How Modern Technology is Making High Heels More Wearable

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Technology seems to have completely taken over our lives in the 21st century. It has made so many changes in many spheres in our lives and made them simpler and more complicated at the same time. Still, there seem to be some areas where innovation is lacking such as the high heels department in the fashion industry.

One of the biggest complaints of customers is certainly the inconvenience. There is a serious need to make high heels more wearable and comfortable without compromising on aesthetics. We can have both nowadays, so why not strive for that? Below you can read what kind of changes are happening in this field and how modern technology is making high heels more wearable.

The Evolution of the high heels

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High heels have come a long way to finally become what they are today. It is believed that modern high heels as we know them today began to be worn in the second half of the 16th century, but that this type of footwear has been around much longer. On murals originating from Egypt, it has been noticed that people wear high heels (both men and women). It is believed that in some cases the heels had a protective role, but that they were also worn for special occasions, solely for aesthetic reasons.

In the sixteenth century, high heels in the form known to us appeared for the first time. It is believed that these shoes were mostly worn by riders, because they were practical during riding because they prevented their feet from falling out of the stirrups. These first formal high heels looked similar to cowboy boots today.

However, as the years went by, the heel got thinner and thinner. Katarina Medici is one of the pioneers of wearing high heels as a fashion detail. Although it is believed that she wore them primarily because she was short, this fashion trend has spread among other women, predominantly members of the upper class, from wealthier families. Heels were also worn by men during this period. Although they were very popular, high heels went a long way between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries. There were periods when they were completely banned, and then they came back and became more and more popular.

Since the twentieth century, so many different types of high heels have been developed: pumps, platforms, stilettos, mules, slingbacks, block, kitten heels, and many more. Nowadays, heels are considered a symbol of elegance and are worn on special occasions. However, there is one of the big complaints of customers when it comes to high heels: aesthetics usually come at the expense of comfort!

How modern technology is making high heels more wearable

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Over time, heels came in different designs, but one thing remained the same: they were really uncomfortable! In the past, it was quite normal for high heels to be that inconvenient, because it was believed that beauty comes along with suffering. If you want to look beautiful, then you have to accept that your feet hurt!

And not only does it cause pain, but it also leads to more serious health problems, such as nerve damage in the foot, chronic joint pain, and even arthritis. Well, in this modern world, a lot of people refuse to continue to believe that they have to choose. They want both beauty and comfort.

Thanks to initiatives to make high heels more comfortable, people have started using modern technology in order to make them more wearable. And, fortunately for us, it turned out to be very successful!

Nowadays, more and more designers are choosing to market their ergonomic brands, which means designing high heels that are much more comfortable to wear than regular ones, which can be achieved in many different ways. Some of them choose to completely redesign their heels and design footwear that is beautiful but reduces the pressure that is usually focused on the toes and toes.

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The way to achieve this is by using aerospace foam and custom curve polymer architecture made from advanced thermoplastic polyurethane. With these innovative high heels, the pressure on the balls of the feet is significantly reduced and the footwear becomes much more wearable.

Also, there are companies like Vice Versa, which has brought something completely different and revolutionary to the high heels segment of the fashion industry. In their offer you can find convertible heels that fold to flats in seconds. They come with simple folding instructions. All it takes is a few seconds to open the sole, unlock and rotate heels, and then cover the heel with sole. Transform your beautiful, elegant high heels into flats in the blink of an eye and make them more wearable and comfortable for your feet.

In addition to these approaches, there are also others with the main goal of making heels more wearable. Some companies today choose to include additional material along the sides of the feet to further stabilize footwear and prevent joint movements that in the long run led to pain and discomfort. Also, today you can find various insoles that shape the contour of the foot and make the experience of wearing high heels much more pleasant. There are so many options, so you no longer need to suffer pain. You can look good in your new high heels without your feet having to suffer!

High heels have been around for several thousand years, but in this form in which we know them they began to be worn in the sixteenth century and have come a long way since then. However, one thing they have in common: although they are a symbol of elegance and beauty, often these features come at the expense of comfort!

In today’s modern age of advanced technology, it is increasingly advocated to design good looking high heels that do not put a strain on the feet and spine. Many brands choose to design ergonomic high heels, and today even convertible heels are available that can be transformed into flats in seconds! Today we no longer have to choose between aesthetics and comfort – we can have both.