What Makes Dogs Aggressive?

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There are a few different reasons why a dog may be aggressive, and there are many different beliefs as to what makes a dog aggressive. So we are going to talk about what truly makes a dog aggressive and how to help an aggressive dog calm down and become calmer.

Breed Nature

Many people will relate aggression in dogs to their breed, and some breeds have an “aggressive reputation,” but what breed the dog is has very little to do with aggression. It is true that some dogs can become more aggressive than other dogs because it may be in their nature to protect or to be in charge. Still, unless they are trained to attack strangers or raised in an aggressive environment, they usually will only be aggressive if they feel there is a major threat.


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Just like kids, if a dog is raised in an environment where they are loved and taken care of every day, they can be the sweetest puppy anyone has ever seen, no matter what breed they are and what reputation comes along with that breed. And likewise, if a dog is raised in a home where they are neglected or even threatened, it will become aggressive; even the sweetest of breeds can be aggressive. The environment has the same effect on dogs as it does on us.

Also, you can make your dog adapt aggressive behaviors without realizing it. One owner has a dog, and whenever he puts it, he would do a little more rough petting, like ruffling its hair and things like that. Nothing that ever hurt the dog, but the dog would respond by playfully nipping. While another one who has the same breed would always snuggle their dog; hence it became super snuggly and would always lay on her lap.

What Makes a Dog Aggressive?

Nothing has more effect on making dogs aggressive than their environment, whether it’s an abusive home or neglected. But why do they become aggressive? Most people assume that aggressive dogs are aggressive because they want to be in charge, but it is usually the opposite. Aggressive dogs are usually aggressive because they are scared or have anxiety. When they grow up in an aggressive environment where they are threatened, being aggressive is their defense mechanism.

Choosing The Best Breed

You can usually find a few breeds that are less aggressive depending on what type of dog that you would like. Going with a smaller breed is always a good idea because sometimes you may just want the smaller dogs. Cavapoos are always a dog breed you can never go wrong with. There things that you would have to look at like the cavapoo price which can range from $1,000 – $3,000 depending on the size, if their a puppy or not. This is something that you’ll have to take into consideratio with any dog breed. So just find out the best dog breed for you.

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Can You Train an Aggressive Dog?

Usually, a dog is only aggressive if they are in a harsh environment for a while. If you are trying to train a dog with aggressive tendencies, it will usually only be from a dog you get from a shelter, as they were either left in the streets by their previous owner or were taken from a household that should not have gotten a dog.

So be mindful of that and make sure you are patient and kind with the dog while you are training it. It will take a lot more time to train an aggressive dog than it will train a new puppy because you will have to gain its trust. Let them get used to being in your home for the first week rather than trying to train them. Plus, as long as you are consistent with training and being kind, you will notice a huge difference in your furry friend.

The main reason why some dogs are aggressive and others aren’t is because of their environment and things that happened in their past. So until you get to know them and gain their trust, you will have to make sure you are kind and patient with them until the end.