Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 – Release Date – Everything You Need To Know!


If you fancy dark fantasy stories, Tokyo Ghoul is the season for you to watch. Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy drama, taken from original Japanese manga series. It is written and illustrated by Sui Ishida.

As the name suggests, the story follows ghouls living undercover in the human world. Ghouls refer to human-like creatures that devour human flesh. Ken Kaneki is the lead character of the story, who later becomes half-ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul was first serialized in a magazine called Seinen magazine for the public. However, it had its first anime adaptation in 2014 September in the form of a television series.

There have been a total of four seasons up till now released on Tokyo MX, produced by Pierrot producers. Each season has a total of 12 episodes,  and 2 OVA episodes from the original manga series. About the Tokyo Ghoul season 5, there hasn’t been any news because the story has ended with season 4. Read the article below for everything you need to know.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5: Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Tokyo Ghoul, A Brief Plot Summary


Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most-watched anime series in Japan, and the rest of the world. This anime series was aired in America after a popular television network Viz media gained the license to air it.

Ever since then, the show has won the hearts of many people globally and has sold over 12 million copies. Tokyo Ghoul became the 27 best-selling anime series in Japan and the rest of the world.

Tokyo Ghoul has many adaptations, for instance, it has been released in the form of video games, anime series, films, comic series, and much more. Its first English anime release happened on June 6, 2015. It consists of a total of 4 seasons, having 12 episodes each.

In addition to that, there also had been two OVA chapters called Tokyo Ghoul: [Jack] and Tokyo Ghoul: [Pinto] following the original manga story.

The whole story is about ghouls who eat human flesh to survive. They seem and look like humans, but have more power than humans. Their flesh can heal faster, and their bodies produce more kinetic energy compared to humans.

Anyhow, Ken Kaneki who is the lead character of the story is a student who is dating Rize Kamishiro. Turns out, Rize Kamishiro is a ghoul who attempts to eat Ken.


He tries to escape the attack, is badly wounded, and lands in a hospital. Ken is barely breathing and has received deadly wounds for which he has to undergo surgery.

Fortunately, he survives and begins healing quickly, only to realize that he has turned into a half-ghoul. Upon investigating, he learns that the person he was dating has donated some of her organs which have turned him into a ghoul.

With this identity shift, Ken is struggling gravely with his new form. He has to eat human flesh in order to keep breathing. He has to face a lot of difficulties in adjusting to his new lifestyle, of which eating human flesh is the most difficult part. In addition to that, he also has to keep his identity concealed from humans so that he wouldn’t get killed.

He joins an all ghoul society and goes to Anteiku, which is a coffee shop run by ghouls. There he learns the ghoul ways with the help of other human flesh-eating creatures. The most difficult challenge he has to overcome is to conceal his identity from his best friend Hideyoshi. Two more characters are introduced in the OVA chapters, i.e. Kisho Arima, and Taishi Fura.

Both of these characters are members of a federal agency called the Commission Of Counter Ghoul after Taishi’s friend is killed by a ghoul. The federation deals with the crimes committed by ghouls and Taishi promises to punish the ghoul who killed his friend. Ken Kaneki is suffering from memory loss after Kisho Arima attacked him.


Ken has now a new identity, and he is now called Haisi Sasaki. Arima has made a special team called Quinx Squad. The members of the quinx squad are half ghouls after going through surgeries so that they can have superpowers like them. The members of the quinx squad aim at extracting information about pure ghouls while keeping their identities hidden. They must eradicate the evil entities from the human world.

Will There Be A Tokyo Ghoul Season 5?

All four seasons of Tokyo Ghoul have received a lot of popularity worldwide. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the Tokyo Ghoul season 5 eagerly. However, there isn’t any chance of Tokyo Ghoul season 5 airing in the near future. The storyline has ended with the fourth season and it seems that Ishida has rushed the story because he was already fed up.

Since there isn’t any story to write and illustrate, the writer has to make an entirely new story for Tokyo Ghoul season 5. There is no material in the manga series to write on therefore our hopes for Tokyo ghoul season 5 have shattered. There is nothing more to write about until Ishida decides to come up with an entirely new story, or connect other dark fantasies from the manga series with Tokyo Ghouls.


Moreover, people often ask about a trailer, but sad enough, there hasn’t been any trailer for Tokyo ghoul season 5 because there aren’t plans of making the fifth season. We might see some OVA episodes in the near future just like the other two OVA episodes, but that would also need a strong storyline. As of now, we don’t expect Tokyo ghoul season 5.

Some people are still holding on to the threads of hope about the fifth season and guessing about the could-be storyline. Ken might have a good life with his new identity. Moreover, ghouls and humans might come to terms with each other because the quinx squad also works that way. If there is a new season in the near future, we might see ghouls in the human world without having to conceal their identity but that’s just a guess.


What is Tokyo Ghoul about?

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime adaptation the story of which is taken from the popular dark fantasy manga series. Tokyo Ghoul has many adaptations and its first English serialization was done on 6 June 2015. As the name suggests, the series is about ghouls, creatures that look and seem like humans, but they eat human flesh to survive. Ken, who is the lead character of this series, becomes half-ghoul after he has been attacked by his date.

How does Ken become a ghoul?

Ken gets in an unfortunate situation where he is dating Rize Kamishiro who is a ghoul. While they are dating, Rize tries to eat him up, which lands him in a hospital with fatal wounds. Rize tries to save his life by donating organs which transform him into a half-ghoul. Ken suffers extreme challenges while adjusting to a ghoul society. He has to learn the ghoul ways and conceal his identity from humans, especially from his best friend.

What do we expect from Tokyo Ghoul season 5?


The story of the Tokyo ghoul has ended with season 4 and there is no material to write on. However, people are eagerly waiting for the fifth season but there are no chances of it. It is because the story has been taken from a Japanese manga series and it has ended with the fourth installment. If there has to be a Tokyo ghouls season 5, the writer has to come up with an entirely new story either from the manga series or from somewhere else.

What can be the possible storyline of Tokyo Ghoul season 5, if there is one?

The story of Tokyo Ghoul season 5 is still unknown because the writer has nothing left to write about. The series has ended with season 4, the story of the popular manga series based on Tokyo Ghoul is covered completely in the first 4 seasons. If the fans insist and the writer Ishida agrees, he can come up with a new storyline to continue with season 5, but that will require a strong plot.

The Bottom Line

Having read everything off the internet, and the producers of Tokyo Ghoul, we come to the conclusion that there will not be a season 5 to it. The one and only reason is the completion of the story in season 4.

We haven’t heard any news from the producers and the writer, Ishida. Also, there are more manga stories about the Tokyo ghoul so one thing is for sure there can’t be a 5th season. Read the article above to know more about the Tokyo Ghoul.