How To Sell Skincare Products Online: A Guide to Buying, Selling & Shipping


In this era of technological advancement, almost every other thing has become accessible over the internet. With just one click, you can buy anything from any part of the world, and have it delivered to you, in the comfort of your homes, without even getting out. In recent times, with everyone being forced to be restricted inside their homes due to COVID-19, online commerce, or simply e-commerce has become a necessity for many.

Skincare is something that almost every human does on a regular basis. Be it a basic moisturizer or a hefty beauty regime, everyone uses some sort of skincare product. It is a booming market with tremendous demand and supplying high quality products can become difficult. Many online clinics and stores have come to the rescue recently.

With the increasing opportunities in the e-commerce market, many people and firms were quick to take advantage to set up and/or expand their businesses related to skincare and beauty products. You can now also get a custom skin care regime, designed specially to cater the needs of your skin. But if you are planning to open your own online skincare shop, then you need to know the details which are provided below.

Opening an online shop

First things first. This is one of the most basic things that you would need to do if you are planning to sell beauty products online. You can create your own website, customize and run the same according to your own will. This might require some technical knowledge and a little fortune, but it is one of the most crucial steps.

Otherwise, you can tie up with big e-commerce platforms available on the internet to sell your products. This way, you would not have to worry about customers finding your website, as you are already seen by a lot of customers, many of which would be the potential buyers of your items.

Having a plan for the marketing


Having a good market plan means that you understand your products to the fullest and are vocal about them on some platform, in order to maximize your reach and get the maximum customers. This can include giving advertisements in newspapers and flyers, promoting your stuff on social media, offering promotions and discounts etc. The holiday season would be a perfect time to bundle up things and offer complimentary discounts on some products. A good and proper market plan is the key to keep your store flourishing.

Buying the correct products

This is yet another important aspect of business as this would form the base of your business. You can do two things here as well. First is to make your own products from scratch. This could get a bit messy and tricky, as it would involve a lot of testing and trial and error. But this is one of the best ways to make a successful path and stand alone in a business with so much competition already.

Second is you can buy products off of other websites, or find some locally, and sell them online, with a little twist and modification. This is relatively an easier way, but it comes with its own pros and cons.

Finding the target audience

Finding the correct target audience for your product is very important if you want the sales to go up. You would need to advertise your products and brand in places that are easily accessible to your target audience. For instance, if you are selling some skin care items to young adults, then social media would be the perfect place to leave an advertisement open regarding your products, and their descriptions. Use the correct and most recent descriptions whilst describing your product, as this is one of the few ways we have available to increase the sales.

Shipping the products safely


The way you send out products to the customers and clients speaks volumes for your business. You will have to think outside the box to make your package look the best, reflect your idea, your brand and not look simple. However, this should, in no way, mean that you are free to compromise with the safety of the package and delivery. When sending out skin care, make sure that the package is of the best quality, so that it makes its way to the customer in one piece. Also, make sure not to harm the environment a little too much, by reducing the use of plastic to pack your items. It is our responsibility to keep the planet up and running for the next generations.

Freebies and goodies

Adding a little surprise for the customers in their order is something that you should do to make your clients a customer for forever. The freebie and goodies could be related to the original item ordered, making it much easier for the customer to use the same. For example, if someone has ordered gel face wash, then your choice of freebie could be a cleansing pad, so that it helps the person to deep clean their face.

Of course, you do not have to include a freebie all the time, but whenever you do, make sure it does not exceed the price of the original product. Moreover, you can add them as a one time offer, when you first open your online store, or around the holidays to attract more people.



Humans are constantly looking and trying to make life easier than ever before, and this has led to the development of many great things. One of these things is the vast and magnificent e-commerce option, where buyers get to buy stuff from the comfort of their homes. To sell your skincare products online, you would need to know a few basic things, out of which, buying the correct products, selling them and proper shipping are the most important aspects. If you have mastered these skills, then there is no one who can stop your business from flourishing.