Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2 – Sequel To The Film Is Officially In Development!


Scary movies are fun to watch only when you are watching them with your friends and family. The list of horror films is a long one, out of which, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” is the best.

The story is based on a children’s book series written by Alvin Schwartz. The movie was directed by Andre Ovredal and produced by Guillermo Del Toro, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan.

The movie was released in 2019, on August 7, after CBS films received the right to film production. It has received a huge success and has grossed over $106 million, which was a great outcome.

People loved the movie so much that they demanded its second part. Luckily, CBS films have announced that a sequel to the movie will be released anytime soon. When will it make a debut? Keep reading scary stories to tell in the dark 2 to know everything.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2: Sequel to the film is officially in development!

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Part 1 Plot Summary


The plot of scary stories to tell in the dark chronicles the traumatic experiences of teenage children, Stella, Auggie, Chuck, Ruth, Ramon, and Tommy, the bully. The movie is set in Mill town, Pennsylvania, in 1968. It tells about the horrific and spine-chilling incidents these children had to go through after Stella recovered a book belonging to a dead girl, named Sarah.

Tommy Milner, who is a local bully teenager gets pranked by three friends Auggie, Stella, and Chuck. Tommy follows them with his friends to seek revenge. The three friends find refuge in Ramon Morales’s car, who is a young drifter from the same town.

The kids have already been very curious about a local haunted house belonging to Bellow’s family, who were the founders of Mill valley.

A few days later, they visit the haunted house along with Ruth, who is Chuck’s sister, and Ramon to explore the house from the inside. The group finds fascinating yet horrific truths about the family.

It is believed that the daughter of the Bellow was accused of witchcraft because she acted weirdly. Also, at that time, the children of the Mill valley began to die due to uncertain reasons. Sarah was accused of the young deaths and she was tortured gravely by her family.


Tommy goes behind them to the haunted house and locks Ruth in the room. The group successfully escapes the house. Before running away, Stella takes along a storybook written by Sarah.

Back home, Sarah finds empty pages in the book, but to her surprise, a new story appears with the title “Harold” on it. Moments after that, Stella sees a drunk Tommy in a cornfield, who is attacked by a scarecrow after it comes to life.

Sarah realizes that each story that appears in the book comes to reality, and takes the lives of people living in the present moment. After that, another story appears on a blank page with the title “The Big Toe”.

Stella is Petrified when she sees Auggies name in the story as the main character. She calls Auggie in haste to warn him because he has eaten a stew with a toe in it, which happens to be the corpse’s missing toe from the story.

Auggie goes missing, which leaves his friends in great remorse. The next story named “the red spot” appears on the page, after which Ruth is bitten by a spider. After the incident, the bitten part swells on her face and begins exploding spiders in the air.

Ruth is rescued, but she is shocked and distressed. Stella attempts at finding a solution for everything and puts an end to all these happenings.

This leads her and Ramon to start an investigation into Sarah’s life. They land in a hospital only to find a twist in Sarah’s story. They find out that, Sarah was tortured to death by her family after she found that the mill kept water contaminated with mercury.

The same water was distributed to the town which took innocent lives. Sarah wanted to reveal the truth to the town, but her family silenced her.

Stella and Ramon are in the custody of a police officer because they were trespassing in a restricted area. The next monster they confront is the Jangly man from Ramon’s nightmares. The Jangly man kills the police officer, Stella, and Ramon escapes just in time. Stella decides to put an end to all of this once and for all, so they head to Bellow’s house to find a solution.

In Bellow’s haunted house, Stella meets with the lost soul of Sarah, which will not be at rest unless her truth is revealed to everyone. Stella promises Sarah’s ghost that she will tell the world about her truth, and her sufferings.

Stella acts upon her promise and writes the true story of Sarah with her blood which rests Sarah’s ghost in peace. Moreover, all the ghosts disappear into thin air while Stella’s friends are still missing.

Scary Story To Tell In The Dark 2 Release date?


At the end of the first part of the movie, Sarah’s soul is at rest when Stella writes her true story in blood. The town’s rid of all the monsters from Sarah’s books, which is a great relief. However, the story doesn’t end here. Auggie and Chuck are still missing. In the end, she says, she will find Chuck and Auggie and bring them back.

Stella’s final statement in the movie indicates that a sequel to the first part will come. Luckily, Paramount and Entertainment One have announced that the sequel called, Scary stories to tell in the dark 2 is on its way. Fans are excited about this announcement, and cannot wait to see Stella recover her friends in the scary story to tell in the dark part 2.

It is also announced that Guillermo Del Toro will direct the movie, while Kevin Hageman and Dan will write the script. A lot of people are eagerly waiting for the scary stories to tell in the dark 2 release date, and so are we.

Unfortunately, the confirmed release date is still not announced by the production media. The first part was aired for the first time in 2019 on Halloween time, therefore, we might expect scary stories to tell in the dark 2 to be released in the coming Halloween time.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a teaser or a trailer for now, from which we can guess the story of the sequel. However, some part of the story is obvious from the first installment of the movie.

Stella, with her father, and Ruth are seen in the last scene of the movie. Stella is adamant about finding ways to bring back missing Chuck, and Auggie. The sequel of the movie will be about the group searching for the missing friends. Until the final release, we can only wait and guess the story.



What is the scary story to tell in the dark about?

The story is about a group of friends who land in a haunted house belonging to a wealthy Bellow family. Stella, who is the main character of the movie, finds a book belonging to Sarah Bellow which lands them in trouble.

The stories written on it come to life which causes deaths and disappearing in the Mill town. She successfully puts Sarah’s soul to rest, however, Stella must find ways to bring her lost friends back in scary stories to tell in the dark 2.

When will scary stories to tell in the dark 2 come out?

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2 has been announced by its producers, however, we still don’t know the actual release date of the movie. The first part was released on 2019 Halloween, so that means the sequel can come out this year on Halloween. These are all random guesses, we will only know for sure when the production media announces.

What will the story of the sequel be about?

There is no trailer for the movie but we can guess that Stella will jump into danger willingly to find her missing friends Chuck, and Auggie. Both of her friends went missing when monsters from the book attacked them. At the end of the first part, Stella is seen with her father, and Chuck’s sister claiming that she will find ways to bring back her friends.

The Bottom Line

Scary Stories to tell in the dark is taken from a children’s book of the same name. The story chronicles the adventures of a group of teenagers, who land in a haunted house. To their misery, they find a book belonging to a vengeful dead girl, Sarah.

The stories come to life with monsters attacking them. Stella is successful in ridding the Mil town from the monsters, however, she still has to find ways to bring back her missing friends. We will see how she does that in scary stories to tell in the dark 2.