A Guide To Make Out-Of-The-Box Tiktok Videos And Go Viral

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TikTok has become a popular social media platform among youngsters today, for which there are many reasons. It was only about lip syncing and dancing videos a few years back. But now, it has become a fully-grown content creation medium. People from all age groups and communities create various kinds of videos every day. Anything new and compelling attracts the audience to the platform.

Moreover, TikTok has a vast collection of popular songs and trend-worthy effects. The best part of this platform is that one does not need to post content regularly. Sometimes, all it takes is a single viral video to become famous.

You will learn about creating a great TikTok video with InVideo and how to go viral on TikTok in this article.

img source: istockphoto.com

Start your video with a powerful hook

You have a few seconds to grab the audience’s attention on TikTok! For people to watch your video to the finish, you need to start with a great hook, which is nothing other than an exciting and surprising element that holds the audience’s attention.

It can make or break your video sometimes. That’s why it is paramount to create a compelling hook initially. Try to grab your audience’s interest before they swipe past your video. If you succeed in this, you have the potential to go viral.

Keep it short

Social media has reduced people’s attention span. The audience no longer has the patience to see lengthy videos. TikTok is a video media platform where users like watching crisp, short, and creative videos.

People are more likely to view a 15-second video than a one-minute video on this platform. So try to deliver the best content in a short duration. If your content idea translates into a long video, then divide it into parts and make a series out of it.

Add a compelling CTA

Great content always doesn’t work on its own; you also need a solid call to action. After getting viral, it is vital to make viewers your followers.

And you can achieve this by adding a compelling CTA towards the end. For example, “for more such interesting videos, click on the follow icon now.” It will encourage them to check out more of your content following your TikTok profile. The more followers you have, the better audience visibility you will get in the future.

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Post at the appropriate time

People are active all the time on social media platforms. The best time to post on TikTok is based on the audience’s activity on the platform. With a TikTok Pro account, you can view data showing when your audience is the most active.

Look for analytics, and find the time duration of your audience actively going through their feeds. You can also use a social media calendar program that enables you to auto-schedule your content for the most optimal posting time.

Use trendy music

Consider TikTok’s music to be hashtags. They play a significant impact on the visibility of content. As a result, it’s recommended that you use modern music at the right time.

It raises the likelihood of your video going viral. To find popular audios, spend some time on feed. See what music and sounds are currently popular.

Use the art of storytelling

Storytelling is a crucial component of TikTok’s virality. It holds the attention of the people and gives structure to videos.

Viewers will share videos that capture their emotions. They’ll be able to relate to and connect with your content. Try to add different emotions to your video that will make it compelling to viewers.

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Use pertinent hashtags

Hashtags are one of the ranking techniques used by the TikTok algorithm. It can be your surprise tool in the ‘how to go viral on TikTok’ kitty.

Utilising hashtags in the video description enables the algorithm to increase visibility. People can also find your video with the hashtags they follow. You can also go to your Discover page to find popular hashtags attached to the trendy videos. In terms of numbers, use anywhere from three to ten.

Adapt to trends quickly

Everyone wants to know the secret behind how to go viral on TiKok. The answer lies in trends. The most popular advice that one can recommend to go viral on TikTok is to ensure you’re participating in whatever is currently popular.

Use popular music clips, memes, challenges, and hashtags to your benefit. You’ll stay ahead of the competition if you do so. It has a strategy that begins with a visit to TikTok’s Discovery section. After you’ve discovered the most popular videos in your sector, it’s time to add your distinctive spin and try to imitate the trend.

Promote your video on various social media channels

Almost every social media platform has become famous for short video content. It includes Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. As a result, one can reuse the TikTok content across several social media channels.

It can engage audiences across several platforms without having to develop unique content for each platform. A social media scheduler can help you organise your content across all critical networks. You may divert attention from one site to another and build your following by cross-promoting your TikTok content.

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Motivate people to interact

The popularity of video platforms depends upon their interactivity and engagement. TikTok is more than just a video sharing and engagement platform. It’s also a place to interact with a community about your created content.

TikTok’s algorithm encourages all types of community involvement. So be sure your content fosters it. Invite users to express their views in the comments section. Make videos that viewers feel motivated to share your content on other social media sites.

Stay consistent

Growing on any social media network requires consistency. Social media platforms algorithms prefer content from creators who post consistently. The reason is that it drives more traffic to the app. So, decide a perfect time, such as twice a day and twice a week. Consistent posting will give your viewers something more to look forward to in the future.

To sum up, anyone can create a TikTok video that goes viral. Lead with your personality, think outside the box, and follow these steps. Ensure your content has the highest possibility of reaching massive audiences. When you combine the ideas given here with great content that people want to see, you’ll be viral in no time. But make sure you keep it original and creative. You can be the next TikTok star; get started!