How To Make Your YouTube Channel Popular For Subscribers


YouTube is a well-known video platform, where every user can post videos of different topics. Many video bloggers have long been earning with the help of this site. To start getting income from your videos, you need to make them popular, which is not possible for everyone. That’s why video bloggers who are just starting out are recommended to read this important information about how to make videos on YouTube watched by everyone and what they need to do in the beginning.

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How do you make your YouTube videos popular

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the presentation of the material. Content should attract people, so before you put up your video you should seriously approach the subject matter of your YouTube channel. How the material will be served depends on the following:

  • Whether people will want to see through to the end of the video,
  • Will people subscribe after watching it,
  • whether people want to watch other videos of the author.

However, if the issue with the subject matter is resolved and the video is not gaining views, it’s worth paying attention to other important points. Familiarizing yourself with them, it will be clear how to make the video watched on YouTube all, and it was gaining popularity.

Keywords and phrases


The semantic core of the channel should be well worked out. Thanks to properly selected key phrases, users can quickly find the video through search engines. Please note that this is not the most important point in the design of the video.

Many authors miss this point, so if you are serious about it, you’ll get your video in the top popular YouTube videos faster. What exactly the key phrases to choose depends on the subject matter. To select the most appropriate keys, you can use special programs or consult a person versed in this.

When keywords are selected, you need to know where to distribute them:

  • Title. Here you need to use the main keyword phrase that displays the meaning of the video. It should enter it naturally, if necessary, you can change the endings of words. It is desirable to put the key in the first 35-45 characters.
  • Description. Here you can enter a few keys, but do not overdo it. The optimal variant is 3-5 keys.
  • Tags. People can’t see them, but they are open for search engines, which eventually will help rise a video to the first page of Google, Yandex.
  • Subtitles. If they are present, you can add a couple of keys.
  • File name. Before uploading the video, it needs to be named. It’s best to use the main keyword phrase for the title.

When the key phrases are chosen correctly, the popularity of the video on YouTube grows quickly. People will be able to get to this particular video if they search for it by the query.


Preview is a thumbnail picture of a video that attracts the attention of users. If you make the preview right, people will want to click on it to watch the video. To do this, it is recommended to adhere to the following tips:

  • Choose contrasting colors. Bright colors will attract users, but you should not choose colors similar to the subjects of YouTube, because then the preview merges with the background site.
  • Text. It is desirable to think of a small phrase, interesting and intriguing.

The more often the video is clicked, the faster it goes up and becomes more popular. So a bright, attractive preview is an important step in promotion.

A very important part of your work with YouTube, one of the levers by which you can significantly increase the number of views. We recommend you to pay special attention to this point!

Video description


Description is an important part of any popular video. In order to properly describe your video it’s recommended to consider some tricks.

How to make your YouTube video popular using description:

  • The text should be made of medium length. Too long description can bore the user, but too short will not show the essence.
  • You don’t need to fully disclose the entire video in the description. There should be a mystery or incomplete answer to make the user want to open and watch the video.

Such tricks help attract people to watch the video. The size of the description should preferably be 200 characters without spaces.

Call to action

Almost all popular YouTube video bloggers use this. At the end of his video should make a call to action, for example, “subscribe”, “take a liking. You can add your own special “highlight”, a picture of his own authorship, a poem, and so on.

Using these tips, novice videobloggers can understand how to make video watched on YouTube and it becomes popular. YouTube gives an opportunity to prove yourself and even earn money. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for those who know how to make videos and know how to do them.

How to avoid mistakes as a novice videoblogger-maniemaker

So, the channels are created, all that’s left is to fill them with videos, to attract regular viewers and, finally, to start earning. However, there is a lot of content on YouTube, but only a small part of it brings real profit to its owners. Why not all of them earn? There are several main reasons for this.

Improperly selected subjects

To attract subscribers – people who will follow your videos and watch them all the time, it is important that you are well versed in the subject. Material that has nothing new and useful, or its author – an obvious amateur, causes distrust and churn of the audience. Any topic can provide a good audience response, as long as you are “in tune” with it.

It is also important to give the channel a suitable name, supplemented by a coherent description and thematic tags.

Poor quality of picture and bad sound


Try to shoot as well as your equipment allows. Learn professional video and audio editors. Bad quality of image and sound will turn away your subscribers in spite of any, even the most interesting themes.

Work on your pitch. Stalling, long pauses, inarticulate explanations, off-topic footage work against you.

Communicate with the audience in a language they understand. Do not abuse terms (if you can not do without them, reveal the meaning), and try to do without profanity.

Occasional issues

Once you have your first regular subscribers, start building and maintaining their interest. Don’t forget to post new blog issues in a timely manner, especially if promised. Give a brief announcement of what the next videos will be about.

During the formative stage, try to post new videos at least once a week. This is important not only to retain subscribers, but also for search promotion.

Lack of feedback or negativity towards your viewers

Sooner or later there will be comments under your videos. Some of them will be unreasonably negative and unfair, even offensive. Your task is to silently delete such notes without engaging in verbal altercations.

Positive comments and constructive criticism, too, do not leave without attention. Respond to them calmly and friendly.

Almost no one knows about the existence of the channel


That you conduct a video blog should know not only the users of YouTube, but also social networks, forums, article sites and other web resources. Leave links to your blog wherever you can, and tell your readers about it.

Getting off halfway there

Your YouTube video blog doesn’t start generating revenue right away. The first six months to a year, you probably won’t earn anything. But it doesn’t mean that you’ve wasted your time, you’ve failed and you can give up. No, the initial stage is gaining a constant audience and the number of views. When the number of subscribers exceeds 500-800 people (and views – 10 times more), it’s time to connect to affiliate media networks, which will begin to bring you your first money.

As you gain popularity you will be able to sell advertising space to direct customers, then your passive income can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Or more, the main thing – do not stray from the intended path and develop, develop, develop.