The Difference Between a MA in Psychology and a Master of Science in Psychology?

With the change in people’s lifestyles over a period of time, the need to cater to mental health has only increased. Gone are the days when arts was considered to be a stream for weak students. Nowadays, it is offering career opportunities equivalent to that in the science or commerce stream.

One of the budding careers in the arts stream is psychology, as it takes care of one’s mental health. There are many arts colleges in Bhopal that are best known for providing countless Arts courses. Be it a lifestyle change, emotional issues, or any mental health-related issue, a psychologist can help you out. Here’s all you need to know about this career field.

What Is Psychology?

Psychology can be termed as the study of the human mind and the way it processes. However, this definition only gives a broad spectrum of the term. Psychology cannot be described with a phrase. The depth of it goes to biological and scientific fields. Psychology is continuously changing and is only building itself, making the field more reliable.

When it comes to the application of psychology, it touches on various aspects of one’s life and behavior. Be it one’s attitude or social behavior, psychology helps a great deal in streamlining them. The human mind is something that is complex and has been a topic of research for centuries now, and psychology is a part of the same. However, it has become a new-age science as well.

Benefits Of Studying Psychology


1. Develop Communication Skills

During your course at Mansarovar Global University, you will get to learn many professional skills that you highly need in this competitive world.  The first thing that is important in psychology is communication, and it is what one is taught during a course in Psychology and humanities and social science studies. When you gain a better understanding of the way individuals express themselves, you also get a better understanding of your communication skills and speech patterns, and this way, you can work towards becoming a comparatively powerful speaker. This way you can avoid any misunderstanding and other hindrances.

2. Understand The Human Mind Better

When you learn more about individuals’ behavior patterns, you simply begin to understand the human mind better. Through the study of psychology, you also realize that many people are in their thoughts and problems. You can resolve many mental health-related issues by understanding the issues you go through and solving them clinically and emotionally. Such skills are useful in the workplace.

3. Get An Insight Into Individuals’ Behavior

There are a lot of things a psychologist needs to understand in order to resolve an individual’s mental health-related issues. By studying psychology, you can understand the human mind better, you can give a new meaning to how to handle stress and emotions, and how various situations affect behavior.

If you want to pursue a career in psychology, you can either go to any noted MA colleges in Bhopal for MSc in Psychology. However, it is important to understand the difference between the two in order to choose the best-suited course.

MA In Psychology Vs. MSc In Psychology


A master’s degree in Psychology can pave the way to lucrative job opportunities if you are interested in studying human behavior and mental processes. From marketing to research-oriented jobs, the horizon is endless. So the next question arises: MA in Psychology or a Master of Science in Psychology? Both programs thoroughly cover psychological practice, the general foundations of psychological theories, and the scientific methods of study. However, there are certain differences within the curriculum of both programs due to future career opportunities and the area of study.

MA in Psychology has roots in liberal arts and places more importance on critical thinking and larger social and cultural aspects of the field. By association, writing skills and communication skills are emphasized in traditional liberal arts courses. With an MA in Psychology, the degree offers exposure to the history of psychology, social psychology, and cultural studies. In contrast, a Master of Science in Psychology embraces the scientific aspects of the field and focuses on research and field data. The physical processes and neurological study of human behavior and thought are crucial aspects of the MS degree in Psychology. That is why the coursework entails doing an in-depth study of the biological condition of health, behavior, and neuropsychology.

Your degree at the undergraduate level determines whether you should go for an MA in Psychology or a Master of Science in Psychology. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in traditional humanities or social subjects, going for an MA in Psychology makes more sense. This is primarily due to the fact that your undergraduate degree has not given you exposure to clinical sciences or hardcore science courses that are an extension of a degree in Master of Science. In this way, you will be specializing in a much more broad-spectrum aspect of Psychology and its application. However, few MS programs in Psychology in the country have an option of specializing in a particular sub-field of Psychology.

Experts recommend that you chart out a clear career path before taking on a call whether you wish to pursue an MA or MS degree. For instance, if your career goals are more inclined towards pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Psychology, then getting into a Master of Science program makes sense. This is attributed to the level of exposure you will get with respect to having a concentrated area of study.


Moreover, job opportunities pertaining to university positions or research-based positions require an MS degree. Individuals looking to specialize in a specific field within Psychology should go for an MS degree as the coursework is designed in such a way that it offers in-depth exposure to it. In contrast, an MS degree is a great fit if your interests lie more towards social services, general counselling or teaching.

If students wish to study in top universities in MP, they must weigh in an undergraduate degree, career goals, and specialization before taking an informed call on their Master’s degree in any university in Bhopal or pan India. Students who do not have a clear direction must do thorough research before getting admitted to MA psychology colleges in Bhopal. Either way, getting an MA degree or MS degree in Psychology is going to benefit you, as Psychology as a field has got a lot of potential in the long run. This is true, especially within the post-covid world we are living in.


Psychology has emerged to be one of the most important fields of work, as many people are facing mental health-related issues nowadays. If this career field interests you, you have a wide scope of growth. However, like any other career field, you must pursue a degree in the stream. Herein, two degrees have emerged to be most preferred by students, MA in Psychology and MSc in Psychology.

However, many students are confused as to which degree to opt for. While both degrees are similar, there is a thin line between them. While MSc in psychology comprises hard science subjects, on the other hand, an MA in psychology focuses more on liberal arts. If your inclination is more toward the science aspect of psychology, MSc in psychology is the best choice, on the other hand, if you are inclined more toward the art aspect of the same, you can pursue an MA in psychology.

If you are looking for colleges or universities in Bhopal to pursue a degree in psychology, you should enrol in Mansarovar Global University to achieve your dream degree and job.