What Are The Job Prospects For B.com Graduates?

Are you the one who has pursued BCom and is thinking of what prospects can be availed in the later stages? Well, then there are a lot of options that you can access after passing out of BCom. For students of a commerce background, it is important to know that a Bachelor of commerce which is BCom is one of the most popular graduation courses and students prefer it over other courses after completing their schooling. Moreover, getting a BCom degree is very important today so that students get high-paying jobs.

Table of contents:

  1. Why should one pursue BCom?
  2. Accounting
  3. Financial Services
  4. Tax Advisory Department
  5. Insurance services
  6. Telecommunications
  7. Government services
  8. International banking
  9. Management Accountant
  10. Chartered Accountant
  11. Business accounting and taxation
  12. Conclusion


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Accounting is one of the most relevant jobs that one can do after completing BCom. Candidates can become junior accountants, senior accountants, accounts managers and even work as account executives. Being a student of commerce it is important to have knowledge of accounting systems and therefore BCom graduates can work with efficiency in this area of work effectively. Also, the students need to have knowledge about journal entries and how they can finalize the accounts. ARYA commerce colleges in Jaipur help students to pursue their degrees well and get the right command over accounts.

Financial Services

Financial services are also one of the core subjects for commerce students. BCom graduates get an edge over private companies like Shriram Finance, Bajaj Finance, Mahindra Finance, and others and get a good position there. Moreover, one can apply for various jobs like team leader, finance manager, area manager, customer support, etc.

Tax Advisory Department

The tax advisory needs advanced knowledge for the BCom graduates to start their tax consultancy. Moreover, there are various kinds of taxpayers who can calculate statutory taxes and even statutory returns. GST, Filing returns and many more such crucial aspects are linked with it to get the handsome amount of money that they make.

Insurance services

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These are also one of the most traditional service sectors that hire BCom graduates. There are various kinds of relationship managers, product development officers, insurance agents, and various other jobs that one can pursue. Apart from this the graduates can even promote or sell the standard insurances. LIC is one of the oldest and the best insurance services that is rendered in India. ARYA College Jaipur can be the best choice to pursue BCom.


Communication is one of the most important needs for this generation. Keeping in view the telecommunication companies, there are various cost-effective measures that are provided by the companies. So, BCom graduates can find excellent jobs and careers in telecommunications in companies like Idea, Reliance etc., and work as customer support officers, area managers, development managers and others. ARYA Jaipur gives command over highly skilled jobs.

Government services

There are various high-level jobs offered by the Central as well as the state governments.  The job offered here is sustainable and there are different departments like Railway, Defense, PWD, research, healthcare, and other important areas. BCom graduates can be hired as Probation Officers, Divisional officers, Accounts assistants, and for other posts as well.

International banking

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International Banking is growing more and more in India. Moreover, the demand for BCom graduates is increasing day by day. Some of the jobs that one can be a part of our research analyst, reporting executive, billing executive, junior analyst, and others.

Management Accountant

CMA is a great career abroad if you have pursued BCom. In this course, you can get two stages of examinations and the certifications will help you to get a great experience. The course is acknowledged globally and the credentials of the course will help you get great offers. The certification shows that one can be competent and have knowledge in different areas of professional ethics. So, a CMA professional is in huge demand. So, from public to private organizations one can get various jobs through good skills.

Chartered Accountant

All those students who are thinking of what they can do after BCom can have a huge scope in Chartered accountancy as well. The course can be completed in a certain duration and thus it will help in predicting the integrity of the analysts. Chartered accountants can have higher competence as compared to other jobs. The salary that they make is also huge and one of a kind. But to be a Chartered Accountant one needs to clear the Three tier exam that is conducted and chartered accountants are recruited by top companies like JP Morgan, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada, and many more. ARYA commerce colleges in Jaipur are the best to make you eligible for good jobs.

Business accounting and taxation

This is also one of the options that can be selected for the career after BCom. Business accounting and taxation are steps that you can take to become an industry expert. All those who want to do accounting jobs should surely do business accounting and taxation. This program helps in engaging practical learning and also some tools in the industry. Those who have pursued BCom have good command over such things.

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BCom is a graduate-level degree and ARYA colleges offer the best courses. There are a lot of commerce students who want to pursue this course who will know through this information that the course is truly helpful in levelling up your career game and bringing more and more opportunities to your side. There are a few common career options that you can see. These include Chartered Accountants, banking, taxation, business administration, and a lot more. So, go for such a course that can level up your game and after the BCom degree, you have something in line for you to grab and be the best. Moreover, there are some add-on courses that you can pursue anytime, so look forward to every opportunity that you can grab.

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