game in the first place to avoid huge irreversible losses. That is more important in the game. If you are as good at this, then you may lose but that’s okay because you know what to do after that.