4 Things To Consider When Applying For Business Permits

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In business, it is important always to have documents for proof. They signify that the business is real and it can operate. For countries like the Philippines, these documents are the most important pieces of evidence. However, some permits only allow specific purposes, so setting up shop is the longest step.

Applying for a business permit takes time and effort. Notably, some local governments have different requirements. You must meet the requirements to ensure your business is granted for operation.

Here are some factors to consider when applying for business permits.

1. Processing Fees

Depending on the size of your business, there are set processing fees. It also varies from each local government. First-time business owners can get their first business permit for free, but renewal of permits has a price. Check the business permit requirements of your nearest local government office to compare the fees.

2. Waiting Times

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Since you are transacting with the government, you must wait the entire day. This is because all citizens are legally required to do business with them. Almost every government service is available on weekdays, but the processing time can take hours. Moreover, government services are unavailable on the weekends. The waiting time is the same whether you are a walk-in or have an appointment.

As much as possible, avoid having missing documents since it will take a lot of your time. If you are willing to wait that long, you must have all the necessary documents before the transaction. It lessens the stress, and you have one less task off.

3. Claiming Your Business Permit

Once you submit the documents, the last thing you need to do is wait. However, it also takes time. Visit the government office before the opening time to be first in line. Claim your business permit once your name is called. Then, check the information and verify with the staff. If all information is true and certified, you have proof that the business is real. Ensure that you keep the permits safe because it is proof to the local government.

4. Operating With The Business Permit

Most of the time, you can start operating your business once you have the permit. Don’t forget to apply for these documents as you go:

  • Business TIN and Certificate of Registration
  • Business SSS Number
  • Pag-Ibig Employer-Member Registration
  • Philhealth Employer-Member Registration

While these permits are secondary, businesses like corporations and conglomerates require them. It shows that the business complies with Philippine laws and regulations.

In addition, certain businesses like restaurants also need to register a fire safety permit, sanitary permit, mayor’s permit, and related documents. It shows that having one permit is not enough to operate a business. You must have all documents ready to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

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Wrapping Up

Applying for a business permit takes time and effort. You transact with the government to ensure that your business can run smoothly. Always check the requirements first before doing anything. If you plan to renew your business, have an extra amount of cash available. The processing fees will cover the expenses. Ultimately, you are responsible for handling the important documents of your business.