How Do You Introduce Dinosaurs to Kids?

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There are so many toys on the market these days that it can be really hard to decide what you want to occupy your children’s attention with. Because let’s be realistic, the point of playing with toys is not pure animation, but also education. When the two come together, you get the fastest and most fun way to adopt new information, developing children’s skills and knowledge.

Dinosaurs are one of the topics that is always popular and that children love to listen to and learn about. However, it is crucial that you, as a parent, know how to best present the world of dinosaurs to them and make them love it from the first moment. If you are not sure how to achieve this, here are some tips on how to introduce dinosaurs to kids.

  • Educate yourself in advance

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Before introducing the world of dinosaurs to your child, it is important that you first find out about this topic, so that learning and play are most productive. We all know that children love to ask hundreds of questions a day, which means they will certainly have a lot of questions about dinosaurs – who they are, when they existed, what their names are, how they differ, and much more.

Do you really want to disappoint your child when you tell them you don’t have any of these answers? Also, we suggest that you do not improvise or pass on inaccurate information to them, because the goal of all this is to gather new, accurate knowledge. So we definitely suggest that you take some time to learn something about this topic first and decide what would be the best way to pass it on to your children.

  • Songs and picture books are the best choice for small children

If you are starting to teach your children about dinosaurs from an early age, then songs and picture books may be the best approach. Young children enjoy this kind of content and it helps them to adopt new information the fastest and easiest. During the day you can spend time listening to songs about dinosaurs and making interesting choreographies with them. For example, you can pretend to be dinosaurs wandering around looking for food.

Your child will surely love this dance and want to pretend to be one of the dinosaurs over and over again. In the evening, you can read stories about dinosaurs and show your kids colorful books. It has been shown that people remember information right after waking up, as well as in the evening, before falling asleep, and the same is true for children. You will be surprised how quickly your child will understand who these beings were and want to learn more about them.

  • Find the best dinosaur toys out there

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There are so many toys on the market these days that it can be difficult to find the best one for your child. So, we suggest you take the time to find companies that produce dinosaur toys and choose the ones that your child will like the most. After that, take time every day to learn together with your child and help them adopt new information about these amazing creatures.

Arrange the toys by size, from smallest to largest and vice versa. Then tell the child to arrange them next to one another, according to how much they like them. Then ask them to count them, to list the colors of a particular dinosaur, and when you learn more about them, ask your child to say the name of each one. There are so many combinations, so make sure you try different things and decide which game your kids like best. If he or she likes to draw, you can draw and color your favorite dinosaur together. It is very important to let your child experiment and develop his creativity, while at the same time gathering a lot of interesting and useful information.

According to, you can get your kids interested in dinosaurs easily by choosing an appropriate dino toy set. Find whatever is suitable for their age because that is crucial for them not to get bored while playing.

  • Invent your own games

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If you see that your child is very interested in dinosaurs and paleontology, we suggest you make them a small research center in your home. For example, you can take a bucket in which you will mix plaster, sand and water, stir, and then add various toys: dinosaur bones, other animals, etc. Allow to dry for a few days, then let your child get to work. The purpose of the game is for your kind to pretend to be a paleontologist, to dig up different objects and conclude what each one of them is. They will certainly enjoy this dinosaur-related game a lot!

Another fun game is comparing the size of dinosaurs to other living things or objects. We all know that dinosaurs were so big that we often cannot believe that something of such dimensions has ever walked the planet earth. So you can be sure that your child will also be fascinated by this information and want to learn more about it. A great way to do this is to graphically represent how large a particular dinosaur was compared to your child, you, a whale, an elephant, a boat, truck, and other animals and objects. This game is a bit more complex, so it will require more of your commitment, but it will certainly be very successful. Your child will learn things about dinosaurs that they will remember for a lifetime, thanks to that visual display you made together!


Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures that most children want to learn about. In order to introduce the world of dinosaurs that once existed to your child, it is important to find the right approach. If your child is small, we suggest you start with songs, picture books and coloring books. After that, you can focus on toys and playing different games that you will design together. Through learning about dinosaurs, you can encourage your child’s imagination and creativity, practice motor skills, learn colors, names, numbers, and more. Try to learn as much as you can about this area before presenting it to your child to make it as enticing and interesting as possible!