5 Types of Quizzes to Engage Your Customers and Boost Sales

Source: sendpulse.com

Quizzes are a great tool for businesses to engage their customers and boost sales. By creating and utilizing surveys, businesses can provide interactive learning experiences that will not only educate customers about their products, but also increase customer engagement, and loyalty, and ultimately drive more sales.

1. Platforms

Quiz platforms are an invaluable tool for both businesses and marketers, providing them with the ability to easily create customized questionnaires without any coding experience. These platforms such as Votal allow users to quickly develop professional-grade surveys and assessments, while also optimizing results and performance over time.

They are built specifically for creating customized quizzes from scratch in minutes without any coding experience required at all; marketers worldwide have an unprecedented level of access when it comes to developing professional grade surveys & assessments – quickly & effortlessly – thus greatly simplifying the entire process from start till finish while optimizing outcomes throughout its duration overall!

2. Knowledge Quiz

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A knowledge quiz is a type of survey that tests the user’s knowledge about a specific topic. This type of quiz is excellent for educational purposes or for increasing awareness about topics related to your business’s products or services. Knowledge surveys can help educate users on a particular subject matter, making them better-informed consumers who are more likely to buy from you in the future.

Additionally, they can be used as market research tools where you solicit feedback from users on certain topics relevant to your business, providing valuable insight that you can use to make informed decisions.

3. Personality Quiz

A personality quiz is designed to identify someone’s personality traits based on their answers to specific questions. Like knowledge surveys, this type of quiz gives you an insight into how people think and feel so you can better understand them and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly.

It’s a great way to give people more information about themselves while building trust between them and your brand by recognizing their individuality. This type of survey is also prevalent among social media users, making it a great way to leverage viral word-of-mouth advertising for your products or services.

4. Brand Preference Quiz

Brand preference quizzes allow brands to measure how much users know about their products and determine which ones they prefer the most. This type of survey encourages participants to interact directly with brands, giving them an opportunity to showcase the features and benefits of their offerings in an engaging way that drives higher conversion rates.

It also provides companies with valuable insights into consumer preferences regarding different product categories, enabling them with data that facilitates strategic decision-making regarding product mix and pricing models over time.

5. Product Recommendation

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Product recommendation quizzes enable companies to assess a user’s needs and offer personalized product recommendations that meet those needs best. As opposed to generic mass marketing campaigns targeting all potential buyers regardless of individual preferences or interests, this type of survey helps narrow down selections tailored specifically for each user based on responses given throughout the course of the quiz.

By doing so, it allows companies to make effective product recommendations tailored just right for each buyer’s individual needs; thus drastically improving purchase intent along with associated bottom-line performance metrics over time.


Quizzes are a great way to engage and entertain your customers while also providing them with valuable information about the products or services that you offer. Not only can surveys help boost sales, but they can also help build customer loyalty by creating an enjoyable experience for those participating in them. So why not give it a try today and see what works best for your business?