Travelers Season 4 – Canceled Or Renewed


Travelers is a sci-fiction, Canadian-American drama series about surviving humans, who can send their consciousness back into people’s minds in the 21st century. The series was created by Brad Wright and was first premiered in 2016, on 23 December.

The show was initially co-produced by Netflix and the Canadian specialty channel called Showcase. However, after two seasons, Netflix took its sole broadcasting rights.

The production team has aired 3 seasons up till now, whereas, travelers season 4 is canceled for release for unknown reasons. Travelers have gained a lot of fans globally, and they are curious about the cancellation. Will there be travelers in season 4? If yes, when will it be aired? Keep reading the article to know everything about it.

Travelers Season 4: Canceled Or Renewed?

Travelers Cast And Production

  1. Eric McCormack
  2. Jared Abrahamson
  3. Patrick Gilmore
  4. Mackenzie Porter
  5. Nesta Cooper
  6. Raielly Dolman
  • Total number of episodes: 34
  • Release date: October 17, 2016
  • Genre: Sci-fi

Travelers Brief Plot Summary


The story of travelers is about humans from the future, also known as travelers, and special operatives, who can travel back in time. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic future, almost thousands of years from now.

The travelers have the special ability to send their consciousness back to the 21st century into a host body. They are given this special ability only to undo the wrong-doings of the people who lived before them.

They must prevent the collapse of society in order to prevent the world from irreparable damage. Traveling back in the past to prevent everything that has caused the damage is the only way to prevent the collapse of society.

The travelers can transfer their consciousness to humans, who are moments away from their death, and have their consciousness reside in the host body.

They must send their consciousness to the host bodies who are nearing their death so that the timeline of the world wouldn’t be affected. Unlike, other sci-fi movies and series, smartphones, GPS and modern technology have so much to do with moving back and forth in traveler’s seasons. The special operatives, also known as time traveler agents, track their host bodies using the GPS.

They must know the location, longitude, latitude, and elevation of their host bodies which can only be tracked through the smartphones they are using. It might seem safe to time travel to the past, but the action itself is dangerous for which, the travelers must follow certain SOPs made by their director.

For instance, when a traveler sends his/her consciousness into a host body, he/she must maintain the host’s pre-existing life for whatever time is left of the host’s life.

In addition to that, there is a list of protocols that the travelers must abide by in order to protect themselves, the host, and the timeline of the world. For instance, they should prevent the damages done by the 21st-century people. They shouldn’t interfere in the ways of people in the 21st century.


Moreover, taking and saving a life is forbidden for them, unless it is directed for a special cause. Furthermore, communication with other travelers is banned, maintaining their host life is a must, and the travelers shouldn’t reproduce in the past.

All the rules and guidelines are given by the director which is an A.I. The director monitors the timeline, and the travelers must work upon all the directions given by the director in order to prevent catastrophes done in the past. The communication between the director and the traveler happens through animated children. Once the message is delivered these children are freed from the control.

The kind of missions the travelers are directed to accomplish are preventing suicide bombings, killings, catastrophes, etc. In every episode, the travelers have a new mission to accomplish, and they act according to the guidance given to them.

They must protect themselves and the lives of the hosts to successfully accomplish the mission. During this time the travelers face many challenges.

Will There Be Travelers Season 4?

Ever since the third season of travelers has ended, the fans are anxiously waiting for travelers season 4. The show was initially co-produced by Canadian channel Showcase and Netflix. However, after two seasons, Netflix got the sole broadcasting rights of the show.

Initially, travelers season 4 was confirmed for the release but later on Netflix canceled the renewal for season 4. The third season was solely produced by Netflix.

Why Is The Travelers Season 4 Canceled?


We don’t really know the actual cause of the cancellation of travelers season 4. Eric MacCormack, who is the lead character, and a traveler agent in the show has announced that Netflix has canceled the show for renewal.

The reasons can be many, for instance, the story seemed to be completed in the third installment of the show. For the fourth season, the producers and creators will need a new, and strong story to grab public interest.

When Will The Fourth Season Be Released?

As things stand now, there are no hopes that travelers season 4 will be released sooner or later. The show has ended with season three. According to the sequence of the release dates of the previous seasons, the fourth season should have been aired by the end of 2020. Since we haven’t heard any news from the producers, creators, and the cast, there is no use in hoping for the fourth season.

On the brighter side, some fans are still holding on to the weak threads of hope, after a video released by Eric MacCormack on his Twitter handle. Although he announced that the travelers season 4 is canceled, nobody knows what the future has in store for us. His original words were, “who knows what the future holds”. His statement gives a ray of hope, and an indicator toward season 4, but again, who knows?

Assuming There Will Be Travelers Season 4, What Could be The Storyline?

Since Netflix has canceled the travelers season 4, we have no idea what could be the possible plot. The ending of the traveler season 3 suggests that their mission of saving the world has failed. With the traveler program version one unsuccessful, they must devise a second program to save the planet from the apocalypse. We guess that the fourth season could be about the second version of the traveler program, but who knows?

Some fans are curious about the cast members of season 4, assuming there will be one. Sadly, the cast is still unknown and undecided because we are uncertain about the fourth season. However, the lead cast members may make an appearance in the next chapter with an entirely new plan devised to save the planet. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be new characters.



What is the travelers Series about?

Travelers season is about the surviving human beings who have found a way to send their consciousness into the minds of people in the 21st century. These operatives, also known as travelers are assigned the mission by a director which is artificial intelligence to undo the catastrophes done in the past. By traveling back in time, the travelers have to manage the timeline of the world and prevent the planet at all costs.

What is the IMDB rating of travelers?

Travelers season has gained a lot of fans globally, it is considered one of the best science fiction series. One reason is that it propagates messages about keeping the world protected from great catastrophes. The IMDB rating of this series is 8.0 out of 10 which is good. Moreover, travelers season has won many awards out of which Banff Rockie for best science fiction award is the one.

Is travelers season 4 canceled?

Yes, travelers season 4 is canceled by Netflix for reasons unknown. We came to know this when Eric MacCormack, who is a lead character and an operative from the series, confirmed in a video that there won’t be season 4.

Netflix is silent about the cancellation, however, Eric also said that nobody knows what the future holds, which can be an indicator for a 4th season but again, who knows?

What could be the possible story of season 4?

Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be season 4 of travelers but this hasn’t stopped the fans from guessing the plot. Since, season 3 ended with a declaration that travelers’ mission version one has “failed”. People hope that the fourth season might be a second version of the travelers, therefore, the plot could be about a new plan to save the world from destruction.

The Bottom Line

Travelers series is one of the best and most viewed science fiction Canadian-American drama series. It is about several surviving humans from the future who travel back to the 21st century. The time travelers aim at protecting the world from destruction at the hands of their ancestors in the 21st century.

These series are best-loved by the people who fancy science fiction and demand a fourth season. Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled the release of season 4 for unknown reasons. Read the article above to know everything about it.