Can a Private Investigator Make Arrests?


We all know about private detectives from Hollywood movies where they are portrayed as heroes, usually with numerous flaws but very successful in their job. In reality, they are hired for a variety of needs. It can be checking the fidelity of a partner, finding missing persons, checking suspicious behavior or corporate checks. The way detective agencies operate depends on your request. The difference is reflected in the collection of information, supervision, and many other tasks.

However, what make them even more popular are maximum discretion and security which are guaranteed. Therefore, many difficult questions arise regarding these agencies and individuals since they have your destiny in their hands. To help you better understand their role, we have revealed below who private detectives are and what their powers are.

Who are private detectives?

They are experts who actively work on collecting evidence and analyzing it. Based on the arranged data, they draw conclusions, and when collecting information, they use various tools for audio and video recording. So, these are people who take your request and their function very seriously. That is why they are very popular. They are mostly highly educated and possess knowledge and experience in criminal psychology and criminology. It is almost impossible to recognize him in a public place if he does not want to.

This person can be someone next to you on public transport, someone walking behind you or driving a car next to you. His goal is to be completely inconspicuous and blend in with the crowd. They will behave very casually in order to be able to get close to certain people and solve numerous investigations. One case may involve more than one detective. They would take turns gathering information and monitoring.

Can a Private Investigator Make Arrests?


According to the ντετεκτιβ αθηνα private detectives in Greece cannot arrest a person, because they are not competent for such a procedure. Regardless of the nature of the behavior of the person being monitored, the agency can only report it to its clients. There is an exception for agencies that have a contract with the government, but this only applies to internal affairs. This also means that they cannot call people to their offices and take statements. Therefore, they must not use force.

What are the advantages of hiring a private detective?

Regardless of the subject of the case, this job requires a high level of expertise and competence. However, the benefits will be felt by everyone who wants to discover what is hidden behind someone’s suspicious behavior. For example, it could be parents who want to check on their children, companies that do not trust employees, or untrustworthy spouses. In that case, the investigation will help you to establish better relations with your family and partner. You can also find people you lost a long time ago or family members you never met.

Agencies will help you protect various facilities from fraud or set clear standards for your employees. Large commercial spaces like supermarkets have a lot of staff, which means that there are many shifts of people on a daily basis. All harmful behaviors can be prevented if you take the necessary steps in time.

Finally, private detectives are a great option if you need legal support. Parents fighting for custody will have much more success in family law with a detective on their side.

How much has technology affected the hiring of a private detective?


The development of technology, and therefore social development, have contributed to a greater demand for this service. Not only do experts today have expensive technological monitoring equipment at their disposal, but they have much more work to do on the Internet. This includes cyberbullying, and more.

Thanks to them, they solve cases faster and easier. Such an approach transformed the collection and processing of information forever. They can also track everyone’s internet activity and access data sources more easily.

How does the investigation work?

Agencies base their work on modern technologies, but the education is always the same – they follow the life of an individual. This includes their daily habits, activities, information they share on social networks and any other public data. Based on that, it gets to know the person it is following, his behavior and identifies deviations. It’s an opportunity to uncover the truth and get evidence.

How do I find the right detective?


When searching for agencies, focus on the level of education the detectives have attained. The more educated they are, the better chance you will have of solving the case. Of course, it doesn’t have to be crucial. Experience is equally important, as is the ability to follow trends. Since innovations appear every day, agencies are obliged to develop their business in accordance with them.

So check their methods before hiring them, especially if they are expensive. They must also know how to properly use technological innovations, investigation and testing techniques, and above all legal regulations. In this way, they will provide you with a fast and quality service. If you don’t know where to start, look for recommendations or get information on social networks. Don’t forget about other popular sites like forums.

Feel free to ask users for more information, read reviews and compare multiple agencies. The organization you hire must also have good customer service, because communication with clients is very important. Otherwise, they will not fully understand your requirements, and all their efforts may be in vain. When you contact the service, be sure to provide all the details of the case. They will tell you right away whether you can expect positive results or not.


Although detectives have the authority to gather information about third parties in public places, they cannot unlock all levels. Do not forget about this fact before entrusting someone with this task.

It is important to inform yourself about the legal regulations, because you do not want to endanger someone’s safety or become a victim of fraud. For example, unreliable agencies can take advantage of your lack of information to take money.