What Is A Cryolipolysis Machine And How Does It Work: Potential Benefits And Side Effects

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Cryolipolysis commonly referred to as “fat freezing” is a therapeutic procedure that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its effective results. The procedure uses an FDA-approved machine called the cryolipolysis device, or simply the “Cryo” which is used to reduce fat deposits in certain parts of the body.

What Is A Cryolipolysis Machine And How Does It Work?

The cryolipolysis machine is essentially a non-invasive way to freeze and destroy fat cells under your skin while also promoting collagen production. The temperature of this device can be lowered from -11°C/-13°F down to -6°C/21°F with precision cooling technology. Once the desired temperature is reached, the energy generated from the Cryo device causes fat cells beneath the skin to crystallize and eventually die off.

During the procedure, users may experience some mild discomfort such as stinging sensations or temporary numbness. It does not require any sedative drugs, anesthesia, or even needles which makes it much more accessible than traditional surgical procedures for reducing localized fat deposits in targeted areas of the body. Results can be seen within two weeks after treatment takes place but final results may take up to 4 months in some cases.

Benefits Of Using A Cryolipolysis Machine

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The primary benefit of using this type of procedure is that it helps people who want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat without having surgery or liposuction done on them. Since this process destroys fat cells gradually over time, there are no immediate changes that you can see right after being treated with a cryolipolysis machine.

This type of treatment also stimulates collagen production which helps firm up your skin naturally while reducing the overall appearance of cellulite dimples by smoothing out wrinkles and folds throughout your entire body.

Another perk with using this type of method is that it requires minimal downtime compared to other invasive procedures like liposuction or surgery since there won’t be any cuts made on your skin during the process and no stitches are required afterward either! Plus, since there isn’t much pain associated with using this method either, you won’t have to worry about experiencing too much discomfort during treatment either!

Potential Side Effects

Although relatively safe when used correctly by trained professionals, there are still potential side effects associated with using a cryolipolysis machine such as bruising at treated areas where some redness might appear; however, these typically subside quickly after treatment has been completed and should not persist long term if all goes according to plan!

Additionally, patients may experience swelling in treated areas too which could cause a bit of discomfort but again should only last temporarily until the swelling goes down completely!  Other potential side effects include a delayed healing process due to a lack of adequate amounts of nutrition being consumed prior to or post-treatment; therefore, always ensure that you are following all instructions given by the doctor/nurse before undergoing any kind of treatment so as best avoid complications later on down line!

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Overall using a cryolipolysis machine can provide many benefits to those looking to reduce localized pockets of stubborn adipose tissues without going through painful invasive surgeries; however, keep advised of potential risks involved before taking the plunge into unknown territory! Be sure to consult a specialist if ever unsure of anything particular situation case ensures get the best results possible at every step way!