9 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From a Nightlight

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No matter if you have a newborn baby, toddler, or an older kid, sleep is one of the most important things for them, not only because it’ll allow their bodies and mind to rest, but it’ll also prompt brain development. If you’re looking for ways to guarantee that your kid gets enough rest, you could try using a nightlight, which can help promote restful sleep.

But, is using such a gadget really beneficial? How exactly does it help my kid rest better and for longer? Fortunately for all parents that are wondering the same thing, our list below could help! Here is a list of nine ways that your child could benefit from having a nightlight in their nursery or bedroom:

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  1. It Supports Their Circadian Rhythm

You might not know this, but our bodies have “clocks” commonly referred to as the circadian rhythm. This particular system helps our bodies determine when it’s time to rest. It is present from the moment we’re born and it advances at around 12 months, meaning that your baby’s rest patterns are dictated by it. When the evening approaches, our bodies start creating melatonin, which is known as the rest hormone. Using asuch a gadget can help you improve your baby’s resting cycles.

  1. It Can Boost Melatonin Production

While on the topic of melatonin – the hormone responsible for sleep – you should know that it’s produced by a gland in our bodies, which is in charge of us feeling wakefulness. If you choose to place a nightlight in your child’s room, it can help them boost melatonin production, which will in return, help them regulate their body temperature, glucose production, as well as blood pressure – all of which will help them rest better.

  1. It’ll Help Them Relax

Did you know that when melatonin is produced, it can provide your kid with an additional benefit – it can help their muscles relax? Yup, it’s that comfortable feeling you get when you’re falling asleep. When your child’s muscles are relaxed, they won’t only rest better, but they’ll also fall asleep quicker, which means that such a device can help them with improving the length, as well as quality.

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  1. Medical Studies Support Using it

If you do some digging online, you’ll learn what there are over 5.000 medical studies, all of which concluded that there is a positive side to using a nightlight. Warm light, more specifically, purple and red lights are recommended by a wide range of experts as the optimal colors for improving sleep. Luckily, there is a wide range of options available on the market, including some personalized devices such as the ones offered by Myluxeve.

  1. It’s Suitable For Everyone

No matter what your parenting style is and what is the age of your child or children, placing a nightlight could help them get the sleep therapy they need. However, since they’ll get enough high-quality rest, placing such a gadget in their bedrooms could help them feel happier, they’ll retain information faster, and generally, it’ll be easier for you to manage them. This, combined with the fact that these gadgets are affordable means that you should at least try this type of sleep therapy.

  1. It Can Help With Nightmares

Truth be told, we were all scared of the dark at one point in our lives, and if your child is scared of it too, it might result in them having nightmares. Whether you kid thinks that they’re seeing something in the corner of their room or if they think a monster lives in their closet, placing a such a device in their bedroom could help them overcome their fears, which is something that will, of course, help them sleep better as well.

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  1. It Makes The Room Safe

If you’re a new parent, you most likely check on your baby at all times, meaning that you probably peak inside of their room or nursery during the evening as well. If you want to ensure that you don’t trip, fall, and injure yourself, as well as wake up your baby in the process, one of the things that could help you is using a nightlight. This also means that you won’t have to turn on the light in the entire room, which can, again, result in your kid waking up.

But, it won’t only help you. If you have a toddler or an older child, you know how clumsy they can be, thus, if you opt for placing the gadget in their room you can make sure that they’re safe as well. As they grow, the light will provide them with comfort as well, especially when they start going to the bathroom by themselves or if they want to head to your room to tell you that they need some water or that they had a scare and want to snuggle up with you.

  1. They Can Have Multiple Features

You might not realize this, but there is a wide range of nightlights that come with multiple features. What does this mean? Well, for instance, some might feature baby monitors, others might play lullabies, while there are also some that have digital thermostats, which can help you with adjusting the temperature in your child’s room. Hence, before you opt for a particular gadget available on the market, do some digging and see what features you might want the device to have.

  1. It Suitable For Kids That Share Rooms

If you have kids of different ages that share a room, a nightlight could be quite beneficial for the older one. For starters, they can go to bed later than their sibling and they won’t have any issues with changing into their pajamas. Besides this, if they want to read before they go to sleep, placing a gadget on their bedside table can be quite beneficial since they won’t need to worry about waking their sibling up.

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By choosing to place a nightlight in your child’s bedroom, there is a wide range of benefits that you could gain. Besides ensuring that you can walk freely in the room during the night, it’ll also boost melatonin production for your kids, meaning that they could end up resting for longer.

Since you now know some of the benefits of using this sleep therapy gadget, you really shouldn’t waste your time. Instead, you should start looking for a company that’ll provide you with a nightlight that’ll suit the requirements and needs both you and your child have.